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Brixham Museum Investigation 2015

Although the building looks small from the outside, this museums size is deceptive and local treasures from Brixham's past line its walls.

Haunted Devon

Brixham Museum Investigation 2015

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On the advance teams arrival it was noticeable how quiet and still the galleries felt, providing an eerie feeling when walking around alone.

Maritime Museum 

Team 1.

The night events began with Kelly calling out for an evp session. “Are you a woman?” set the tri-field off but having repeated the question there was no response.  Again, Kelly asked spirit to come forward and some of the team heard the tri field meter sound briefly. So, the Mel meter was placed next to it so any emf spike would be picked up on both pieces of equipment. An emf 00.4 mg was noted. Kelly asked if spirit was setting of the tri field meter when it sounded in response.


Twice the tri field meter responded to the question “are you male?”.  Abbie explained that spirit can put a name into someone’s head and is usually the first thing that comes to mind and the tri field was activated. The names Robert was sensed by Kelly, Simon by Abbie and James by Andrew and the tri field once again sounded in response to James.  When asked spirit confirmed the name James by again activating the tri field meter and that he was associated to something within the building and in the Maritime Museum. As the team tried to pinpoint the location of the item the team experienced cold draught and goosebumps. Once again, the tri field meter responded to Kelly asking if the item was at her end of the room. A group member commented that she had a tingling sensation in her legs when 1a brief whine was recorded. 

Abbie used the tri field meter to try to locate the item the spirit James was connected to. The tri-field meter reacted to the location of the bottles, containers, and a bell. Having called out various items in that vicinity the tri-field remained silent. So, without any confirmation as to the specific item it is noted that the area in question was that of the anchor in the Maritime room by the variety of items that were unusual catches, trawled up by boats and ships - so could James be connected to one of these, an item that had been lost at sea, or was he himself drowned at sea maybe

Kelly asked James if he was still with them, and the tri field sounded and one of the group shared that she was still feeling pins and needles in her legs. Asking furthers questions a small creak was heard, and the group were able to establish that a navy man James died in the water of hypothermia and as his remains were never recovered, he felt unable to move on as he did not receive a Christian burial and wanted help. Abbie told spirit that the team would leave the spirit to recharge his energy and would be back later to help him cross over and the tri field responded on both occasions. As Abbie thanked spirit for communicating with them the tri field sounded. End of session.

Team 2

Christina sensed a stern man walking round the table looking at each person individually. Sallyann welcomed the male to join the gathered group and explained their intention in hope to establish communication. Sallyann sensed the same male spirit and described him as tall 5ft 9/10”, with some facial hair to the jaw and cheeks, walks very upright, stern, intimidating and had feeling that the male spirit felt wanted to portray himself to be taller, bigger than he actually was, powerful.


Next, Christina felt shivery, cold and was experiencing a constant tingling down her back that there were two or three souls around the museum that look after the building, who Sallyann referred to as the male spirits henchmen, that they would do his bidding and that they needed to be careful of him as he was strong and, Christina sensed the man to be laughing and Sallyann tingling down her left side as she spoke. Christina shared that she had the impression that the other spirit would stand outside the door as if guarding. Sallyann intuited that money was connected. Edwina felt the man to be laughing, having a nasty laugh. Christina went on to say something happened in the room that was connected to a spirit in the office area. Either a dust particle or orb was seen to come out from behind Sallyann who sensed him wearing a long dark heavy coat.

Then, Christina had the image that something happened downstairs with a young chap who went upstairs and was followed by a guard, an altercation took place, they ganged up on him in the small room upstairs and that’s why papers are found scattered over the office floor, anger and upset. Sallyann intuited that the altercation was due to the young male not doing what he was told because he felt it was not right - corrupt, and also intuited two men guarding the doorway preventing anyone from entering or leaving as Mike in contrast to Sallyanns polite and meek manor started calling out aggressively. Christina and Bens-who was sat next to her, commented that they were feeling freezing cold. As Mike spoke out both Christina and Sallyann intuited the dominant male spirit to be angry. David felt someone to be playing with his hair just as Sallyann felt a warm energy to her side, yet Christina and Ben were still freezing on the opposite side of the table. Christina picked up that no one was going to be left alone followed by a horrible laugh as Sallyann complained of a pain down her side, kidney area. Mike continued to speak out and the Ovilus responded with the following words: Jim, twist, bury, yourself, killed.

The team decided to split up. Christina felt that the atmosphere had changed as the group had become smaller, more intimidating as she and Susan both experienced shivers, tickling of their hair and felt a cold draught again the other members on the opposite side of the table were not experiencing anything at that exact time. Christina sensed the male to be standing behind her and Susan asked spirit to move her chair when the Ovilus responded with levitation, zoo, and night. Christina also felt that this male in life would have people beaten and Sallyann asked whether the pain she had experienced was due to being punched in the kidneys the Ovilus said clap. Sallyann asked if spirit was so powerful and strong to affect the equipment the Ovilus spouted out hot, haste, teacher, when asked if he was a murderer the word boot was given.

Christina shared that she felt people visiting the museum had experienced the sensation of being followed by someone right up behind them. Christina feels that spirit was trying to show her that something that happened upstairs, in the offices recently, that has not happened before, was down to him and fulfilled his intention to teach someone a lesson that’s now been learnt. As she spoke the Ovilus gave the words paranormal and life. Edwina noticed a cold breeze around her, and Sallyann did not know whether she wanted to cry or be sick and felt that this was how spirit made someone feel: scared, as a result of their antics. Edwina also confirmed she too felt sick. Sallyann again asked spirit what they had done when the Ovilus responded with sunrise, hide and solo. Sensing spirits anger Sallyann decided to leave the room and go for a walk and check on the others when the Ovilus immediately called out return, her response was to invite spirit to go with her. The Ovilus called out squeeze, dollars, alright, fly, marker, and carrier - Ben who was seated at the table had recently returned from vacation in Florida. Coincidence? The group did wonder if the spirit had followed Sallyann out of the room as feelings had changed after she left.

Sallyann returned from having walked over to the cells and shared that walking back along the short hallway she felt intimidated, that she had been followed by someone close behind her that made her feel very uncomfortable. Upon her return the team began to experience a variety of sensations: Sallyann felt strong spirit energy present, Ben felt freezing cold, Christina sensed someone standing behind her back, Edwina suddenly felt stomachache. Sallyann asked if she had been followed back into the room to which the Ovilus responded with property, automatic, six, enough and water.

Some of the group tried to use the Springy as the Ovilus called out self, suffer, compound, short and Veronica as Sallyann begun calling out. As they moved onto using the Spinney the group complained of feeling a cold draught and it being freezing where Ben and Christina were sat. Edwina commented on spirit being such a big strong man but unable to move the board when Ben asked if we you knew if spirit was male. Sallyann asked if this was the spirit who had chased her down the hallway when the Ovilus responded with ready, female and holiday. The question “are you female?” saw the Ovilus respond with greater, business, English, current, climb, should, pat, and memories. End of session

Teams 1 and 2

For the final investigation of the night both groups were re-united. Abbie shared that she thought she heard whistling outside the room and Kelly experienced the sensation of someone playing with her hair- just like Christina had earlier that night.

Abbie and the group set about preparing to send spirits who wished to move on into the light and when she spoke of the Churches teaching of hell a loud click was heard from behind her. Sallyann kept sensing the same phrase “I can’t do it; I can’t do it” and Christina had the impression that the henchmen spirits from earlier were placed at the door stopping other spirits from entering the room. Christina felt the dominant spirit they had encountered earlier had returned. Christina described the men at the door as wearing a different uniform the other dominant male, who Sallyann described as being 5ft 10 inches wearing a thick heavy longish coat when a knock sound was heard. Continuing, she described him as walking very upright, had a rank but wanted to be greater. Christina kept getting “power reigns…….” Something she could not make any sense of as was unable to get the rest of the sentence. Sallyann asked if this referred to his power reigning over the weak and two knocks were heard in response and recorded. Christina agreed that for him it was regardless of rank he was in control. Abbie respectfully asked why he would not let the other spirits move on, when Sallyann responded with – he doesn’t have to, Christina also answered with - as long as there is fear, he has control. Sallyann shared that she saw something move across above Abbie seated on the other side of the table. Trying to establish an era with this spirit Abbie asked if he guarded prisoners of war to which Sallyann said she had the word French given to her which confirmed Abbie’s vision of him wearing red – the colour of English soldiers. End of session


Victorian shops

Team 1

The team spread out. One group decided to use the spirit voice box. Kelly asked spirit if they could use the small box in front of her with the blue light and an evp was heard on audio playback, as she spoke, 2“I want you “, was followed by “I don’t want to”. Abbie heard a thud.

The small group also noticed a musty smell thought to possibly be from the radiator and 3a “hmmm” sound was heard by Abbie and also on audio playback.

A class A evp of 4a female singing - “Christmas morning mail” was recorded but doesn’t seem to have been heard by the team at the time as there wasn’t a reaction to it from the group.


When using a crystal pendulum an 5evp was captured saying “both of us” followed by “hmmm”. 

Questioning a knock that was heard, 6a female voice called out “there’s gin”. 

Kate who was using the crystal pendulum appeared to be in contact with a male spirit aged 39 and just as Kate confirmed that the spirit was not James from earlier as 7a heavy drawn-out breath that’s said “about her” was heard by Abbie and caught on the Tascam recording of the session.

As Kelly spoke 8a female tuneful “hmmm hmmm”.

Kelly asked spirit to copy her and knocked twice and a one faint knock back was heard by the team. The temperature fluctuated from 60.4-60.3 F and as Kelly and Abbie discussed this an evp of 9a female voice sang out “heard a great big bang”.

The temperature dropped to 60.1 F. Kate shared that the gentleman she was communicating with was a Scottish gentleman in the Royal Navy, Commanding Officer of a ship in 1541, a privateer/pirate. When Abbie asked if spirit had overseen the crew a knock was heard. End of session


Berry Head Barracks Display

Team 1

Time 23:15

The group settled into the area of the display with the soldier and canon. Kelly began by calling out and knocked twice asking spirit to copy her, a single knock was recorded in response in conjunction with a quick flash of the orange and green lights on the rem pod, so she asked for spirit to step forward when10footsteps were recorded along with an evp of a female voice asking “why” as both Kelly and Andrew both felt a draught that they hadn’t felt previously and could not account for. 


The group relocated further along to an area where Andrew sensed people may have experience being pushed. Kelly called out and a team member who was using the camcorder shared that they had seen an orb by Kelly’s knee. The group rubbed their knees to see if any dust orbs could have been seen to try and debunk the visual, but this was not the case as nothing showed up. Everyone felt quite comfortable, yet Kate felt that something was about to happen when the red light and temperature sensor on the rem pod flashed and bleeped which indicated a significant heat change. The temperature was noted as 61.3 F. Kelly reset the heat sensor. Kelly asked if spirit could make the blue light flash and the rem pod obliged. Temperature noted as 61.7 F. End of session.


The group settled into their surrounding and Sallyann started to call, and Edwina felt a breeze cross her legs. Sallyann began to feel a presence, someone who was upset and tearful and as she asked spirit to move closer the rem pod responded. She asked spirit to move closer to the sound of her voice and again the rem responded. Sallyann continued speaking and as she asked if something bad happened to the spirit Edwina felt a pain on her heart area. Again, as soon as Sallyann asked if something had happened that had upset them Edwina shared that she felt hot and tormented, unhappy, and wanting to cry. Edwina felt they were in contact with a young woman, of a slight build, same height as herself, with fair hair, and when Sallyann asked her if the hair was straight, curly, up, or down 11a whisper was recorded saying “wavy”, followed by Edwina who described it as wavy. 

Edwina asked her guides for help in communicating with the spirit and 12evp was recorded saying “house”.

Edwina sensed the word help along with feeling a tightness on her chest and Sallyann felt a sudden rush of energy. Both women sensed they were connecting to a distraught spirit who did not know what to do. Edwina asked if she this was the spirit of a young girl, and if someone had been keeping her there when an evp an 13replied “yes”. 


Sallyann went on to describe the spirit as 18-20years old, that there was a time when she was very happy and carefree, felt she was from 17-1800s, not wealthy when the rem pod sounded. She continued to describe her as wearing a course brown skirt with a white apron tied round her waist, happy, dancing, skipping barefoot and playing with younger children that were with her either siblings or children from the village - happy days. Something happened and the spirit didn’t know what to do, panicking, distressed. Edwina asked if a young boy that she cared for had died or was killed as Sallyann began to feel nauseous. Edwina intuited the word murdered. As Sallyann continued asking questions Edwina felt a heaviness on her chest and begun feeling tearful. When Sallyann asked spirit to come forward 14an evp was recorded asking “madam, who me?”. 

Edwina commented that she felt sad and Sallyann picked up on the names Sara and June. When asked if spirits name was Sara 15an evp was recorded saying “no”.

Sallyann said that she felt the year 1858 to be important when both David and Edwina said they were experiencing a cold breeze as she spoke. David asked Edwina id she needed a torch to be shone on her pendulum 16an evp was captured asking “run with us?”. 

Using her pendulum Edwina asked if spirits name was Sara when 17an evp was recorded asking “help me”. 

Using this form of divination Edwina was able to confirm that the name Sara and 1858 were significant to spirit. Asking if June was the name of someone spirit knew 18an evp was recorded saying “that witch, no, no”,whilst the pendulum swung yes. 

Edwina followed by asking if this was the same spirit of a girl that she had connected with on a previous visit when a mechanical sounding 19evp was recorded saying, “guardroom stay here” - walking as its said, was immediately followed by what sounded like a Birmingham accent saying “don’t”. 

Asking if Sara was killed a raspy evp was recorded answering “yes”. Asking was Sara killed an evp was recorded 20threatening “I’ll scare you both” and when the same question was repeated an evp was captured replying “yeah” and was also confirmed by the movement of the pendulum. 

David’s question of was she killed by June was given the 21response of “this is could wonderful” that was captured on the audio recording.

The pendulum confirmed that Sara was killed by June and had drowned as witnessed by the spirit on the day they were all dancing and playing in the field as viewed by Sallyann and is why spirit was so distraught, crying and screaming. An electronic sounding 22evp was recorded that said, “expletive jeweller, whistling, Julia, woman”. 

Sallyann asked if June was there on that day and another evp was recorded 23calling” Sally” and “trying to set my dinner”, a voice saying, “June is horrible”.

The question “did June hold her down” was answered with 24“yes, we know they’re here”. 

As the pendulum motioned a definite yes and continued to do so as Sallyann stated that it was a deliberate act and heard something click above her head. Sallyann felt that somehow, they children were paddling in water- a river or stream and that June held Sara aged 8, under the water deliberately which was witnessed by the girl spirit they were communicating with who was further up way from them and screamed and cried in disbelief as she wasn’t close enough to stop her. There wasn’t anything she do. As Sallyann went on to describe the scene and emotions, she became quite distressed herself.

Whilst attempting to send spirit to the light the temperature rose by 3 degrees.

Sallyann felt spirit was unsure and confused as to what to do and Mike called out that the temperature was dropping. It was noted that as Sallyann spoke of what she had intuited the Mel meter read 1.7 mg Emf and temperature of 18 F that fell to 15.8 F and had been mainly around 14.2 F.

Having swapped places with the rest of team 2, nothing was experienced although several words were spouted out by the Ovilus that appeared to be random and didn’t connect with any of the questions asked or conversations the group had but did seem to respond each time a question was asked. End of session


The Office

Team 1

Kelly began the vigil by asking “Is there anybody here?” was answered with a tap. Her question “are you attached to something in the museum” resulted in the rem pod having flashed. When she asked how spirit made their living Kate intuited the answer to be smuggling. Whilst using the spirit voice box an odd blurry light anomaly was seen by Kelly’s head and shortly after the rem pod sounded and flashed so Abbie immediately stopped the spirit voice box and asked spirit to take a step back and the rem pod stopped. She next asked if a spirit of a little girl and the rem pod responded, the same question was asked again for confirmation and again the rem pod responded with the alarm sounding and the orange and green lights flashing. The question asking the girl if she was on her own prompted the rem pod to answer.

The team chatted and exchanged jokes amongst themselves Abbie felt that she had been poked in the eye. – something also experienced years before by another HD member on a previous visit. Kelly commented that she felt the room had turned colder. The temperature was checked and read 62.8 F.


As the team used the spirit voice box Kelly heard a crying sound. Using the spirit voice box, one of the team asked for the energy of a child to come forward when 25“so will I” and “we need help” followed by “help me with the others” was recorded.

Two orbs were captured by Kate on the camcorder, which would have been dust particles. Abbie called out to spirit asking if they did not want the group to sing to make a noise and the rem pod promptly flashed and sounded the alarm. The question would you like to play a game was greeted with a response from the rem pod. The team tried to think of a game to play some of the members heard a whine. Kelly suggested playing with the glass and again the rem pod flashed and sounded the alarm. Kelly asked the spirit to use the team’s energy as Abbie experienced a tingling sensation in her head. As the group looked and chatted about Most Haunted, the TV programme the rem pod reacted. A cold draught was felt to move from Andrew across to Abbie’s hand that felt tingly. The team agreed that they felt the glass trying to move so Kelly moved the glass in a circle to show spirit what was required, and the rem pod responded again as they chatted. They prepared to leave the room as the rem pod was activated.

Team 2

Although the first small group who investigated this area didn’t experience anything Christina intuited that paperwork had been found scattered on the floor whilst the office had been empty.


The rest of team 2 settled into the office to begin their investigation. Sallyann felt that there was someone by the areas of the books. Mel meter gave a reading of 52.F. As soon as the team had finished introducing themselves Susan’s cameras battery died, Sallyann felt, and strong energy building and Mike noted the temperature was dropping. The energy seemed to be moving from Sallyann to Edwina as she too begun to feel the energy. Mike shared that the temperature had now dropped 7F to 44.2 and was still falling. Sallyann felt a male energy was present in the far end of the room in the book corner and Susan shared that she had the name Stephen, that he worked there in the back area; information that Susan received through crystal divination previously. This was also intuited by Sallyann who went on to describe him as being older, 5ft 5inches tall, bald with short trimmed grey hair to the sides, wire rimmed round glasses, a bookkeeper, had been most of life, always had his nose in the books keeping them updated. She asked if the spirit’s name was Stephen as Edwina used her crystal. As a trick question Sallyann asked if spirit was a tall gentleman to which the crystal responded with no, she went on to ask if he was going thin on top and the crystal responded yes.

With the aid of Edwina and her crystal and Sallyann asking for confirmation for what she sensed the team were able to establish that this gentleman was a bookkeeper although maybe not in the museum, a kindhearted soul who would go out of his way to help people and that he moved things, pushed books onto the floor to be noticed. During the session Edwina thought she saw a glow stick on the table move which was confirmed by Susan using her pendulum.  When Sallyann asked if the spirit could do something for her, Edwina heard a noise which on playback was a thud. Mike noted the temperature was 26.3F. Susan continued asking questions and was able to establish that he died from a heart condition in that area and experienced a cold breeze crossing her face. Susan’s request for Stephen to touch someone resulted in a tap being heard by the group. Sallyann went on to converse with spirit saying that he was a kind man, always had a kind word to say and smiling, wore a dark suit with a waistcoat, smart, never late for work, happy to stay in the museum office but was shy of the ladies who worked there but would like it if the ladies said hello to him now and again all confirmed by the movement of pendulums. Sallyann asked if he wore the arm bands/braces on his shirt sleeves again it was confirmed. A bachelor he spent his happier days at work with company, a sweet chap, who owned a cat called Kitty, standing in front of the fridge in the kitchen he would empty the contents from a small tin on to a china saucer with a rose painted on it, placing it on the floor for her. As She spoke Edwina’s pendulums movement grew bigger and bigger and 26an evp was recorded saying “thank you”. 

End of session

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