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Bitton House Investigation 2019

To our delight it wasn't just the Admiral willing to communicate with the Haunted Devon team.

Haunted Devon

Bitton House Investigation 2019

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Admiral Pellows home proved to be as welcoming now as it must have been in his life time.

The Investigators

Team 1

Mark Woodhall

Ben Welsh

Katie Buckley

Jo Thomas

Graham Leick

Guest Jackie

Guest Chalice


Team 2

Sallyann Clench

Nikki Applegate

Annisa Mallon

Tom Atkinson

Andrew Lawrence

Emma Harvey

Katie Chaddock

Victoria Manton

The Recce

 Prior to the night’s investigation Mark, Abbie and Sallyann met with the venue representative who showed them the areas available for the investigation. This was recorded and later listened to for any audible voices or sounds that were not heard at the time. An Electronic Voice Phenomena were captured during this time of 1a shrill voice that said, “okay Eva”. 


The Investigation

As members arrived, they were taken on a walk round of the areas available for the night. On such a walk round, Sallyann, Andy, Tom and Graham while in the Mayors Parlour, clearly heard a loud male snigger that was confirmed as not being any of the men, sadly this was not recorded.

View of the hall upon entering the house

During the recce both Sallyann and Abbie agreed that the Mayors parlour had felt to house a male energy and the back room overlooking the gardens, a feminine feel. Sallyann had envisaged a male energy seated on large winged armchair, by a blazing fire, smoking, deep in thought. There for, with this in mind and the snigger having been heard, the group splintered in to two teams for the first vigil. An, all male group entered the Mayors parlour and the women headed for the sound proofed room which displayed the names of Mayors that had served the community over the years and three ladies headed to investigate the small area outside the toilets. This was done to see if spirits would feel more at ease with same sex groups and would therefore be able to encourage interactive activity.

The Mayors Parlour

View of the Mayors Parlour. The double doors open onto another room that leads to the two drawing rooms and was used as base.

Team 1

In the Mayors Parlour the men sat quietly as they became acquainted with their new surroundings and its sounds. Mark called out a welcome to the spirits of Bitton House as the group of men attempted glass divination to try and encourage communication. The glass was felt to move very slightly. However, that was the extent of movement. The session ended.

Team 2

The team sat and settled in ther new environment. With some of the group seated round the table for glass divination, Nikki called out a welcome followed by an introduction of each of the investigators. While she spoke words of encouragement for spirit to interact. the glass began to move as the REM pod that had been placed by the servant’s entrance to the room flashed a blue temperature light that indicated a drop-in temperature. The team learned they were communicating with a male energy, who had lived in Bitton House, connected to the navy and was Sir Admiral Pellew, as the REM pod once again indicated a drop-in temperature with the blue temperature light flashing. Vikki heard a heavy sigh coming from the other room, this was instantly followed by 2a female voice that clearly said “bloomers”, that was not any of the team. 

Vikki mimicked the sound she had heard as the REM pod sounded the temperature drop alarm and the blue light blinked and 3a breath just like Vikki had heard was captured within the room. The glass movement confirmed that Admiral Pellew was attempting to enter the room. The REM pod light had remained stationary on blue.

Back at the table the glass confirmed Kates feeling that Sir Admiral Pellew was happy to have the team in his home and that he was not alone. A flash of light was witnessed against the wall. That could not be debunked as being any of the team or external lighting from the closed shutters. The team were unaware of 4a rumbling sound that was captured on the audio, this wasn’t heard by the team at the time as no one referenced the sound. Although this was not heard at any other point during the investigation it was felt that this sound may have been created by a boiler, etc. caused by an something environmental.

As Sallyann set the Ovilus and passed it to Tom, his name appeared on the screen of the device, which captured the attention of those on the table, and that of the spirit of the Admiral as confirmed by the glass movement, that he too was interested in what the other team members were doing and discussing with the equipment. Asking the energy in the room to move closer to activate the REM pod, once again the blue temperature light flashed along with sounding the temperature drop alarm and the Ovilus supplied the word quill followed by cough. The Ovilus gave several random words which indicated it was sensing numerous fluctuations to the environment that caused it to speak out.

Back at the table it was confirmed that the Admiral had four children. The Ovilus called out the word type soon followed by marker and when confirming that this energy knew the name Susan (the name of the Admiral’s wife). The Ovilus spoke out the word story.

Commending the Admiral on his triumph at the Battle of Algiers, Sallyann asked if he had returned with any trophies. The REM pod again flashed blue and sounded the temperature drop alarm despite the Mel meter showing the temperature to be a constant 18.01F. The group gleaned there were three trophies on the property. Confirming them to be large and on the grounds as the glass pointed towards the garden. The Ovilus called out beach, records, highway and compound. It was also signalled that another trophy was kept in another room. The team noticed on the Mel meter that the room temperature had increased to 19.3F. Sallyann asked if the trophies had contained gunpowder, and as she counted to establish how many, indicated three, two outside in the garden, heavy and on wooden supports, guns. Something else that he had brought back was also in the house, in the next room. The Ovilus called out the word reason. Perhaps indicating there to be a reason behind his choice of memento, confirming he had commissioned a painting of the Battle of Algiers.  A painting of the battle hangs in the room next door, but when questioned it was confirmed that this was not his third trophy. The Ovilus called out moment. Nisa left to investigate the neighbouring room. The glass indicated that Nisa was near to the item, as she stood in front of the Queen Victoria display in the next room. 5Two quiet rapid thuds were captured followed by the Ovilus that called out ledge.  Could this have been a reference to the item’s location? The REM pod sounded its alarm and stopped. Sallyann praised any spirits who were responsible for affecting the REM pod as it was activated one again and then fell silent. With the REM pod alerting the team to a further drop in temperature and the Mel meter showing the expected temperature increase due to team’s body temperature, could this have been Admiral Pellews energy interfering with the equipment?

As she spoke, the glass on the table begun to slide with speed round the table before stopping on request. Nikki questioned that the spirit moving the glass wanted to show them something when what sounds like 6a childs voice that said “yeah” was recorded. Nisa returned and started to describe a photograph of a medal with an enamelled image of a ship during which the glass motioned yes. The Ovilus called out sixty. Sending Nisa back to stand in front of the object she had described, Nikki asked for the glass to move when she had reached the item he wanted her to see, when 7a well-spoken female sounding voice saying “thank you” was captured spoken with an aristocratic tone. The Ovilus asked why. The glass that had been moving stopped when the REM pod sounded and flashed the temperature drop light and alarm. It was confirmed that the photographed medal was indeed the item Admiral Pellew wished to be noticed and had been the third trophy. Agreeing that Jenkins had accompanied him, his right-hand man, also a naval man confirmed him to be what is known in the navy as a killick: Killick comes from hook/ anchor which is the insignia for a leading hand (corporal equivalent).

One of a pair of guns returned to Bitton House marking Admirals Pellews victory of Algiers

Emma and Vikki witnessed a white smoke form in the lower part of the narrow passageway adjoining both rooms likened to that of a smoky mist.

Kate having been in the Royal Navy, asked if he knew women were allowed on ships and the glass froze as if shocked by this revelation due to the historical superstition of women being aboard a vessel even more so upon military ships would be harbingers of bad luck or a distraction to the sailors.

A barely audible whisper was recorded that was heard by a team member. Speaking how ships were no longer made of wood but metal saw the glass move again in a circular motion as if interested in what she had to say. The Ovilus called out loud, award, country. This prompted the next question asking if the medal had been received as an award for what he had achieved for his country the glass replied with yes. Kate advised the Admiral that a class in HMS Raleigh was named after him, set the REM pod to sound and flash the temperature blue light and alarm and stopped. While Kate shared about her time in the Royal Navy the REM pod continued to sound and flash as the glass move back and forth from her, as if intrigued by her conversation and what she revealed about her experiences. The Ovilus called out muse and outside. Could this have been that her words had provided something fresh to consider and a request for her to see the ships guns just a few feet away, outside. The Admiral did reveal that he was unable to close the door connecting to the adjoining drawing room and that the other spirits were able to move things and make noises.

The glass moved in a different fashion, as the Ovilus called out, here and observe. Uniquely the following spirits were present for the team and gave personal messages. During an interlude between messages the Ovilus called out pendant: a pendant is often used instead of a pendulum by some investigators as an aid for communication, this was soon followed by 8a distant childs voice calling “mum” was captured. Another barely audible whisper was also recorded, then, as Nisa asked if a sprit energy was at the table ready to communicate, this was soon followed by 9 gentle thuds like the sound of small feet running.  The glass established that the spirit energy was happy to have had the team visit, to have someone to talk to, but hadn’t tried to make themselves known to others. The fleeting movement of the head of a black shadow, was seen as it quickly moved away from the corner of the television screen, described as the height of a child, was witnessed. Unknown to the team, childlike evp had been captured at this time. This was debunked as not having been a team members shadow cast by any form of illumination as the size and darkness could not be replicated. An orb was seen to briefly float past Andy’s side with the naked eye and not a camera, who was seated at the table, as the Ovilus called out entered. One of the spirits agreed that it was nice to have someone to talk to but hadn’t tried to make themselves known to others and glad to have the team there. The Ovilus called out multiple, perhaps referencing multiple spirits wanting and waiting to come through. The spirit that came through seemed to play with the group by agreeing they wanted to talk to someone but not anyone in particular as first thought.

Nikki and Nisa, seated next to each other, both experienced pain in their right shoulders at the same time. The Ovilus called out hi and hug and it was then suspected the energy on the table was that of a child. The Ovilus called out carrier followed by wave: could this be a reference to a ship as a carrier and possibly wave as in sea? Asking where the child stood the glass slid toward Nikki who was experiencing a coldness by her leg. This was the same little girl who Vikki had sensed earlier to be looking for her Mummy. She wanted to be picked up and sit on Nikki’s lap, that she described as feeling frozen. The Ovilus called out March. Vikki sensed her sitting on Nikki’s lap but waving across the room to her. The group gave the small child the help she wanted and sent her to her mother. Sparkling lights were seen by Sallyann next to Andy who was seated at the table. Could this little girl have been the one whose voice was captured calling for her mother?

The open door to the far right, was used by servants, the door to the right, known as the spirits cupboard, is where alcoholic beverages were once locked away.

Nikki felt as if someone was caressing the back of her neck. The Ovilus called out enough and squeeze. Another soul came forward with another personal message for one of the investigators. Next the glass seemed to float and twist round the table as if dancing. The Ovilus called out trail, then story. Asking for the glass to move to the person they wanted to speak to the Ovilus called out light. This spirit energy wanted to talk to Nisa but didn’t seem to know her or be related and confirmed that their actions were deliberately toying with her as she had played when speaking with spirits. Payback if you will. Unknown to the group 10knocking sounds were recorde 

The temperature in the room had increased to 19.8F yet Vikki, holding the Mel meter felt a distinct icy coldness on her hand. A temperature reading of her hand was given as 20.F. In view of the increasing temperature reading of the area, Sallyann asked for the temperature to be taken up to 22. Instantly the Mel meter revealed increases to 20.0, 21.00, 22.0, then dropped to 20.2, 20.1F. She then asked for the temperature to drop to 18.F. The temperature had dropped and fluctuated between 19.9, 20.0F and the Ovilus called out low, soon followed by the word many. This may have been confirmation that the temperature readings were dropping to a low reading and referencing the many spirits the group were encountering.

Again, a call for spirit to communicate using the glass was given and another spirit came through. The glass slid to Nikki who felt the spirit wanted to play games. Then slid to Nisa who said hello, then Kate who also said hello then back to Niki who too said hello. Deciding this to be fun, the cycle continued twice.

The Ovilus called out students with a full-strength bar. Earlier in the evening Sallyann had told Kate how the painted glass panelled arch in the hallway had once been damaged by students. The connection was instantly confirmed by the movement of the glass. Was spirit showing that they had heard the conversation? The spirit communicating seemed to be a flirtatious soul, who enjoyed moving the glass towards, Nikki, Nisa and Kate in succession. Nikki and Kate felt a coldness surround their fingers and hand, described as if an icy hand had joined them on the glass. The Ovilus called out the word unclear.

Drawing room 1, where the open door to the right connects with the Mayors Parlour. It is also the room from where Vikki heard a breath emanating from

11Heavy thuds, like heavy footfalls were recorded that were heard by Sallyann and it was noted that all the team were still so not responsible for the sound. 

Nisa felt suddenly cold, that someone was stood by her and Nikki. Asking if spirit was connected to the house, the Ovilus called out Mommy. The spirit claimed to be a close family member of Admiral Pellew. The Ovilus called out copy.  A military man who wore a red jacket and white trouser, who had not fought against the French and was from the 1700s. Sceptical that the REM pod was reacting to a possible draught although no draught was felt, was re-set and replaced in front of the fireplace where it remained silent. The session ended.

The Tascam recorder was left running during the break. The muffled voices of the team can be heard from the adjoining room, but these following sounds can be heard clearly to coming from within the Mayors Parlour: 12a male voice whispered “no” followed by two loud knocks, this is interesting as the room was empty,  no one was heard entering or leaving the room at this time,  13another knock sound was captured. 

Self portrait of Thomas Luny which now hangs in the Mayors Parlour. Local resident and artist and good friend of Admiral Pellew who no doubt would have frequented Bitton House.

Drawing Room 2

Drawing room 2, where the names of those who have served as Councillors and Chairman decorate the wall

Team 1

Having acclimatised to the room, Mark called out a welcome to any spirits energies to come forward. As he spoke 14footsteps were captured on the audio file. 

Mark and Katie called out as she used the dowsing rods and Jo and another member of the group used a crystal pendulum to aid in communication. The pendulums confirmed the spirit energy present was female whose Christian name began with the letter C and their surname with the letter I as the K2 flashed. When asked for a date of their passing the pendulum stopped moving when Mark counting eras reached 2000. This form of communication revealed there to be more than one spirit in the room, male and female. Asking the male energy to come forward to provide his initials declined via the rods, yet willing with the crystal pendulums. This indicated that there was more than one male energy, one recognised to be mischievous. However, all confirmed they were linked to the property, not all had worked there, and one had lived there.

Next, the group attempted glass divination. Opening the session Mark heard what he described as a dragging sound, but on review of the audio 15drag sound and a possible help me.  After some time elapsed, while Katie called out, the glass began to move and 16a clear knock on the wooden table was recorded.  The group had connected with a female energy with a personal message. The glass session closed.

The group left the room but left the recorder running to see if any sounds were captured in their absence. The following audio clips reveal the curious sounds that were captured in the vacated room: 17a female that said “pardon me, Paul”: the interesting thing about this EVP is the resonance of the sound.  This was not part of any of the teams conversations filtering through from the adjoining room. 18Click sounds were captured. 

Team 2

Sallyann, Nikki, Nisa, Emma, Katie, and Kate settled in the room. Sallyann called out a welcome for any spirits to join them. Asking for the spirits of any children to come forward 19a childlike giggle was captured.  A timid, inquisitive energy was felt. To help encourage a connection to the spirit energies, the sensitive group tried a visualisation technique, and each linked with a separate entity.

Nisa described her a lady as wealthy and prettily dressed, wearing a large bonnet with a frill, bowed under her chin, a straight shaped dress and wearing a coat. Her skirt was straight with a frill around the bottom. Bonnets were fashionable between the late 1700s to late 1800s. She also sensed the name Carrie Anne to be connected. During 1880-1890 the name Carrie was consistently in the top thirty baby names and remained in the top 100 names until 1914. Whether the name Carrie Anne was hers or a relatives we cannot say.

Nikki sensed a gentleman, who wore a bowler hat, a twisted and curled moustache. The first bowler hat was produced in 1849 and became popular among the working classes in the 19th century. By the early 1800s moustaches were flamboyant, curled and often carefully sculpted to link up with excessive sideburns. She felt this gentleman was named Edward. Katie sensed a little old lady with crooked teeth, named Marjorie who wanted to talk about her grandchildren. Emma also had a lady come forward who wore a maroon coloured odd shaped hat decorated with a large matching feather and sported a blazer and short dark hair or was possibly tied back and gave her name as Alice Beckett. Vikki had a little girl come forward, shy and timid, aged about 6, who wore a bonnet, had a fringe, a knee length dress. She described her as sad and looking for her Mummy. The child agreed to stay with her until such time, later in the evening, when she would receive help. Sallyann sensed a female energy present, a motherly figure, possibly a Nanny as she heard the distinct sound of children’s laughter as she sensed them playing nearby.

Seated next to the closed door, it wasn’t too long before Kate felt and heard someone stood outside the door shifting their bodyweight from foot to foot, listening. Immediately opening the door revealed the adjoining room to be empty and all team were accounted for in their respective locations. A new energy was felt to have entered the room by two of the sensitives followed by 20a female voice that clearly stated “frightened”, was captured. 

Kate continued to hear footsteps outside in the base room. Sallyann called out inviting any souls in the other room to join them and make themselves known when Emma sensed a young girl named Sarah, aged 6 stood by the water cooler and described here as having long, mousey brown hair wearing a cornflower blue dress that reached near her knees with a frilled necked cream apron, and was possibly Victorian. She felt that this child had lived in Bitton House.

The ladies gathered round a table to see if any communication could be established by using glass divination. As Sallyann called out asking spirits to come forward 21an unclear female toned vocal sound was captured.  This was not team, as the nearest group of investigators were the men in the Mayors parlour.

Having supplied a demonstration of glass movement, when asked if there was a spirit who wanted converse with the team the glass moved clearly and deliberately and stopped on request. Confirming their chosen locations for yes and no, the group gleaned they were talking with a gentleman, whose portrait could be found in the hallway and that his father had resided at Bitton. Nisa had left to search the hallway for a gentleman’s portrait and returned to ask if he was Admiral Pellew which was confirmed despite earlier having denied this and ignored the question of whether he had been married. This spirit also agreed he had known a Corporal Jenkins who had been his right-hand man, that he had lived in the house in the late 1700s during the Edwardian era. That he had known the lady Nisa had sensed during the visualisation but did not know the name Susan, a trick question as Susan was Admiral Edward Pellews wife.  All the latter information given was incorrect. When asked the spirit denied the group were being played with. He also confirmed he was not alone and there were 5 spirits in the room.

The glass movement changed and seemed more agitated. Another male had come forward and confirmed he was Jenkins and had been connected to the stables but did not know the name Susan. He had enjoyed working for the Admiral who he found to be kind, just and fair. Sallyann thought she had witnessed a shadow in the far corner of the room by the windows. Again, were the team being played with as even a stable hand would have known the name Susan to be that of the Lady of the house.

The recorder was left running as the team vacated for refreshments to see if any anomalous sounds would be captured.  The sound of group members enjoying their break could be heard in the adjoining room. During the hub bub of wrappers and conversation the odd whisper near to the recorder was captured that was not any of the team:  22a whisper that said “men”,  23 a whispered call for Abbie: who was unable to attend that evening due to a hospital procedure,   24 a male whisper said “Grandma”: in the background teams footsteps can be heard and are distinctly different to those captured at other times on the audio during vigils as if on a different floor surface and weight,  25the sound of a heavy breath which was heard by one of the investigators as Jo was accompanied into the room to record an account of activity that she had witnessed. 


The Hallway

The rear of the hallway lined with pictures of those who have served their community. The elegant doors open on to what once would have been the garden which is now parkland.

Team 1

The women in the group used the crystal pendulum's as Mark asked the questions and were soon in contact with a male energy who had worked at the house in connection with local politics during 1998 as a councillor. At this time the Ovilus called out the word mission and confirmed their mission had been to become Mayor. The standing Mayor at the time being female. Trying to establish the area this gentleman had lived the Ovilus called grandpa. The group established the surname possibly began with the letter D trying for the first letter of his Christian name were given the letter F, Frederick, as the Ovilus called out decided, and there was an EMF spike on the K2. He was happy to communicate with the team and revealed that he had been married with two sons, both living. It was shared that his picture was not in the building and that he had retired and passed in his 70s. Although able to come and go at will wanted to remain in that part of the building which was where he worked and that the downstairs area had looked different in his day. Frederick was aware of other souls in the house and shared there were four spirits with him. Katie felt he had been a clerk, welcoming people as a receptionist, marking down their entry’s.

Team 2

Team 2 gathered in the hall and splintered into two groups. Nikki, Nisa, Kate and Andy sat round a table near the rear doors for a glass divination session. Nikki began the session by calling out a welcome to spirit to join them. The group introduced themselves. The glass slid round the table in a circle and stopped on request. The group made contact with a female, who visited Bitton House plying her trade as a milliner. A young woman named Dorothy who passed in her 30s and was murdered. She shared that she liked visiting the house. The next spirit came with a personal message for her. Nikki called out again and another soul came forward as the glass moved. This spirit, a female energy who had lived in Bitton house. While trying to discover who this female was, 26gentle, almost discreet tap sounds were captured on the audio recording.  Giving her name began with the letter K. As the group called out several names beginning with the letter K, 27a faint whisper was captured calling out K or Kay.  Attempting to get a second letter, another 28faint whisper that’s seems to same “S’ok” or Sir Kay was captured. 

The delicate hand painted glass panelled arch that decorates the hallway with a small portrait of the Admiral

Both Kate and Nisa felt that the name they were trying to guess was not an English name and this was confirmed by the movement of the glass. Unable to guess the name, they asked spirit to use the glass to form letters to spell her name. K I, the team guessed the name Kristina, which was confirmed as correct. Kristina claimed to be connected to Bitton House. Confirming that she had been literate continued to spell out the letters I AM NOT IN P and Nisa guessed pain, which was confirmed. Next she spelled out I AM NOT POPULAR, that she wasn’t popular in the house with the staff and was not liked. That she had been in charge of the servants and was happy now. The glass went on to spell DO YOU MIND IF I POINT TO unable to guess the rest the glass pointed in the direction of the rear doors that lead to the garden where she confirmed she had died and claimed she had been murdered. Nikki asked if she was connected to Teignmouth when 29a click sound was recorded near the Tascam. To add to the mystery, she went on to say that she died ON TIME and sadly before the team could uncover what she meant the session had run out of time. Perhaps this soul had realised the team were out of time for the session and had brought this to their attention.


Female Group

As the other females of the group investigated drawing room 2, Jo, Jackie and Chalice were drawn to the vicinity of the toilets under the staircase, having sensed a change in energy chose this location for  their vigil. Having started, the K2 meter began flashing providing an indication of a sudden increase in EMF where, when taking baseline readings, the readings were 0.0 mg. Both Jackie and Chalice felt they knew the energy to be a male called Dave, who had worked at Bitton House. They shared some communication after which a 15-year-old boy who Jo envisioned came forward. Jo described him as tall, dark haired and handsome, who had played with her hair, and had placed his hand round her waist, and described his personality as playful. He answered questions by causing the K2 to flash to red indicating a very high reading of EMF and enjoyed their company.

Joined by another two investigators, they placed two K2s opposite each other and both supplied the same readings. They established he had been to sea; he was from the Victorian era. While there, the urinals in the mens toilets were heard to flush however, while taking baseline readings it was noted then that one of the urinals was flushing, so it may be probable that this was a regular occurance and not paranormal. However, the doors of the toilets were heard to rattle along with other sounds of movement. A black mist was witnessed in the area and a drop in temperature, as it suddenly felt cold.

The large clock on the staircase whose rhythmic tick tock orchestrates a calming mechanical lullaby

Team 1

Having moved the table to the area outside the toilets, the team gathered having arranged the equipment and Jo begun to communicate with the young man she had encountered earlier as the Ovilus called out the word unclear. Could this have been because it was unclear as to the teams intended action?

Jo was able to establish that this young man was aged 15 yrs, dark haired and handsome. Jo felt something touching her arm. This soul agreed he was pleased to have the group return to talk to him. He disclosed that he had lived at Bitton and had gone off to sea. The Ovilus called out castle. Jo felt someone holding her hand, which was confirmed by the glass. Jo felt arms around her and became quite emotional.

The glass intimated that this soul had been buried in an unmarked grave near the orangery. The Ovilus called out the word student. The team deduced that this energy, with his dark hair had travelled from Spain. With its proximity to Algiers it could be this young boy could have returned to England with the Admiral after the bombardment. Reluctant to divulge the name of the family he had worked for, for fear of getting into trouble.

The group established that this young lad had been the only child living there but there had been other young men who had lived there with him and confirmed his ship had been moored close by. He also claimed responsibility for making the tap run in the toilets. Agreeing light-heartedly that he would affect the lighting in the lady’s toilets to scare Jo, as she called him cheeky, the glass replied with the motion for yes. This energy claimed to be outside by the orangery and had been happy at Bitton House. Katie felt that this energy enjoyed pranking and scaring those working in the reception office. The session ended.


Lady Pellews Orangery where it has been claimed a boy who had served the Admiral was laid to rest in this picturesque corner of the grounds

Team 2

Sallyann, Emma and Tom carried out a short vigil in the vicinity of the toilets. Tom asked if the temperature could be lowered but no changes occurred. Sallyann performed an EVP session using a new ITC software that HD has produced and although nothing was heard to come through, she felt a cold spot next to her. The K2 spiked to red. This was debunked as not being caused by signals from any mobile phones as they were on airplane mode or left in the base room, and just to double check phones were swiped with the K2 meter that remained dormant. Emma who had been cold all night suddenly felt warm. Continuing, Sallyann recalled the conversation she had witnessed Jo had in her group’s vigil, that caused their K2 to react and spoke of sailing and leaving family and the possibility of brutal peers and the probable contraction of disease. Mentioning Plymouth, the K2 flashed and again when asked if the energy was a sailor or a marine.

No EVP responses were captured using the HD recording, so they tried using the Portal, playing audio in reverse so that any spirits present could manipulate the sound to communicate for their own purpose and see if anything came through on this occasion. Sallyann asked for spirits name and twice 30/31the name “Smith” was given, twice.   32A voice called out “I’m singing”  another random 33voice called out “what this”,  Sallyann asked if spirit was connected to Bitton House and 34a voice shouted out “ghost” as another said “let me, thats for Sally is it”.  For her next question she asked if spirit had been connected to West Cliff house and  35received the reply “no” spoken with a thick northern accent.  When Emma asked if spirit was connected to someone there, 36voices responded with “your friend there, I like her”.  Sallyann asked if spirit need their help and what sounds like 37the reply “yes, yes Miss”  came through which was soon 38followed by “right now, Sally” and “ask me, Sally”.  When she asked for the name of the other people in the building at that time 39a voice called out “people”, as another responded with “you asked me th . A while later 40a voice called out randomly “Mrs Brown”.  Emma asked for spirits name and 41a voice asked, “Ben” and whispered “Sallyann”,” who are you?”.  This was soon followed 42another calling “Sally”.  A while after, 43a conversation came through that commented,, “there she, very fine”, “she a Muslim?  The conversation between a well-spoken English gentleman and a middle eastern Arabic male with a clearly noticeable accent who spoke with an inflection on the final “m” as they discussed a female.

During a quiet lull, the splinter team chatted, 44a male “hmm” was captured as Tom laughed.  Nothing further was sensed, experienced or captured as the session drew to a close. This was the same audible tone of voice that Sallyann had heard earlier in the Parlour. The session ended

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