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Whitsand Bay Fort Investigation 2016

Surprisingly, from within the empty magazine the sound of the rem pods alarm was heard to mimics knock patterns on the entrance door and then again as it responded to additional requests.

Haunted Devon

Whitsand Bay Fort Investigation 2016

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A few weeks prior to the investigation some of the committee met up with Paul Diamond the venue representative to be shown around the site, ascertain health and safety risks, the areas available for investigation, facilities, base room, and parking to ensure the investigation would run smoothly.

The Recce

Starting in the Lounge area next to the kitchen: Paul informed the team that the building originally housed self-contained rooms when a 1"hmmm" was captured and that walls were cut through to open up rooms in the 1950/60s. 

Whitsand Bay Holiday Park as it looked in the 1970s.

Referring to the Chapel having the original door and being decorated as a reproduction chapel and that in the 1950/60s the chimney was ripped out when a faint evp was recorded saying 2"Tom"  and 3two evps of whistling were caught.  Whilst they discussed the closure of Dartmoor prison an evp was recorded saying 4“shit hole”. 

Entering the Function Room from the Long Bar Paul continued to say that the room was all original, restored original woodwork and glass but not the doors as they would have been one solid door and that underneath the dance floor is one of the old water supplies, 10,000-gallon water tank that never floods because of the drainage system. Paul explained that this area is the most active-could this be due to the underlying water flow and geomagnetics?

The group continued to chat as another 5whistle was recorded along with an indecipherable male voice.  6A very faint bang was heard by the group coming from the corner of the room this was captured on the audio followed by another.  Could the male whose voice was recorded have been responsible?

In Ship bar the staff have entered to find the optics dropped and advised that this room would have matched the room at the far end.

Having left the bar, the group walked along the roadway on their way to the Chapel, which was agreed would be the nights base room, but no activity was experienced in this room on this occasion.

The team chatted en-route to the Magazine when a sound like a 7sonar ping was recorded  along with an 8evp saying “Kelly”. 

Standing in the tunnel Paul continued with the history of the Battery explaining that underground the magazines were housed between the gun emplacements and provided the ammunition for up above via the crank operated ammunition hoist, where another room was used as the shell and maintenance store.

By the entrance is the Lath room where lamps were issued to light places and the area was known as the lighting passage. Lamps were placed in all the niches which originally would have had glass fronted doors with a brass frame with an explosive proof seal and would have been numbered so if they needed lamps in 26-31, they knew exactly where to put them. 9A feminine moan was recorded  and 10female sounding laugh was also captured.  The Cartridge room stored floor cartridges which were packeted to go as five shells out. Empty cartridges would have been kept in the room along with the shells filled with gunpowder and the other would have been the Guards room. 11Whistling of a tune was recorded shortly after the temperature began to drop from 54.4F to 51.4F as they moved on.  This could have been due to a draught moving through. Standing by the crank operated ammunition hoist fitted with four buckets to work on a rotational system to keep the ammunition moving, Abbie sensed that someone had been crushed, feeling a crushing on her chest and the sensation of being unable to breathe. The lift itself had been restored by English Heritage. 

During their time in the tunnel Abbie picked up on a male authority figure in the area that was blocked off and asked if there had been any shadows seen there. Paul turned off the lights to show the group what it was like in the complete darkness and Kelly snapped the photo in the direction Abbie was pointed to, but her flash did not go off.

These two photographs were taken during the teams Recce of the venue. Notice the dark shadow figure on the left yet the picture on the right shows there is nothing there that could have cast the shadow or have been mistaken for it.

Paul confirmed that a male had been picked up in that section of the tunnel and went on to inform the team that there had been a lot of activity in the tunnels and that an accident of someone being mangled or crushed had been intuited before.

Paul divulged that a male had been picked up in that section of the tunnel and went on to inform the team that there had been a lot of activity in the tunnels and that an accident of someone being mangled or crushed had been intuited before.

On the walk round Abbie did sense a male who had been mangled in the ammunition hoist and when walking from the Vaults to the magazine she sensed a female lady of the night who had been murdered and her body thrown from the cliffs and that her name began with an E sound.

The Investigators

The venue representatives: Paul Diamond and Tim.

The teams for the night’s investigation were as follows:

Team 1: Abbie Dent, Ben Welsh, Kelly Welsh, Sallyann Clench, Christina Clench, Sarah Batten, Andrew Stewart, Kate Stewart, Edwina Burlace, David Burlace

Team 2: Mike Pomeroy, John Parr, Heather Parr, Tracie Solomon, Michelle Ryder, Susan Davies, Kate Chaddock, Mike Parker, John Rogers  

The Magazine

Prior to the investigation of the magazine beginning in earnest, some of the members gathered in the stretcher room placing the Ovilus and Mel meter on the table and the Tri-field meter placed in the doorway. Abbie noticed that the Mel meter was giving a 0.1mg reading where previously it had been 0.0mg.  As the group prepared to investigate the Ovilus begun spouting out words as it acclimatised to the environment. With a strong energy bar, the following words were given roses – a full bar signal, young, Bet. Christina felt the roses were intended for young woman. Sallyann also felt the sensation of spirit energy at this time.

Asking if spirit was a young male the Ovilus called out – haste. Edwina then asked if spirit had to leave a loved one in haste. The Ovilus said – moment. Sallyann then asked if the roses were for the young women/lady in the room and the Ovilus called out- time, video as the Tri-field meter sounded. When asked if there was anything spirit wanted to say to the team the Tri-field again sounded as the Ovilus called out what sounded like: thank you, shortly followed by – General. Asking if speaking to a General the Ovilus answered with – Quill, jerk, deplete, bury. Sallyann next mentioned the Duke of Wellington and the Ovilus answered with – store, homage, seam, and David using another Ovilus received the word – play with a strong strength bar.


Magazine entrance with the Lath room on the right

After the investigation: The team discovered that there were many American troops stationed in Devon and Cornwall during World War 2 and that fraternising with local females was profoundly discouraged and racism was rife. The black troops tended to be popular with Britons, who tended to oppose the American idea of segregation, and they were particularly popular with white British women, much to the angry bewilderment of white American GIs. Regardless many relationships still blossomed. Could the team have been in contact with a love lorn GI still bringing roses for his young Bett?

Investigations for a General Quill as given by the Ovilus the team found the name General James Bernard Quill was born in Milwaukee, May 15, 1905. He served as a platoon leader and troop commander before joining the 6th Armoured Division as the original commanding officer of the 86th Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion in February 1942.  He left the 86th in June 1943 to serve as plans and training officer of the II Armoured Corps and became deputy chief of staff of the XVIII Airborne Corps (formerly the II Armoured Corps) in the European Theatre of Operations before he was named assistant to the assistant chief of staff, G-l, Army Ground Forces and most definitely would have enforced the discouragement of relations with native women, especially interracial relations. Could this be the General Quill that the Ovilus was referring to and the reason as to why he was called a jerk?

Later in the evening it was also noticed by a team member that the CCTV camera for the Guards room had somehow been set to motion sensor. Could this have been what the Ovilus was referring to when it spouted moment, time, video?

Team 1

The investigation began in earnest with Abbie wearing headphones attached to a Tascam to enable her to clearly hear any sounds or evp in real time and with Kelly calling out. As Kelly spoke of having the deepest respect for what they did for our country a 12quiet knock was recorded. 

Left hand side of the magazine tunnel.

Calling out to any service men or women the 13sound of footsteps was captured.  Kelly went onto say that the team respected them for what they did for us when a distant sound on the audio was revealed to say 14“today women” and as she continued to say that the Fort may have been a special place in their life a tap was caught.  Kelly continued speaking when a 15male voice moaning was recorded and Abbie heard a growl like that of a dog.  In the guard room it was noticed the Mel meter was changing from between 0.0 – 0.1 mg. While Abbie called out Kelly noticed that the camera was not working. Abbie felt someone standing behind her and in the guard room, Sallyann felt an energy keep entering the room as confirmed by the activity of the Tri-field meter. Changing her position Sallyann stood just outside the doorways to the Ammunitions and Guards room and instantly sensed a young man and a16knock was heard in the main tunnel and as she gave the name James the rem pod responded as did the Tri-field meter.  Having asked questions based on the Napoleonic era and not receiving any response she asked if James was from a later period which prompted the rem pod to bleep. Asking if James fought on behalf of his country 17two faint knocks were recorded.  In the Guard room three knocks were heard and as David called out asking the spirit to repeat it another 18knock was recorded.  Sallyann kept feeling a strong spirit energy passing her and on occasion standing behind her, coming and going in and out of the room and along the hallway as confirmed by the Tri-field sounding.

The crank would lift the buckets up to ground level where shells would be off loaded and stored during action.

Abbie heard three footsteps through the headphones as the rem pod flashed as the team stood still. In the Guard room a change in temperature was recorded from 49.8 to 49.9F. 8, What Abbie heard as a gruff cough is the name 19Cotton in a deep male voice. Christina shared how she kept getting the image of a man staring through one of the light niches and the candle would stop flickering at the same time. Using the Portuguese effect of recreating a sound/act that would have been familiar to spirit, in this case a call to arms and turning the crank for the ammunitions hoist. The team noticed some movement down at the other end of the tunnel and the atmosphere felt to have changed. Abbie turned the crank as Sallyann suddenly felt very upset and the urge to shriek stop and as Abbie turned the crank again the rem pod reacted. 20Abbie stopped and the Tascam seemed to have picked up some interference of some description, as on the audio file the sound wave was consistent with movement and three short “ooo” sounds was heard followed by a tap either on or near the recorder and a shuffle sound was captured. This particular Tascam could not have been knocked by anyone as it was placed on a light niche out of harm’s way with no one near it at the time.

Kelly asked out if spirit did not like Abbie using the ammunitions lift whether a woman should not be manning the hoist when a 21tap and the sound of metal being hit was recorded. No one was near either hoist at the time. Again, the Tri-field sounded and had done on occasion throughout the vigil. Abbie wanted to approach the blocked of area so asked spirits permission. Kelly called out to reaffirm and a 22tap was recorded as the Tri-field meter sounded. Christina shared that she sensed some kind of accident had taken place by the ammunition hoist that Abbie had cranked and as members chatted an evp of a high-pitched voice sounding like a child singing 23“ha, love, be loved/beloved” was recorded. Sallyann sensed that a male had got caught in the hoist mechanism, mangled, and asked for this spirit to come forward a 24knock was recorded.

Picture of the ammunition hoist that would raise shell to the guns above.

Christina was able to sense that the two spirits in the long tunnel stayed at the respective ends, aware of each other’s existence. The energy by the cordoned off area being the strongest and felt that this soul had done something that caused the others accident and as she spoke a 25sound like turning metal and a voice was recorded singing “I’m forever blowing bubbles” soon followed by a knock.

During the spirit voice box session Abbie heard what sounded like the whistling of a falling bomb later in the session a male voice was recorded saying 26“recording them”.  This was later followed by what sounded like 27whistling of a tune. In the main tunnel a high-pitched voice saying 28“hello” was recorded. Both Kelly and Sallyann experienced neck pain during their time in the tunnel. Abbie again turned the crank and an evp was captured saying 29“get” and another that sounds like “me Sir” and Sallyann experienced a strong rush of energy on her back. It seemed that the energy was affected by Abbie’s action and as the rem pod reacted the yellow light lit up indicating that a spirit was standing by Abbie and the crank. Sallyann asked when did the accident happen and Christina answered that she sensed someone had their head over the hoist and had his neck broken whereas Abbie and Sallyann both felt it was an arm that was mangled, and the rem pod reacted.

Abbie questioned if this gentleman wanted to be moved forward when 30two quiet thuds were recorded and the rem pod responded. Again, a 31thud was recorded as Abbie asked if we could learn more about this spirit before helping him to cross over. Sallyann asked if he were unable to move on due to the shock/trauma he suffered, and the Tri-field sounded despite having been moved from its original location– this may have been in response to Sallyann or could have been a passing energy. Kelly asked if this spirit blamed the other for the accident 32a tap was captured.

One of the name plaques from within the magazine.

Christina intuited that the other spirit gave the order, that came completely out of the blue and caused a panic, that another chap was already at the crank when Abbie heard a heavy breath and asked if the restoration of the ammunition hoist had refreshed the energies of the tragedy and the Tri-field sounded. As the group chatted a 33heavy breath was caught on audio followed by an evp saying “and did the Governor K…”.  soon followed by another heavy breath. Sallyann called out asking if spirit would like to move on and see their loved ones when the rem pod was activated in response. Sallyann asked a series of questions but did not gain any response but asking if spirit knew the war was over resulted in the rem pod responding. Sallyann thanked spirit and received a solitary beep back.

Christina once again picked up on the accident this time explaining that it was not the usual person cranking the hoist so was not sure of protocol and something had happened, there was panic and there was a shortage of people in the magazine when the order came. Asking if the person who operated the crank was inexperienced if they had done it before earnt a 34thud and the reply of “in the bakery” and a whispered “sit down”.

Trying to establish where this gentleman came from Sallyann asked if he was Cornish or a Janner received silence but when asked if he came from somewhere else the rem pod responded. Sarah felt that the gentleman was disfigured in the accident and did not like people looking down the tunnel at him when the rem pod responded. Sallyann asked if the spirit wanted the group to return and the rem pod reacted. Asking if she could ask this soul her question again Sallyann received 35two single consecutive beeps, looking for confirmation she said again “would you like us to come back to help you?” and the rem pod responded with single controlled bleeps. 

Exhibit under construction in the ammunition room.

Chatting in general with the spirit she received single controlled beeps. When she asked if there was another spirit at the end of the tunnel the rem pod bleeped. When she asked if his name was James the rem pod again bleeped. The team noticed that the seemed to have turned really dark at the far end of the tunnel where Abbie stood, and the rem pod continued to bleep. The rem pod kept bleeping and flashing red and green lights as the group agreed they appeared to be in contact with a different spirit. The rem pod sounded in a fashion that was reminiscent of Morse code.

All instruction seemed to be ignored as the rem pod acted at will. Asking if spirit was using Morse code to effect four lights received no reaction but when asked if not using Morse code the rem pod responded with a prolonged flash of lights and alarm and returned to regular singular beeps.

David requested the spirit to stand back the Tri-field alarm sounded and an evp of a male voice saying 36“murde” (merde is French for shit) was captured. Sallyann asked if spirit was happy talking to a woman – the rem pod fell silent but when she asked if they preferred to talk to a man the rem pod

David asked if spirit was a Sergeant in the army and the rem pod again replied with a prolonged reaction. Asking if he was in control of lots of men the rem pod again reacted. As the team spoke that this spirit could be from the other end of the tunnel the rem pod sounded. The rem pod sounded and despite numerous appeals to step aside or stop the rem pod continued sounding the proximity alarm and flashing all lights. Sallyann felt pain in her back, in the kidneys that she hadn’t felt until then. The rem pod flashed with the blue and yellow fixed, red, green and the red temperature lights flashing. Sallyann called out asking for spirit to hold the rem pod so all four lights would stay on, and the team did feel from the activity that followed that they were indeed trying to.

Sarah said that she felt someone else had pushed their way forward and was communicating with the team and the rem pod started again. Leaving the tunnels, a 37male groan/cry was captured on the audio as the rem pod remained active.

End of session

Team 2

Mike called out asking spirit if they liked groups being there and an evp was recorded saying 38“home” in a clear loud male voice. Shortly after Tracie’s camera set itself off. The team then played some military American music from the civil war, Rule Britannia and others hoping to encourage activity. As one song ended and another began a rapid high pitched evp was recorded saying 39“faux-pah, we don’t need this”.

Team two scattered throughout the magazine.

Mike began calling out asking if there were any French prisoners but when he asked if they were treated badly by the English the rem pod responded with a green light and the proximity alarm sounding. When Tracie asked if spirit could do that again an 40evp was recorded asking “why?” and a tap. Mike referred to the English having beaten the French and a 41“shhh” was captured. Requesting spirit to come forward and try scare the group the rem pod was activated. Asking if spirit needed help to move on a faint 42“no” was caught. While the team joked about speaking French what sounded like a 43tiny sonar ping was recorded. Tracie asked out for spirit to make a noise or move one of the sticks that were at the section of tunnel that was barricaded for safety reasons, when the 44distant sound of running was recorded. As Tracie walked along the tunnel a 45faint “hmmm” was captured.

Towards the end of the session as Mike asked if any of the team were sensing anything the rem pod was briefly activated. John reported feeling a heavy atmosphere. Mike called out, trying to entice activity and as some of the group moved around a clear 46“aghhhh” was caught on the audio sounding like a woman or a child, followed by distant voice that sounds like a 47child saying “they’re leaving me” in a singing fashion. With the team milling around and taking pictures a whisper was heard on the audio recording remarking 48“how stupid”.

End of session

Same sex vigils

Haunted Devon performed an experiment segregating the group into teams of solely men and women to compare the activity a same sex team would experience in the magazine, in what would have been a totally male environment.

Women only vigil

The women filed into the magazine and spread out covering the underground tunnel. Immediately the rem pod began to react frantically. Abbie asked for it to stop so they could converse in a polite civilised manor and the rem pod fell silent. Asking if this spirit was named James the rem pod reacted. Having asked for all lights to flash to confirm his name was James the rem pod obliged. Abbie turned the laser grid off and witnessed the camera tripod wobble.

Sallyann picked up on the name Trelawney and calling out if spirits name was Trelawney to copy her bangs on the floor the rem pod started and stopped. Calling out and asking the same question again the rem pod answered in what sounded 49like Morse code. Calling for any Sergeants in the magazine to come forward the rem pod instantly responded.

As an experiment Abbie and Sallyann took turns to throw a stone up each end of the tunnel to see if they could get a response. Standing quietly some of the women by the working hoist thought they heard a very faint moan but on playback of the audio it sounded like 50something metal moving.

Team member in the magazine with the laser grid in situ.

One of the women heard a hmmm and another felt as if someone was trying to push her backwards when 51a footstep was captured. Sallyann spoke out in preparation to throw a stone when 52“Abbie” was recorded as she was speaking. Abbie who had fine all day started experiencing pain in her kidneys, standing near the ammunition hoist – just as Sallyann had experienced earlier, when a 53knock was recorded. A few of the women heard what sounded like a zip but on the audio was a distant male voice calling 54“hello”.

End of session

Men only vigil

With a few turns of the crank for the ammunition hoist the men hoped to encourage activity. David called out asking spirit to come forward and effect the rem pod when a 55distant whistle and a female saying “may I” was recorded. David continued by asking James if he was a Corporal or a Sergeant when an evp responded with a male voice 56“now a Captain”. Nothing else was experienced by the group.

End of session

The Chapel

Team 1

Sitting scattered around the Chapel, Sallyann sat on one of the pews was becoming emotionally upset and felt like crying, Christina standing on the shallow platform sensed an announcement of great sadness and deep sorrow being 

made at the end of something and made to a small gathered group. As she spoke 57a female hmmm was caught and a male sounding voice saying what sounds like ”labradoo.

Confirming she felt the announcement had come from a priest figure it was felt that the connection was being made from the wood that had in fact originally been taken from a Cornish church and used to furnish the Chapel. An evp session began with Kelly calling out and when she asked, “do you remember how you died?” 58a drum roll of thuds was captured.  

Kelly sat in the Chapel using a pendulum.

The question of are you connected to the church where the pews came from was greeted with 59two thuds as Kelly spoke and as Abbie made a comment that caused the group to chuckle a whistle and knocks were recorded. Abbie commented and as she spoke a 60female snigger was heard on the recording. Christina shared that in connection to the image she saw earlier she felt the focus was on a woman, a lonely figure, devastated, sat in the front row head in her hands – could this be the crying soul that Sallyann sensed and the mother of the baby that Sarah picked up on. Sarah went on to describe an accident which resulted in the baby’s death but whether the mothers was responsible or not she blamed herself. Sallyann felt an energy building and Sarah experienced tingling on her face. Christina spoke how this sad figure was alone, while others sat to the back and 61a loud bang was heard on the audio followed by two thuds and a faint female hmm then an odd sound and another female hmm. Sallyann said that this woman was portraying how she was and felt; alone when a 62drumming thud was caught. Christina described the woman as being on day release and not very well when a thud was recorded. 63Two “ooo” sounds that were heard on location by Kelly and Sallyann were also recorded and as they talked about it the sound of a thud was also heard then an “oo”, thud. Kelly called out to entice another sound to be made when a 64snap was heard to come from in front of her.

Christina could envisage a table in the corner and looking out the window and talking like a social area and atmosphere whilst Sallyann suddenly felt a pain over her right eye. Kelly rummaged through the kit when an evp was captured saying 65“I want you back”. Edwina shared that her right ear was burning and a hard to distinguish evp was caught saying 66“don’t rub it ……”.

The group decided to use crystal pendulums for divination. With Kelly calling out and using a pendulum along with Edwina and Sallyann. It was established that they had contacted a female spirit who was unable to come forward and communicate or make any noises. Kellys question of “did you do something to your child?” prompted a yes from the pendulums and Christina sensed that the spirit had drowned her baby, wrapped in a blanket, and pushed under water.

This too was confirmed by the motion of the pendulums, that the mother felt overwhelmed being a single mother and all alone. Asking if the baby was a boy the pendulums swung with a larger movement and 67two single thuds were heard on the audio and recorded. The pendulum confirmed that she was 34 years old when she died. Sallyann said that she appeared to have contacted someone else when 68a thud was recorded. Asking if there were two different spirit women in the room two of the pendulums gave a different answer. Rephrasing the question to - two spirits in the room all pendulums agreed on yes, they all agreed on the answer no when asked if there were any male spirits present. All three agreed that the letter S was the initial to spirits name and two confirmed Susan except Sallyanns which answered no. Kelly asked if the two female spirits knew each other in life and as the pendulums replied no a 69hissing sound was captured, asking if one was a nurse as the crystals swung for yes, another hiss was heard. Christina’s said that the nurse looked after the baby’s mother – Susan, had become companions in spirit when a 70rumbley sound was recorded. The nurses name was confirmed as Sheila aged 21 years old. Susan also appeared to be looking for her child. Kelly asked if Sheila could see us the team and received the answer yes, so Kelly followed with the question as to how many people were in the room. Interestingly Kelly received the answer six which was correct, Sallyann received the answer seven which would also have been correct if it included Abbie who had left the room to go outside. Sarah added that she had the impression that Susan was a really anxious, nervous person, not sure what to do with a baby. Asking questions, it was confirmed that Susan had mental health issues and was a patient in a hospital for the mentally ill, Christina sensed that Susan had been given electric shock treatment to her brain. Sallyann then asked if the baby had been conceived in the hospital and this was confirmed, the next question of had she been raped was confirmed not only by the crystals but the sensitives as well. Christina sensed that the male who raped Susan was also at the baby’s funeral/service.

Christina sat in the Chapel with Edwina using her pendulum.

The group discussed amongst themselves whether a mentally ill patient who had been raped and committed infanticide would not have been given a funeral for their baby or more likely that the incident would have been covered up. Asking the spirit Sheila for information it was confirmed that there was not a funeral, but Susan was allowed to go to church when Christina, who had been sitting on a pew, jumped forward having felt something get right up next to her. Could it have been the spirit of Susan as this was near to where Sallyann had sat early and felt so emotional and tearful that she had to move?

Asking Sheila for answers the group learned that the hospital staff attended Sunday services and that they were attached to the church pews. Susan did not find peace in the church, so Sallyann then asked if Susan was tormented by her actions and received a yes on all three crystals and evp saying 71“yes” was recorded. Susan visited the church regularly where she sought advice from the church and prayed for forgiveness. Sheila was Catholic but Susan was not. Kelly asked Sheila if she worked in the hospital near the church and all the crystals responded with yes, asking if she died of natural causes the reply came back as yes and that her husband went away to war and fought against the Germans. Edwina who was sat on the other side of the Chapel near the cross had been experiencing the sensation of hot ears asked Susan if she was responsible and both hers and Sallyanns crystal answered yes. When Sallyann asked if Susan was on the other side of the room by Edwina a female 72”ooo,ooo” was recorded and the crystal swung in the motion for yes, while Sheila was in the opposite corner with Sallyann. This would explain why on occasions both women received different answers to some questions as depending on who was answering. Asking Sheila, she was also able to confirm that Susan had been affecting, Sarah, Edwina, and Christina and also Sallyann earlier. As Sallyann asked again if Susan had made her feel tearful earlier an evp was captured saying 73“joyless” then “Karen”. When asked if Susan was responsible for making Edwina feel hot an evp was captured saying “joyous” and the crystal motioned yes. Asking if Susan was sat over on the first pew a whispered evp saying 74“Tina” was caught. Sitting quietly Sallyann felt a cold draught on her leg.

Sallyann using a spirit chart and pendulum in the Chapel.

Sarah sensed that the baby’s name began with M and as Sallyann asked for confirmation an evp was recorded saying 75“please Orin”.

End of session.

Team 2

As the team settled in the Chapel and prepared to commence use of the Spinney an 76evp saying “Plymouth” in a female voice and a “get back in” was recorded. Mike’s question of do you feel safe in the Chapel resulted with a 77faint tap that was heard by another member. Kate called out asking if spirit was male and a 78thud was captured in response. Mike having showed spirit where yes and no are positioned on the Spinney, asked spirit to use the energy in the room to get the board to move 79two knocks were recorded. As no activity was experienced with the Spinney the team sat quietly.

Asking the question if spirit was afraid with everyone being there invading their space, a woman’s voice barely audible on the recording was captured saying 80”Sir” followed by the sounds of creaking wood moving and several thuds in quick succession and the Ovilus called out the word come. Kate then asked spirit to sit next to her and a 81faint knock was recorded.

Team 2 in the Chapel.

Mike’s question of “do you know you’re dead, should’ve moved on from this place” resulted in a response of 82“F**** him, f**k”. Calling out “maybe your angry, where just here to try and help you, communicate with you” was 83greeted with a quiet thud. Mikes next question of “what keeps you here, is something holding you back” prompted 84two quiet thuds and a tap.

The team rummaged through the equipment for the spirit voice box (Frank’s box) as the Ovilus spouted: outside, soon to be followed by 85a male “hmmm”. The Ovilus called out fifteen soon followed by the 86word Devil and a male sounding “hmm” as Tracie jokingly commented the Devil was in the bar.

Switching the spirit voice box on a 87“Hi” was heard through the scanning of the numerous channels to be followed by “come back” when Mike asked for a name. After taking turns to introduce themselves and a greeting of 88“hello Kate” came through the sound’s waves. Mike asked if spirit was male and the response of 89“girl” was given along with the sound of footfalls and “sit, ready, move on”. Mike asked, “are you stuck here” a clear female voice saying 90“he likes me”, followed by a “me” and a high pitched “hi” was said  and when a team member remarked that he can never make out what is said using the voice box, he was called a “w****r”.91“Carol” then “boy, you stink” was caught. Mike’s question of have you got any messages for someone in the room was answered with 92“okay”. Kate banged four times asking spirit to bang back but instead was met with a response of what sounds like 93“Abbie” then “Helen” and a clearer younger female voice “The Queen”- could she be referring to Queen Victoria? When asked for a name the spirit voice box obliged with 94“Ben, trouble, John, blood meter”. When asked if the team were speaking with someone called John a 95distinct “yes” was recorded followed by “get him”.96”Very” was the answer given to Mike’s question a of “did you die young John, were you a soldier?” 97An evp of “whose there” and the sound of stomping soon followed. The group spoke of whistling they heard resembling someone snoozing unknowingly that a team member had succumbed, when a 98female whimper and the sound of a footstep were captured.  99 Kate asked if the team were boring spirit the sound of running was recorded.  100When asked if help was needed a response of “church” was received then Mikes question of “do you just want to be left only” was answered with “get back” and what sounds like “no, I don’t” said quickly.  Asking to speak with some females a responding 101“hello, Chris” was given to be followed by “heaven”.  Asking if any females would like to come forward 102 the Ovilus responded with: suggestive ,while “we can’t, killers” came through the spirit voice box.  Mikes next question of “how many spirits are here with us, can you give us a number?” was met with the answer 103panic, two” and “no”.  Mikes then went on to ask “come forward, help us to help you” received a 104high pitched ”no” in return.  Mike retorted “you don’t want any help then” believing he hadn’t received a reply when 105“no one” and Bens reference of “show us the door” was met with “someone” followed by a clear “ughhh” and thud were caught on the audio,  This was soon to be followed by a 106“yes, can you hear me (very faint), yes, yes, really”, “bad dog, Percy”.  Asking “you taken shelter in the Chapel” received confirmation of 107“yes, Lynne, over here, help me, Pauline”.  As Mike called out a response of 108“hello, anyone, hi, Abbie” was captured.  This was followed by 109Could have been brochure, Sheila” with sounds of bangs and thuds but this could have been movement of team.  110 Next came “Tilly, Karen, Tom”.  Mikes next question aimed at trying to establish an era was “who was on the throne, Victoria, George?” and received the answer of 111”George” and when he suggested Edward a response of “yes Sir” was given.  Kate prepared to take a photograph and so called out “eyes” to avoid other members of the team being blinded, when 112“bitch” was called out. 

As Mike and Susan discussed what Susan had picked up 113“Colin, Tina (faint), Anna” came through the spirit voice box.  Susan was able to glean that two ladies called Annabel and Gloria, aged 56 yrs and 64 yrs. One had died of a fever and the other a heart attack and both came to the Chapel. This led Mike to ask out if there were two ladies with them and received the reply of 114“yes Sir”.  Asking if they used to come to the Chapel 115“killer, rabbit, Dad” was heard on the audio.  Advising spirit that if they needed help, they would need to communicate with the group 116“really” came back as the reply.  While the team moved around the words 117“normal, killer, Kate” sounded across the airway.  Kate called out trying to entice spirit to make a sound or a tap when 118”Dylan” then “Ma’am, oh my God, book’em” was retorted.  The team chatted and laughed when the 119“Gemma, Abbie” were clearly said along with “hands off” when Mike asked for the ladies to communicate.  Tracie asked if the entire team would be going next door and she was answered with 120“no…..way”.  Mike shared his belief that once you die you move onto the next world when 121“me” was recorded.  Continuing Mike went on to say that some called the next world Heaven, the recording that followed consisted of what sounded like military drumming and a response of 122“go heaven, who’s that, I’m injured, Beryl”.  Continuing to speak of Heaven and Hell 123 the sound of knocks and movement was followed by “Adam came through and as Mike tried to reassure the spirits that no one could hurt them now, he received the replies of “get some. pork”. 

Mikes offer of assistance to help the spirits leave was answered with 124“Ben, Beryl, F***k it, Beryl”.  Mike’s question asking spirit if they went to church on Sundays with their families received the response of 125“Kevin” and as he carried on stating the men ignore church was met with the response of “habit, hello wait, Grandma”.  Speaking of praying and singing songs to God 126a high hitched sound was soon followed by “Abbie, Julie, Paul, warm” were called out over the spirit voice box. 

While Tracie and Mike were talking an evp of 127“w****r” and “funny” was recorded.  Mike announced that the team had five minutes left when 128“they barely got one, two things in hand, I did, delayed”.  Mike called out requesting spirit “do something loud so we can all hear” was met with 129odd laughter “I will” and “dinner, dinner” or could that be “did’nah, did’nah”.  With that the P-sb7 session ended and as the team chatted and joked 130an animal whimpering was recorded.  Tracie witnessed a flash of light by Mike but was unable to say whether it could have been the reflection of a torch or a bit of dust.

There were many background sounds that may have been due to all the wood in the room settling or people moving slightly on the seats/pews.

End of session

The Ship Bar and Vaults

Entire team

With everyone gathered in “The Vaults” the entire team scattered with some members sat quietly listening for sounds and signs of activity and others taking pictures. Kelly began calling out and a 131thud was captured.

While attempting some glass work and calling out what sounds like 132“me” another indecipherable and barely audible sound was captured along with a high-pitched sound. David called out an evp saying 133“now” was captured. Later as he called out again an evp saying 134”lonesome” was caught.

Some of the team thought they heard whispering coming from the kitchen, but this was debunked as a dripping tap.

As Kelly called out asking spirit to communicate by moving the glass an evp was capture saying 135“do nothing”. Next a 136knock or tap an older male voice was heard on the audio stating “I’ll have this dance” along with a thud. Suddenly Kelly noticed an earthy smell and the sound of a 137female humming was recorded. A 138mumbling was heard on the audio and what sounds like a female saying “stupid” and a shrill sound/shriek just prior to Sarah sharing that she sensed a woman looking to see what we were doing.

Looking down the Vaults from the Ship bar.

The majority of women left to return to the tunnels and Kelly remained in the Vaults. Calling out to any spirits to come forward a 139thud was recorded. David sitting in another area of the Vaults witnessed two flashes of white lights that could not be explained. Kelly and Sue moved into the Lounge area by the kitchen and toilets. Siting still gave a verbal description of her location during which the sound of a 140male hmm was recorded clearly on the Tascam when there was only Kelly and Sue in the room as Kelly continued to talk a thud was also captured.

The female group returned and sat round the table began a séance. Sallyann called out and 141two faint weak taps were recorded along with 142several others. The K2 spiked but this was later debunked as the audio picked up interference causing it to react. Michelle felt heavy on her head but had felt fine all day. Sallyann called out asking if James had followed them as she felt the energy to be between her and Abbie who felt pain in her kidneys again. The same pain she and Sallyann had both experienced independently down in the magazine. Abbie smelt any earthy smell, like that of rain on mud- this had also been smelt by Kelly earlier in the Vaults.

The Ship Bar   

The group noticed a lamp hanging from the ceiling that was swaying and appeared to be moving like a pendulum and seemed to be responding to questioning however on further investigation and with the aid of a single ply napkin this was debunked as being moved by the therms coming from the radiator below.

Sitting in the Lounge by the exit to the kitchen and facility block Sallyann relaxed and soon found herself singing the Dads Army theme tune. Was this a connection with the Home Guard? Something Tracie had sensed earlier that day.

End of session

Locked of equipment.

The Tunnel

A digital recorder was left in the tunnel along with the rem pod to see what if anything could be captured. On playback the rem pod alarm continued for a full 20 minutes. After the first 12 minutes a 143knock was heard. Abbie, Edwina, and David returned to the tunnels to collect the rem pod.

Picture of the rem pod in the locked off magazine with its lights flashing.

Waiting for the door to be unlocked Abbie knocked on the door in a set pattern only to have the repeated on the rem pod. David called from outside asking James to make the rem pod beep three times to which the rem pod responded with three spaced singular bleeps during which the recorder inside captured: 144clicks, a “donk” sound and a tap.

With the rem pod removed the tunnel remained silent except for 145a knock that was recorded followed later by a 146thud and tap. A Tascam was left in the tunnel after the crank on the hoist had been turned several times hoping that this familiar sound would boost any activity, the team evacuated the magazine and the door locked when the first evp was captured and heard on the audio playback as saying 147“don’t come in and “it’s a woman”.

This picture shows the soundwave pattern of the knocks on the door (left) and the rem pod response (right) in solid blocks. Notice the gap between each knock is also copied and clearly seen between the red blocks to the right.

 Numerous evps were captured in the empty locked off tunnel and are listed below: 

148. Bring’em back, let’s be.

149. You were there, bigger, idiot.

150. Let’s pretend, no. 

151. A superb class A evp: get us a Brewski with rum – Brewski refers to a beer.

152. We got married.

153. Deep voice says: look at this Jim and a female voice in the background says: been ages since we……

154. I’m guilty, feeling guilty.

155. Bang sound. 

156. Faint sound of drumming. 

157. Bittersweet was captured as team could be heard descending the stairs outside.

158. Amongst the sounds of the bangs and clonks of the door opening an evp can heard to say “comes the workmen, there not workmen, ridiculous.

159. Dark, how do you know my Jeannie.

The investigation ended.

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