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An open mind is essential to being a paranormal investigator.

Haunted Devon

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Haunted Devon is a non- profit organisation, whose agenda is to seek out paranormal activity.

Established in 2005 by our founder Byron, we are one of the longest running and most successful paranormal teams in the South West with an international reputation.

Behind the scenes we have a friendly and experienced committee made up of long standing members who run the group and are always on hand to offer assistance and guidance to all our members during investigations on techniques and use of equipment. We have great mixture of venues, some of which are exclusive to us. The committee are available to answer any questions members may have regarding the club, investigations or to pass on venue contact details to.

As a members only group we strive which we supply, to uncover the truth behind experienced paranormal activity using an open mind, alongside scientific and spiritual methods working hand in hand to debunk or validate experiences. Corroborating gathered evidence.

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