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Shadow Figures

Faceless shadows are often seen or captured, but these black figures often fill those who witness them with fear as they lurk in the darkness.

Haunted Devon

Shadow Figures

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These human shaped shadows only manifest in the darkness, blacker than black and sometimes witnessed to move quickly.

Plym Rail, Risk building. That corridor, with Kelly by me, the flash did not go off in the 2 photos (IR Fuji convert) then battery drain no one else was in the area at the time. You can see a woman with small children as they change positions in the 2 images. Later that night we got an evp of a child mimicking us singing ‘atishoo’ from ring-a-roses.


 This is the same picture brightened for clarity.



  This is another photograph that was taken.



 This is the same picture brightened for clarity.



We had other figures appear in images there, experienced things thrown and a host of other activity in that area over the years where the old poorhouse graveyard lay underneath.   

 During a recce at Whitsand Bay in 2015. Paul turned out the lights in the underground munitions battery to show what it was like. I picked up on a male energy behind me, down the end of the tunnel. Kelly snapped a shot; her flash did not go off. She snapped off another one, right after. There was no way there was any light to cast a shadow from us, plus we could not reach that area with the wood barrier, the only light source was the small, capped air vent in the roof at the end of the tunnel, which was illuminating the back wall. The figure is wearing a blast helmet which would have been worn in WW2, when the location was an anti-aircraft battery and radar station defending Plymouth.

This is a photograph of the same area with the lights on where the shadow figure had been captured.

All recce are recorded with an audio recorder. This sequence of events was played out on air on the Whitsand Bay Investigation radio show on Lifting the Veil.





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