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Filming Debut with SW1tv

At a meeting prior to the agreed date for filming, ideas and opinions were thrashed around and a schedule for filming agreed.

Haunted Devon

Filming with SW1tv

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The Haunted Devon committee were able to work alongside SW1tv to produce a programme based on a paranormal investigation with the team at Whitsand Bay Fort to be featured on their internet channel.

Filming Commences

Having arrived on location and the equipment off loaded the usual meet and greet took place with Dave Orton - producer, director and cameraman, Tony Smith - Presenter, Alison Wallace- Co-Presenter and Byron Jackson, Paranormal specialist.  Representing Haunted Devon were committee members Abbie Dent, Kelly Welsh, Nial Cooper, Sallyann Clench who were joined by team member Chris T who would be night vision cameraman, under direction from Dave, on behalf of SW1tv.

With everyone acquainted and briefed to the logistics for the night ahead filming began immediately. 

As test voice levels were recorded in preparation to film Kelly and Tony’s Laser Pen experiment in the tunnel whispered evps were captured one declaring 1“I’ll have the key”

and as Kelly finished speaking, 2“lovely and bubbly, good girl” was caught. Checking everyone was ready as Tony began his introduction piece for his interview with Kelly an evp was recorded saying 3“I’m ok”. With the Laser Pen set up, introductions and explanations as to how the pen is used Kelly begun calling out. As she spoke several 4,5,6thuds and bangs were heard that seemed to be in response to her questions.   In reply to her question of “did spirit was someone who once worked there either in the Army or Navy?” 7“move on” was recorded. When Kelly asked for the thuds to be repeated to let the group know that spirit was still with them an evp whispering 8“Tommy” along with the sound of running was recorded.

Kelly called out her appreciation for spirits responses and asked for another when 9two thuds were heard. Kelly again asked for some activity as proof when another 10tap was recorded. Tony asked, Abbie if she could see the temperature on the Mel meter when a distant voice called out 11“really”.  Continuing to call out 12,13numerous thuds and taps were recorded. 


Next Byron, Tony, Alisson and Sallyann moved to the ammunition hoist to see if any activity could be encouraged or if Sallyann would sense anything. Briefly touching on the history of the Battery and the use of the hoist, Byron begun to crank the handle while Sallyann called out. As the sound reverberated through the tunnel an evp was recorded asking 14“talk to me” and Sallyann felt nauseous, upset, tearful along with her heart racing. Byron turned the crank, again Sallyann felt very uncomfortable hearing the sound when an evp of a whispered sigh saying 15“yes” was recorded. Byron commented how hard it as to turn the crank with the hoist empty when Sallyann envisaged to pairs of hands on the cranks to which Tony stepped down to help Byron when Sallyann expressed concern for the danger of clothing being caught amongst the cogs on the side, being the cause of someone being mangled in the machinery. Walking back along the tunnel, as the small group chatted an evp was captured saying 16“I’ll fit in petal” and “you reckon”. As Sallyann spoke with Tony a 17, 18, 19quiet thud was recorded.  When describing her feeling of sickness being caused by nerves as opposed to illness a whispered evp agreed saying 20“yes”. Upon leaving the tunnel to radio Abbie evps saying 21“good girl” and “Zak” were captured as Sallyann left.

All the team regrouped in the tunnel in preparation for Abbie’s Thermochromic paper experiment.

Placing the roll of treated Thermochromic paper along the floor areas in between the guard and ammunition room and centre of the light passage filming began with Abbie and Tony on standby and the remaining of the group placed at designated positions in the tunnel. Armed with the thermal imagining camera Abbie explained to Tony the purpose of the experiment and that the team were hoping to capture spirit footprints by changing colour and the thermal imaging camera would help to make the visual clearer as well as show temperature differences. A first for Haunted Devon.

Abbie asked Kelly to place her hand on the paper as an indicator of the affect something above 31C would have on the paper as captured on the thermal camera. With Kelly checking that the Rem od was switched on a 22heavy breath was captured. The rem pod shortly reacted to a temperature decrease. As asked Sallyann at the end of the tunnel called out 23a boom or thud sound was heard as everyone waited with bated breath and fingers crossed that something would occur.  Abbie called out and a colour change began to occur showing a warmer change. Asking spirit to walk across the corridor a 24loud thud was recorded, continuing calling out referring to the blitz it appeared as if someone had worked across the paper. Abbie also walked across without any affect visible.

Left and centre pictures show the before and after shots of the Thermochromic paper taken in the Light Passage of the Magazine. In the centre picture a rise in temperature can be seen along with what resembles footprints. Last pic shows that the paper outside the ammunition room showed no changes.

This time Abbie asked for spirit to stand on the paper when straight away a colour change was seen on the thermal camera. Asking for spirit to sit on the paper but the image on the thermal camera showed as if someone was laying down. Pleasantly surprised by the results of footprints on the paper Abbie did explain that she would have expected to see a temperature decrease due to the constant draught from the door and vents as opposed to the increase witnessed. Moving to the paper placed by the entrance to the guards and ammunition room, Sallyann again called out without reaction. This lack of response in this area did help to validate the evidence captured in the light passage, As Byron asked about ambient heat being a factor a 25distant thud was recorded. 


Glass work was last on the agenda. Using an all-female group, Abbie, Alisson, Kelly and Sallyann placed their fingers on the glass. Byron called out welcoming spirit and provided instruction and reassurance to encourage activity. Abbie begun to feel energy increasing and her heart rate rising to 117 bpm as was Sallyanns at 113 bpm from 80 – video. Briefly the group jested over a remark and what Abbie thought at the time to be two knocks later turned out to be a distant evp saying 26“want him” soon followed by two knocks.  Hearing distant sounds coming from the area of the working hoist the group moved the table to that end. Settling down to continue the investigation Sallyann once again felt sick and sensed spirit had moved once again from that area of the tunnel when a 27distant thud was heard and recorded. Byron called out asking if someone was injured to let the group know when Abbie complained of feeling tight chested like a crushing sensation. As Abbie thanked spirit for sharing the sensation a 28thud was captured. Sallyann called out and tapped on the table asking spirit to copy which it duly did with a 29tap being recorded. Sallyann asked for a scratch or knock on the table when the group heard what did sound like a 30 brief scratch. Byron scratched on the table asking for spirit to copy and a 31short scratch and a knock  was recorded shortly followed by a 32tap and thud. due to being positioned next to the hoist which Sallyann had just begun to feel a coldness across the tips of her fingers which she had not felt until then. Using the thermal camera Byron was able to snap the temperature changes. Abbie’s hands read 27/28 degrees, Sallyann who was stood next her registered 3 degrees cold yet felt warm to the touch. Check again Abbie’s hands registered 30 plus whilst Sallyanns had dropped further to 19 degrees.

Abbie and Kelly had been experiencing a cold draught across their hands, but this could have been due to being positioned next to the hoist which Sallyann had just begun to feel a coldness across the tips of her fingers which she had not felt until then. Using the thermal camera Byron was able to snap the temperature changes. Abbie’s hands read 27/28 degrees, Sallyann who was stood next her registered 3 degrees cold yet felt warm to the touch. Check again Abbie’s hands registered 30 plus whilst Sallyanns had dropped further to 19 degrees.


 Thermal images showing the difference in temperature between Abbie’s and Kellys hands (front) and Sallyanns (back).

Thermal images showing the difference in temperature between Abbie’s and Kellys hands (front) and Sallyanns (back)

Once again Sallyann asked spirit to copy her three knocks and instantly 33two knocks were heard followed by a further two.  

With Abbie feeling her hands getting colder along with the area next to her and Sallyann, Byron took another temperature reading which showed Abbie’s temperature now read 27.7 as Sallyanns read 18 and as Byron spoke a 34mumur was heard coming from further along the tunnel.  Scarping her boot across the floor Sallyann asked spirit to copy. A sound was heard that was taken to be coming from a camera however on examining the audio the file it was actually an evp of a young voice calling 35“Macky/ Maggie”   followed by a jingle sound and as Byron shared his thoughts that spirit was over by Sallyanns side of the table a chuckle sound was captured. The group broke the circle as Dave shared his cameras had stopped the camera recording and turned off inexplicably. He did also share that he had heard taps next to him too. The entire crew vacated the Magazine to go and perform their Singapore experiment in the recently excavated second tunnel. /with everyone gone and the door locked the CCTV and Tascam were left recording within.

On playback of the audio file, to the groups surprise several sounds were captured when the tunnel should have been silent. This 36entire audio clip has been amplified and tidied up to make the sounds clearer.  These noises include further bangs and boom sounds, breathy sighs, what sounds metal being bashed and an unusual high pitched blip sounds that we cannot source, along with what can be described as the sounds of repetitive gun fire. The highlights of this section can be heard on the following clips- 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43.

The Second Tunnel

Entering the tunnel for the first time within seconds the sound of 44two rapid consecutive knocks were heard.  The team walked back along the central passage when 45something thrown and a tap on the locked off camera was captured.  Chris left the two women in a room to go and retrieve a camera. Listening to the audio playback the sound of his footsteps seemed to have changed on his return with a muffled sound. This revealed a whispered evp asking for 46“help”.  

Beginning with a brief explanation of how Sallyann senses the presence of spirits to Alisson, she then began to feel an energy present, building in strength and called out welcoming spirit to join them as she felt they were being inquisitive as to what the group were doing.

Sallyann went on give a brief explanation of the Tascam and its use followed by the Rem Pod, then the Mel meter. As the small group stood in the tunnel and called out a loud bang was recorded that sounded like 47something fall or thrown was recorded.  Sally sensed a male energy, regular height and build who was standing back, watching.


Moving on to the first room nearest the entrance Chris filmed Alisson and Sallyann, where after an explanation of how the Ovilus works and a quick chat amongst themselves the Ovilus instantly gave the word: run – was this advice or confirmation of listening to the team’s previous conversation?

Filming and the vigil began. Sallyann begun by calling out welcoming spirit to join them. The Ovilus gave the word- main: could this be referring to the area the group were standing in as the main passage in this tunnel? Asking spirit for the first letter of their name the Ovilus replied with its own question of “how?”. The next response was interesting in retrospect as the Ovilus gave the word-tree followed by life. Could this be a reference to the tree of life? Alisson asked if there had been a lot of life in the magazine and received the reply of might. Continuing to encourage any spirits to come forward the Ovilus gave the word- attic with a high strength bar. Sallyann next asked if spirit had something they wanted to share with the group and received the word- information, bury and lies. The tunnel itself had been buried with 15ft of soil hiding and sealing the entrance. Asking what was stored within the tunnels the Ovilus called out, Harriet then property. Alisson then asked if Harriet could have been an operation when the Ovilus answered: correct. Asking for confirmation on Operation Harriet the Ovilus called out- store, soldiers and initial. Yourself, climb, Caesium followed.

Asking if Caesium was used in connection with the ammunition, the Ovilus then called out – city with a strong bar. The next question of “are you a gentleman from WW” earned the reply of “better”- could this be a reference to a higher rank?

Further questions were asked but the Ovilus remained silent however when the question of “did you fight the French Sir?” was greeted with a response of – born. “Are you French Sir?” was promptly answered with the mimicking response of “Sir”. When asked “did you fight for your country?” the Ovilus responded with roses: this was a word that the team received on their last investigation of Whitsand Bay Fort in the other magazine. When asked if the roses were for a loved one the Ovilus gave the word- laugh. Enjoying this spirits energy and responses, Sallyann asked if spirit was being a little flirtatious to which she received the reply of – quite. Alisson then asked if spirit was a ladies’ man when the Ovilus answered correct. The next question of “do you like the company of the ladies then Sir?” was given the answer of English – were the team communicating with a GI, who were renowned for fraternising with indigenous females during WW2. Sallyann felt the spirit energy intensify in the room. During a brief team conversation, the Ovilus gave the word – pat- the two women discovered that they both shared the same middle name of Patricia. Sallyann then asked if spirit was a cheeky GI who gave the local girls chocolate and stockings and received highway and loving as a reply. The following question of were you able to enjoy our countryside as well as our ladies, the Ovilus responded with trap, kiss and although.

Having been given the word alphabet on the Ovilus Sallyann proceeded by asking for a letter or spirits name. At this point an evp was recorded that said 48“we’re here” and was given the word- cup, immediately followed by Jim.  Kelly came in to retrieve the team as the Ovilus called out outside: the team had to go outside to the other tunnel and the rest of the group.


The entire team gathered for a Singapore experiment where they would try to recreate sounds that would have been familiar during WW2 Spreading themselves around the room the group began firstly by listening to a vintage recording of air raid sirens, bombs exploding, the awful, terrifying sounds of the Blitz, then to be followed by a lightening of the mood by singing “Pack up your troubles” followed by “It’s a long way to Tipperary”, followed by replay of the bombing sounds.  The equipment used on this occasion was the Mel meter, Rem pod, which was placed in the centre of a room, K2 Bunny was placed against the wall to offer comfort to any children spirits. Sallyann held the Ovilus and with the sound of the air raid sirens filling the chamber the Ovilus called out – down: was this a command to get down to safety?

With the sound of bombs dropping and exploding along with the repetitious sounds of anti-aircraft fire the Ovilus gave the word – saw. The group then sang two war time songs during which the Ovilus called out – sent, thing. The rem pod in the centre of the room also flashed an amber light. With the room in plunged into total darkness the Blitz sounds were played again. During this time, the Ovilus gave the words- see, observe, Mommy.

Byron suggested that this would be a good time to call out for an EVP session. Tony asked if there were any children in the tunnel when the Ovilus replied with – holiday and the blue light flashed on the rem pod without sounding its alarm which is not how the rem pod is expected to react. Abbie heard a noise outside like a breath however this was not heard on the audio. Shortly after both Abbie and Sallyann heard another sound coming from outside the room. Tony asked if spirit had been on holiday during the second world war when the Ovilus called out- bury and again the rem pod flashed a blue light. Abbie continued calling out. When she asked, “can you tell me your name?” the Ovilus answered with – alphabet. After a fashion she moved onto to try and encourage activity using the rem pod. As she spoke Sallyann intuited a little girl called Rosie, the instant she mentioned the name the rem pod bleeped twice. Sallyann felt Rosie’s energy growing in strength and when Abbie asked if she was a child the rem pod flashed before Sallyann could answer but she did confirm Rosie to be a little girl. Byron asked if Rosie could touch the stick by the light when the Ovilus responded with -possible. Evidently Rosie obliged as the rem pod lit up. Sallyann shared that Rosie would skip along singing “ring-a-ring- a Rosie”. When asked if Rosie could find the rabbit the alarm and blue light flashed on the rem pod. Byron asked Rosie to step away from the light and move towards the rabbit (who was hiding a K2). Just a Sallyann asked Rosie to rub to the rabbit, the K2 flickered, and the rem pod sounded and flashed. Abbie moved the rabbit nearer to the rem pod. Abbie asked if Rosie was in the tunnels when the bombs were being dropped and the rem pod responded. Abbie also noted her heart rate which was base line 80 was now reading 102 bpm as she was obviously sensing some sort of energy change. Using the thermal camera Byron took focused on the rabbit. Byron asked whether replaying the bombings sounds would scare the child spirit way the rem pod flashed as the Abbie and Sallyann agreed it would.

Abbie asked Rosie if there were other spirits in the tunnel and the rem pod sounded and flashed. Tony wanted to know how old Rosie was and both Abbie and Sallyann agreed 5/6 years old. So, Abbie asked her and began counting 1, 2 ,3 when she got to 6 the rem pod flashed and sounded. Byron confirmed that via the thermal imager he was seeing a change in temperature on the rabbit and rem pod, a warming in places showing interaction between the rem pod and toy. As this was being discussed the rem continued to flash and sound.

Sallyann described her a wearing her fair hair tied up in a high and was showing knee high very white socks this could have been because she was forever pulling them up or her favourites but was a very girly girl and all the time Sallyann spoke the rem pod flashed and sounded. Byron requested the bombing sounds be played again to see if Rosie would move away from the group when the active rem pod fell silent.

These two thermal images show the heat signature as it increased and decreased back to normal on the back of the Rabbit toy.

Filmed Evidence

On every investigation the Haunted Devon team have cameras set up to record, be they camcorders or our CCTV and this venue was no exception. Here is the footage that was captured on a previous visit in the locked off magazine. There were hundreds of dust orbs visible on the footage but this one appeared to have its own light source and was flashing as it moved in a deliberate motion horizontally above the floor towards the door and exit.

During filming the CCTV was left filming and as Tony, Kelly and Abbie were busy filming the use of the Laser Pen Grid an orb was captured floating down the magazine, above the floor, flashing and emanating its own light heading towards the door and the exit.

The Committee have passed all evidence that was captured onto SW1TV to be used at their discretion for their TV show with presenter Tony Smith and the Haunted Devon Team – Things that go “bump” in the night, to be released on the SW1TV internet channel upon completion.































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