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Paignton Picture House Investigation 2017

A female patron was willing to converse with a group. Her identity not confirmed but a strong coincidence to a visitor held in high regard.

Haunted Devon

Paignton Picture House Investigation 2017

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An interesting venue, a time capsule of a bygone era, where people would have been astounded by what they viewed on the silver screen.

The Equipment

Haunted Devon use night vision CCTV systems to be focused on areas throughout the building. Viewing of certain areas that was felt would be the most beneficial in aiding to try and capture any physical activity.

Highly powered, sensitive Tascam stereo audio recorders would be left in certain locations with additional Tascam’s and digital recorders being used by each team during each session.

Environmental measuring equipment such as tri-field meters, Electro Magnetic Field meters, temp gauges and Flir: thermal imaging camera visually aiding detection of heat variants would also be used.

Ben and Nial at work, busy setting up the CCTV in selected areas.

Digital Audio recorders, Electro Magnetic Field meters, temp gauges and Instrumental Trans Communication devices and night vision 0 lux camcorders form the basis for the team kits and are standard issue for Haunted Devon to be used for every vigil.

A range of divination tools were also to be used from dowsing, Springy, glasswork and the use of a Ouija board- where permitted. The playing of sounds, music and audio to recreate certain experiences is also be used.


One of the many pieces of kit used throughout the investigation, a laser pen softly illuminates a chosen area with a spotted light grid to help aid visually detect any movement in dark areas.

Baseline Readings

Baseline readings are taken throughout the venue and include temperature, Electro Magnetic Field readings in mg- milligauss. Notes are made of the cause of any high readings. As high EMF can influence people’s senses. These readings can then be referred to should changes be noticed during the investigation.







7.28 pm

Top floor room with fireplace

23.4 C




Kitchen Room





Yellow Room



Draughts from broken windows


Balcony Landing



Draughts from broken windows


Balcony Box















Entrance Foyer








EMF by lamps


Rewind Room





Projection room





Projection Hallway





Office room





Rear office





Room next to Projection area




While readings are being recorded, areas are cordoned off and the CCTV is set into place ready to record other members of the advance team busy themselves with double check and organize the equipment installing fresh batteries to ensure that any battery drainage experienced is not due to battery failure.

 Investigators set about ensuring each case has the allocated pieces of kit and fresh batteries installed.

Prior to the Investigation

Before the investigation began investigators participated in a tour of the venue as base readings were collected.

Woody, seated in the balcony chatted with Sallyann and Chris. Woody suddenly turned to look behind him as he heard a clear loud breath right behind him.

A trip to the ladies’ toilets resulted in one investigator having the Gay anthem song – “sing if your proud to be gay” pop into her head.

Outside the entrance to the Auditorium, in the small room on the left Sallyann sensed an unwelcoming male energy. This was also later felt by Abbie.

Exploring the building Claire took photographs of various areas and of the team busying themselves setting the equipment viewed many of them to be blurred however it was also found that all the pictures taken had disappeared from the SD storage card. Trying a different camera these two were blurry.

All the seats on the balcony area were filmed in the upright position.

Team in the Auditorium collecting baseline readings.

During the team walk round it was discovered that speech and whispers from area of the Auditorium directly below the balcony could be heard above as if spoken directly behind you. Therefore, any whispers, sounds etc. would be clearly heard in the circle, the same effect as that of whispering galleries:


This effect occurs due to the barrel shape of the ceiling designed to focus sound. Since the 17th century it has been known that curved surfaces amplify sounds and allow covert listening therefore sound waves bounce of the barrelled shape ceiling down to the balcony creating loud clear sounds.

Investigators listen out for the quality of sound in the circle seat from those below in the Auditorium.

The Search for Evidence

After the investigation, all the audio recordings and filmed footage is gathered and must be gone through, to see and hear what evidence, if any, was captured from Electronic Voice Phenomena: voices that were not heard at the time to light anomalies and anything unusual.

On this investigation, this amounted to approx. 17 hours of audio recordings, 42 hours of CCTV footage, 10 hours of team camera filming.

Any evidence gathered is also checked to see if it corroborates with any activity, experiences, or findings between the teams.

Each evp is included in the report is listened to by two team members to ensure that the evp can be heard and is not caused by team or environmental sounds, before completion.

Footage is also watched through looking for any anomalies that may have been captured, and any interesting footage is then clipped, and the shortened footage given to the venue. Stills from footage are added to the report. Any information that is gathered from spirit communication is also researched.

Any photographs that were taken are also treated to the same vigorous scrutiny. Any anomalies are looked at, but most orbs captured are normally dust particles, due to humidity, flying insects or reflections.                    

To catalogue all evidence of Electronic Voice Phenomena or sounds, responses that were captured on location, have been issued with a number followed by the prefix PaigntonPictureHouse24062017, then a brief description of what was recorded.

These screenshots shows a clip from an audio file from the investigation and each label indicates a marker or evp or sound.

The Auditorium    

 Team 1   

Abbie tried to cover over the emergency lighting to perform the investigation in darker conditions, Woody seated quietly saw a shadow centre stage just as, unknown to him, 1an EVP was recorded that complained of being “so cold”.

This activity is interesting on two counts as this cannot have been any of the investigators passing a comment as everyone found the venue to be very warm and secondly no one was permitted near or beyond the cordoned off area in front of the stage. With the majority of the lights covered over an 2EVP recorded a hushed voice requested “move over seat”.
Kelly spoke regarding the use of night shot on the camcorder as 3a solitary knock was captured near to the Tascam.
Kelly performed an Electronic Voice Phenomena session in the hope of recording intelligent vocal responses to her questions or by some form of activity. Her first question “is there anybody here with us” received 4of a male whispered, “been a while” followed by two knocks.
Both Abbie and Graham felt a cold draught that was later debunked as coming from the fire exit, 5as a thud was captured.

A 6faint sound of a female humming was captured as Kelly asked of spirit had visited to watch a movie.
Fearing that sound contamination from the other team was interfering with the EVP session it was decided to abort as again, 7a male voice was recorded that seems to have said “female form”.

In the darkness, away from the group the REM pod flashes a blue lamp and soon detects a significant temperature drop.

Two investigators picked up on the name Harold and Edward. While this was discussed a loud click came from the back of the Auditorium, an 8sound like a finger snap soon followed by the sound of a male “ugh” sound that was described as a cough was heard coming from the back of the Auditorium. This was checked and confirmed as NOT to have been any of the investigators as can be heard in the audio clip.

Seats in the circle offer an open clear view of the large screen and the decorated barrelled ceiling above.

Jaime had the sensation of a severe pain back of her left shoulder as she sat in C17 in the circle. Could this have been an indicator for a heart attack or stroke? Exchanging seats with Emma the pain vanished. The team sensed that energies were present, recognising their own personal indicators. To lift the energy level in the room to attract activity jokes were shared. Abbie commentated that since entering she felt that she was coughing on smoke, sensed a heavy cigar/cigarette smoke filled atmosphere. The pod that had been placed at the back of the Auditorium was seen to have flashed a blue light as Abbie requested any spirit energy approach it. It was agreed that the energies felt male downstairs, a manager position and female above when 9two consecutive knocks were heard followed a flash of light from the REM pod.

At 22.13pm 10footsteps were heard in the back of the balcony by row D.
This was confirmed as NOT being a stomach growl. Graham asked if spirit wanted the team to go when the REM pod flashed, and the number 7 showed on the Ovilus. Usually, the word seven would show not the number. 7 is the channel l number the radios were tuned into. When asked if this could this be the number of spirits in the building the REM pod flashed a green lamp repeatedly without the proximity alarm sounding. Graham asked for spirit to let the group know they were there when 11an odd sound likened to dragging was heard.
This was debunked as NOT being the other team in the projection room. The REM pod sounded the alarm indicating a temperature drop despite being out of the way of any draughts. Woody confirmed that standing near the REM pod also felt the area to be colder. Checking the temperature reading to be 19.5C a definite drop compared to the base reading of 20.5 C.

Upstairs on the balcony Kelly quietly called out asking for spirit o give a name or any information when Emma and Jaime intuited the names Florence/Flo and Jessica were sensed. Jaime once again begun feeling the intense shoulder pain that she had felt previously that she had not felt until being seated in the area. As this was discussed 12a clear voice was recorded making an “ooo-ooo” call.
Below Kate felt something tickle her hand. The blue temperature light silently remained lit on the REM pod.

Kelly and Ben remained up in the balcony seated in one of the boxes viewing the CCTV monitors when, whilst recording a LIVE stream, 13in the background the sound of footsteps was captured, this was NOT heard by any of the team at the time as there was no reaction to it and all the team were seated.

One of the many pieces of kit used throughout the investigation, a laser pen softly illuminates a chosen area with a spotted light grid to help aid visually detect any movement in dark areas.

The investigators sat around a table and attempted glasswork. Asking questions regarding spending time in the building saw the glass move in a tentative twisting motion. Initiating a conversation using the movement of the glass, it moved as requested, greeting the spirit, and forming a rapport, Graham asked if spirit came from the local area but received no reply but when asked if they came from Teignmouth 14a distinctly clear “no” answered.
Trying to establish an age, 15the sound of running footsteps was captured.
The team had made a connection with an energy who enjoyed visiting to watch the silent action movies as a laser pen was witnessed to have kept going out just as the glass stopped moving. Confirming the energy to be a female. Suddenly the Ovilus called out Carole and the glass moved with such conviction towards it, it almost knocked it of the table. Confirmation was received by movement of the glass and that she passed over at the age 12yrs.

A fully charged battery on the camcorder drained after having been used for only 30 minutes. Having enjoyed her visits with her parents in her lifetime to the pier and eating ice-cream she still returns. Affirming that she could see the team member with long dark hair the glass moved with force and confirmed that she had previously touched Kates’s hand as the glass flew into motion.

With the strong, deliberate movement of the glass the team suspected another, stronger energy had now taken Carole’s place as it slid across to Woody and confirmed themselves to be a male entity, and that this spirit was responsible for the cough and finger snap, Jaime’s shoulder pain and heavy breath that had been heard. Aged 65yrs of age, named Edward an authorative man, possibly a senior member of staff, a manager not a projectionist. He divulged that there were 7 spirits in the building as the Ovilus had stated earlier. Not a local or family man but a soldier as the Ovilus called out, who fought in the Boer War, Africa - 1899 - 1902 and then in WW1 and passed in 1935. An English gentleman who had visited with his soldier comrades. The Ovilus called out enough and glass movement ceased. However as Woody asked questions relating to injury that may have been sustained during battle as Abbie suffered sudden stomach pain when 16quiet thuds were recorded.
Having stopped the glass session Jaime felt something kick her seat. This was tested for team movement having been the cause, but this proved NOT to be the case.

Walking up the centre aisle Abbie smelt the scent of peppermint. With some of the group having relocated up to the balcony Woody called out asking for any energies to make themselves known as the K2 was seen to flashed, this was checked and found to be caused by Kellys using her phone for LIVE streaming of the night’s investigation. Abbie called out when the 17sound of a possible footstep was captured.
When she commented on trying to cover the lights for the next vigil to help heighten investigators senses when, 18a whispered reply of “I'm moving” was captured.
With the session having come to an end, as the team vacated. 19a heavy breath filled the ether.

Some of the group relax and chat.

Outside in the entrance foyer, Emma sensed sensed a wealthy woman with a male, Victorian/Edwardian type dress in a rush to get in, and the name Mary. She described her male companion as wearing a smart suit and a stout top hat and having big eyebrows. While Emma and Kelly chatted 20an EVP whispering “Mum”, “let go” and what sounds like a boy’s voice said “Mum” followed by “they know anyway” was captured. Kelly again sensed a spirit energy as she experienced another headache. David had sensed a male wearing a dark suit and a Trilby. Kelly mentioned having the neighboUring trains station as 21a whispered “right you are” was captured as Kelly spoke. Emma suggested that maybe the wealthy couple she had sensed may have been from the train station when 22a faint whispered “Mary” was recorded. Could this couple have also been from the previous hotel building? Emma asked when the building had been constructed when 23a disembodied whispered “Mummy” was caught.

Team 2        

With a number of team 2 spread out on the balcony and below in the Auditorium Christina begun the session by calling out. The group then introduced themselves. Sallyann knocked and stomped trying to get spirit to copy. Up in the balcony two investigators heard faint taps in response some coming from one of the boxes, that also sounded like someone walking up the stairs. Sallyann felt that dark shadow movement had been seen previously at the back of the Auditorium. Asking for spirits to permit the group to hear their voice, breath, footsteps 24a male voice was captured that that said “no” as “met you” was said followed by two clear knocks were recorded in the balcony.

As part of the Singapore experiment music from Pathe news for the sinking of the Titanic and audio from the British soldiers landing in Dunkirk, a Buster Keaton movie, Fatty Arbuckle were played. Something familiar in an attempt to encourage activity. While the sounds of gunfire at Dunkirk filled the Auditorium, Michelle seated in the balcony felt colder than she had all evening unusual as the venue had been extremely warm throughout the night.

From below looking up at the balcony some of investigators felt there to be a shadow visible seated on the far right of the first row, two or three seats away from the wall. This could not have been any of the team as the first row was cordoned off but may have been a shadow cast by the lamps. Sallyann described them as a father and daughter at an afternoon viewing, sensing a few other people scattered throughout the cinema watching the Pathe News. Whilst Sallyann had called Michelle heard taps in one of the boxes behind the circle seats.

Christina sensed a woman had walked in, dressed different to everyone else in a long dress with her hair in ringlets, of a higher social status who received special treatment. The group used the glass hoping to communicate with this female energy without success. She moved up onto the balcony and as she exited the Auditorium a click sound that on the audio file turned out to be 25another finger snap was recorded.

Christina seated herself where she had sensed a female had entered and sat in seat, C7. Sallyann asked questions for Christina to sense the answers. Starting with age the female was described as in her 20s-early 30s. Sallyann felt 27, Christina felt maybe slightly older. There was no response to marriage or betrothed. Not a lady who had financial problems, but she did put effort into gaining funds. The lady’s presence did turn heads which is why she sat so far back, and photographers would have been trying to capture a snap. She would have made the papers headlines. Extremely well known, loved by many, worshipped by men, women wanting to be her when 26a female whispered “no” and “oh thank you” was captured soon followed by another in a well-spoken female again, graciously repeating “oh, thank you”. Not necessarily English but did spend a lot of time in this country and travelled overseas, America, as both Christina and Sallyann saw the image of a large passenger liner ship. Asking if she wore Ermine or Mink was given the 27whispered answer of what sounds like “Mink” was recorded on the balcony.

Christina described her as presenting wearing a long dress with what looked like bustle at the back. Sensing a strong possibility that she was an entertainer, possibly a singer who loved dancing and watching others dance. Christina viewed a black and white movie clip with synchronised dancing by bare legged females with happy, jazzy, lively music. Feeling that this lady was accompanied by two males who sat one either side, one by choice the other by duty. Asking for the male entities to impart an image or any information with the captive audience, Byron sensed a male enter the Auditorium, dressed as a WW1 soldier from 1914/16, named Edward who took his seat 4th row back from the front, facing left and two seats in. Sallyann felt a possible chest condition with this gentleman and sensed him to be of a higher rank than a private and that sitting in this gentleman’s seat did not bother her as 28a female voice remarked “should have done” that was recorded from the balcony. She went on to describe this gentleman as wanting to speak but unable to. Byron asked if this male may have returned to the cinema whilst on leave when 29knocks were captured that sounded the same beat pattern twice. Sally described that she felt he wanted to be left alone to watch the picture when the 30/31same knock pattern was repeated, could this have been the sound of footsteps?

She later felt there may have been a problem with his left leg, a stiffness. Byron described him as having popped his head up, introducing himself as Edward and that was his seat, like a big show off, as if he were competing with the woman. Christina immediately had the image of this female energy get up and leave as she felt the atmosphere change and was then able to describe her as wearing a long floaty dress, with a big ribbon tied around her waist with the bow falling at the back giving the illusion of a slight bustle, very pretty, with a big floppy hat and her hair in ringlets. Having left due to the male energy now receiving the groups attention. Byron asked if the female entity was still present with Christina who was able to share that she intuited this woman as being drawn to a person seated on the first seat by the aisle of the front room, who had caught her eye. Each would glance at the other and smile and that this occurred on more than occasion.

Describing her as a lady, perfectly dressed, not exposing herself in any way, 32a tap was captured next to the recorder as the proximity alarm sounded on the rem pod and a whispered EVP suggested “run” on the balcony. During the sound of the group milling around and changing places 33the sound of someone gagging followed by whispered “miss you forever” and a childs voice that said, “me” was recorded. With the session, almost over people changed places when 34an EVP that whispered “yes, rehearsals” was captured.

The balcony and entrance to the Auditorium where shadows had been seen.

Locked of Tascam.

Whilst the team enjoyed a welcomed break for refreshments, the recorder in the balcony was left to run in the hope that whispers or sounds would be captured. As the group chatted and mingled:

  • 35a whisper stated, “I’m trapped” .
  • 36the sound of a male grunt was captured much like the cough that was heard by Team 1 in the Auditorium..
  • 37loud thud was recorded.

Group session.

The entire team regrouped for the final vigil in the Auditorium and balcony. Kelly called out to any spirits to join the group and inviting them to communicate. To raise spirits the group sang “pack up your troubles in your old kit bag” followed by “it’s a long way to Tipperary” during which a shuffling sound was heard coming from the area just in front of the front row seats and the stage. 38A faint whistle was heard and a presence was felt to have joined them by the orchestra pit.. Kelly called out asking if Edward could give someone his last name answered by 39a very faint whispered “me” and another finger.. 40Unidentified bleep sounds were heard.. As they spoke of the Victorian Spiritualist movement and its creators the Fox sisters who were the first to use knocks, taps to communicate with spirits heard 41knocking sounds that seemed to come from the chairs to the right of the stage facing the balcony.. Was the timing of these knocks deliberate, or coincidence? Further 42taps and the sound of movement were recorded. The 43taps and the sound of movement continued and Sallyann began to feel quite emotional suddenly.   

Looking down to the Auditorium from the balcony the group below perform glasswork.

Kelly shared that she had picked up on the name Sally throughout the night and as Abbie commented how that made a change for it not to be her name, 44a very faint whisper was captured that said “Mary”.    Abbie left the Auditorium and as she ascended the stirs to the upper landing 45a whisper filled the air suggesting “hold her”.    Whilst Kelly walked by the front rows 46a disembodied voice screeched “how much you want, baby?”.   Those who had been above on the balcony regrouped below to condense the energy of the investigators. Christina sensed seat C11, second row on the right, third seat in, on the balcony to be popular with a spirit energy. Kelly believed this was close to the seats favoured by long-time patron Agatha Christie when an 47EVP that’s sounds like collective voices speaking in unison stated, “we're back on the move, now” sounding like a harmonised acapella quartet that was not heard by any members of the team at the time as no one reacted to the sound.    Could this also have been a group of troops singing referencing their return to the front line? Was this residual energy sparked of by the girl’s rendition of war time songs just before hand?

Discussing the husbands of Mary Pickford whose likeness is portrayed on the reliefs overhead, 48loud footsteps were recorded.    After a group chat Abbie left to be alone on the balcony as downstairs a small group attempted glass work. Sallyann felt the name Warrington or Harrington, something _arrington regarding the energy of Edward.

Having arrived and entered the balcony Abbie swore she saw a figure, head, and shoulders, that she instantly thought to have been team, seated on one of the seats, on the front row to her left facing the screen. The same place where Sallyann heard earlier thought she had seen figures, that she felt were father and daughter. However due to safety issues the front row had been cordoned off at the beginning of the night. As she spoke out to those underneath, 49a whispered “hello” was captured.   

All the investigators collected and seated themselves in the Auditorium.

Sallyann asked spirit to communicate via the glass as Abbie in the balcony heard a tap behind her 50as a tap was captured downstairs, and a jingling sound was recorded,     as Sallyann shared that she felt down her left side as the glass slowly moved 51a faint chink sound was recorded.    Having felt the ambient temperature on the balcony to have been comfortable, Abbie noticed it change and get warmer. Claire Willis who had earlier sensed a woman dressed in black asked if this was her moving the glass, then it slid towards her and confirmed that she was in mourning for her husband. The glass moved towards Claire W several times and confirmed that she reminded spirit of someone they once knew. The glass returned to the centre of the table on request. A personal connection for Claire W also came through.

With the night’s investigation drawing to a close the remaining investigators sat in the balcony to discuss and share their experiences and knowledge of the venue. Abbie spoke of having felt a heavy energy in the atmosphere above in the area of the projection room when 52a vocal female sigh was captured.   

In the end room by the projection room, Dave had connected with a little child using the K2 for communication. He gleaned they had acted as an usher, helping people to their seats. The venue representative agreed that it was possible that children would have worked at the picture house as child labour was cheap and laws did not exist regarding child labour. Abbie spoke of the male entity Edward they had encountered with the aid of glasswork as 53a heavy breath was recorded as she spoke.  

Occasional knocks and creaks were captured on the audio that were difficult to identify as either spirit activity or due to team shifting in seats of settlement of wood. The investigation ended.

All the investigators gather in the Auditorium.

Yellow Room

Team 1

The team gathered round and attempted spirit communication with the use of a glass. Graham noticed a stale air smell which he described as stale shoes. On a separate occasion whilst using the Ouija board Jaime noticed a smell that she described as burnt coffee. Woody called out hoping to entice some response on the board from spirit. The small gathering felt the room to be quiet, calm and described it as having a nice atmosphere however on the audio recording of the session 54quiet taps and the sound of scratching was captured.   

The large stained-glass design that due to age and lack of repair is damaged and precarious that the entrance door below cannot be used due to fear that any vibration could cause further damage to the window to fall.

Removing the board, the group attempted glasswork. The glass moved slightly and briefly. 55Rapid, gentle taps sounds coming from the table were recorded.  Emma felt slightly nauseous as the K2s flashed and spiked to red – a high EMF reading. Graham asked for the K2s to be touched or spirit to move close to and it flashed. Seeking confirmation Graham requested the action be repeated and 56knocks were recorded. Graham encouraged and reassured spirit to come forward and ignore any that were trying to prevent them from communicating and the K2 lit up and 57knocks were recorded. Appreciating spirits efforts Graham thanked them as 58four knocks rapped a rhythm. The glass was felt to twist as Graham continued speaking. Offering help the K2s flashed again to amber. As the group chatted an additional 59two knocks were captured. Still seeking confirmation that these flashes were not due to coincidence, but otherworldly activity Graham suggested that he count to three and if spirit could then make the K2s flash when it flashed as if agreement and the glass moved. Reaching three the K2s remained motionless but the Ovilus that had been spouting random words did call out laugh. Coincidence or humorous? The K2 spiked and the glass begun to move. Almost on request the K2 flashed as the glass moved and 60gentle taps from the table were recorded. It was felt by an experienced member that the reaction of the K2s were coincidental as they did not react on request and so were reacting to something environmental. Glass movement ceased and the K2s omitted random flashes.

However, it was revealed that one of the group did have their phone switched on therefore all K2 and Ovilus activity must be discounted as it would have been activated by phone signals used by updates, text messages, e-mail or missed calls or frequency detection.

This is why ALL PHONES MUST BE SWITCHED OFF as they create false positives with the equipment.

Team 2 - Ladies’ vigil   

The girls seated around the table prepared to use the Ouija board as the Ovilus spewed out words in an almost continuous stream when 61a heavy whisper said “pain”, followed by the sound of a female voice that added something indecipherable.   

Sallyann fought to fit a reluctant glow stick into the glass when 62a male voice suggested “go away”.   Abbie entered the room to requisition fleeces to be used to block out the bright emergency lights and as she explained her intention in the background 63a call for Christina, help them was recorded.  Sallyann spoke of people enjoying the entertainment supplied at the venue when 64a female voice called out “hush”.  Chris spoke to Abbie regarding the emergency lighting as 65a voice recommended “pray”.   

The ladies of team 2 wait to begin a Ouija board session.

Claire C called out next asking for any spirit energies to move the glass when an 66EVP was recorded that requested “screen please” with what sounds like a possible European accent. Could this have been someone asking directions to the screen?  

Sallyann begun to feel a presence growing in strength as the Ovilus said business, glance, squeeze and electric. asked if spirit had had an affair which they had regretted and wanted to rewind time and make a different choice as the Ovilus agreed by announcing the word change. Claire who was sat next to her suddenly felt quite nauseous as Sallyann felt the spirits energy move across from her right towards Claire on her left, then on to Claire W who then had the sensation of hot, itchy ear when 67“Mum” was whispered twice.

Sallyann intuited the names Harry and Charlotte, the latter she thought may have been connected to the little girl she had sensed on the landing near the balcony, dressed in a white cotton pinafore dress, ringlets, holding a doll and having a tantrum. A possible connection with the name Olivia. Preparing to leave the room Sallyann had the children’s song “Miss Molly had a dolly who was sick, sick, sick” pop into her head. The team did not experience any movement with the glass,


Mens vigil

A few of the men attempted glasswork and felt the glass twitch, almost jumping in a very slight motion. No EVPs were heard or recorded nor was any other activity.


Top Floor Room

Team 1

Dave and Kate experienced taps and bangs and the K2 flashed having been activated. Jaime, having walked into the room earlier felt an uncomfortable atmosphere. No EVPS were captured.

Team 2

The women having moved to the room above the women again attempted to use the glass without success however as Christina called out the Ovilus did respond by calling out the word conjuring.

The team gathered round and formed a circle. Once again, the Ovilus continued to spout out random words. Feeling a presence join the group Sallyann called out a welcome and 68a thud was recorded. Continuing to try and encourage some activity Sallyann suggested spirit touch someone in the group or raise hands up and enter the circle if they wished.

Christina sensed a young to be in the room, shy, lonely, and sad who would stand on tip toe to look out of the window to be huddled in the corner of the room. Sallyann felt energy washing over her in waves as she asked if the little girl would like to play with the group, maybe run around the circle and poke someone in the back when Claire experienced a pain in her right eye after she had suggested the child may like to play with the doll and felt goose bumps all over.

Each of the ladies called out to see if spirit would react to a different voice.

Sallyann viewed the image of a tall man, very, very slender, with a moustache whose clothes appeared to be a little to be big for him. She also picked up on the energy of the little girl seated alone on the floor, playing with her dolls hair quietly singing and would then run to the window for every sound she heard. Christina intuited that this girl would be locked upstairs to stop her from getting under foot, being as she would get quite excitable and mischievous, surrounded by bustling activity.

The top floor where the energy of a girl was sensed.

Claire W picked up on the name Barbara and 69an EVP calling out “photograph” was recorded. Could this have been the same little girl Sallyann had sensed on the landing throwing a tantrum?    As they spoke of this girl Claire W felt cold on her right side, between herself and Christina and soon both women felt their hands swinging before very gently and slowly rising. Singing out and turning the procedure into a game, Christina felt a tightness around her wrist, the same feeling Claire W had felt on her elbow, as if held, as their hands continued to rise to waist height. Claire W also had goosebumps.

Setting a challenge to see how many hands could be raised, Sallyann felt hers and Claire C begin to rise gently and slowly. Christina felt a coldness and strong tingling sensation down her right side. As Claire and Christina’s arms had begun to ache spirit was asked to lower them. Having tired of the game –“tap the fair-haired lady”, followed by the next game of “tap the man in the group”, both without success. By this time not only were Christina’s and Claire W hands lowered but were now felt to be being pushed backward. Shortly after the group decided to exchange places and mix up their positions. Nothing further was experienced.

The Projection Room Floor

Team 1     

During LIVE streaming of footage earlier in the evening the team did notice taps and knocks around them. David felt a sudden headache.  70A knock was heard by the team that came from the neighbouring Rewind Room.    Checking the area with the Thermal Imagery for any unusual heat signatures nothing was found. Kelly called out asking why spirit would stay, was it a happy place, did they work there, 71as a thud was recorded as Kelly spoke.    Abbie asked if spirit may have suffered a head injury hence the headache that David felt when 72the distant sound of dragging was heard but this noise may have been environmental.    The K2 flashed again. Stopping the live feed to ensure that nothing could be affecting the K2 by emitting even the smallest amount of EMF.

One of the upstairs offices once used for storage still houses odd artefacts from 20 years plus past amongst other items.

Abbie roamed the floor and on entering the first office Abbie called out that sensed a sad woman as the K2 spiked. Abbie shared that she had picked up on the residual energy of a mournful woman who grieved the loss of her child aged roughly 2-2yrs. Talking of this womans heartbreak and offering help, Kelly experienced a sudden pain in her chest, heart. Abbie felt that this poor soul may have worked in the building and felt the child may have had scarlet fever.

Turning over one of the newspapers on the desk it revealed itself to be the Herald Express dating back 1996 with the headline “Baby’s death: Mum sues”. The article went on to describe how she sued Torbay Hospital for the wrongful death of her son aged under 3yrs from terrible injuries.

A HDR – High Dynamic Range - image of the projectionist’s desk and the large projection reels

On the upper floor, in the far office past the projection room, Abbie sensed someone around the opened cupboard that houses a variety of papers and files. Kelly shared that had sensed the name Sally several times. Was this a name of a staff member or someone calling for Sallyann (Sally)? Using words of reassurance and encouragement nothing further was experienced.

Kelly returned with other investigators and waiting for Abbie to bring selected pieces of equipment, Kelly entered the Projection room and almost immediately felt a headache coming on and commented that she felt the atmosphere to be heavy this was also confirmed by Abbie who independently made the same comment. Entering the projection room, the team noticed the scent of cellulose as the K2 started to flash. 73A boom sound was heard, coming from outside of the projection room.  With the scent of cellulose being in the air and thick enough to taste as described by Abbie, 74taps were captured.   

Thermochromic painted paper had been placed alongside the large projector with some selected trigger objects: a capacitor, lens holder, old lens, and a heat sync ring. If anything, other than team walk across it above 31C, it can be seen visually as a colour change either by the naked eye or more clearly with the aid of the thermal imagining camera. Abbie walked across barefoot as a demonstration in front of the thermal camera.

Abbie called out asking spirit to close a hatch faint when 75a barely audible whispered “no” followed by raps and again another quiet “no”.    This was soon followed by either 76a female or a childs voice saying “here” along with an in explicable sound reminiscent of a stick being dragged across metal railings/radiator that was not heard by the team at the time and was only heard on playback of the audio recording of that session.    Asking for a tap sound to be made was 77answered with a clear loud thud that seemed to come from the adjoining editing/rewind room directly behind Abbie who was seated on a stool with her back towards the area.  The same request was made only this 78time the sound of heavy walking footsteps was clearly heard climbing the stairs to the Projection Room floor and along the hallway, while team 2 were known and heard to be in the Auditorium and balcony.  79Sounds continued as did the footfalls.    Abbie moved to another area and as she did 80the sound of a female singing was recorded   then another 81EVP called out “she’s moving” as she moved toward the back office.    Graham who had been in another area heard a loud bang as if something had been hit. Tickets and other memorabilia from GWR were discovered from when the building was used for storage by the railway company.

Abbie’s image and body heat and the pale footprint in front of her are clearly visible on the thermal imaging camera.

David, Emma, and Jaime held a vigil in the small room at the end of the projection corridor, where David had communicated with the use of the K2 meter with someone who acted as an usher, showing patrons to their delegated seats. Establishing that this spirit was happy to continue communicating with Emma and Jaime in the room. David asked questions 82as vague, faint, gently taps sounds were captured.    Confirmation was given that he was talking with a child. Emma asked if spirit was a boy but did not receive a response however 83a tap sound was made on the Tascam as faint taps sound continued.    It seemed that this entity was only happy to converse with David as questions from Emma and Graham earlier were greeted with no response. Alone, David persisted. Selective about information that was given spirit did agree that it had been a good place to work and that they had been well looked after as 84EVP of “Mum” being whispered twice was captured.  The faint tap sounds had now stopped. Unable to glean if this entity was male or female David politely and courteously ended the session and received a flash of the lights on the K2 in return. Collecting the Tascam to leave, 85a whistle was captured with a whispered “Sir”. in the background.   

Image shows the Tri-field meter alongside a 20 year old newspaper headlining the exact emotions Abbie had sensed.

Team 2              

As the projection area would have been a male dominated location the group performed an experiment by splitting into men and women only teams to see which would be the most welcome and encounter the most activity. Would the men be accepted and made welcome, or would the women be made to feel unwelcome on this upper level?

The large projectors stand eerily silent, still feed with film, in what once would have been a busy area where celluloid reels would have crackled as they feed through the large reels and the sound of the projector would have filled the ether.

Men only session

Johnny experienced goosebumps along with his heart racing. Briefly. Nothing else was sensed or recorded.

Women only session

Earlier on this the walk round Sallyann had sensed the name Edward called out repeatedly. She also sensed a male about 5ft 5” tall, in his mid-fifties, wearing a khaki-coloured caretaker style over-coat and a flat cap who she believed worked on this floor. On this upper floor the women spread out, standing in the doorways as Sallyann called out welcoming any spirits to join them followed by introduction of the group.

In the far back-office room Christina sensed a small, hunched over elderly male, who worked in the building when younger and was still there as it was a place he liked to be, with lots to do, busy, busy. A grandfatherly figure, presenting wearing shirt and trousers, busily pottering about. During his time working in the building didn’t have a senior position like those in the office but would have been running around after people, offering assistance. She also felt that he had been in the building just before he died and that it was his favourite place. She described in his earlier days he would have worked in the building from boy to man.

Yesterday’s film footage, tools and fluids still line the work surface in a decaying room that once would have bustled with activity.

Claire C had the name Edgar and Louise. Both Michelle and Sallyann both sensed a tall male busy in the rewind room, facing the worktop with only his back visible to them. A tallish chap 5ft 7”, medium built chap, in his 30s, dark short hair also wearing a khaki-coloured caretaker over coat. Both ladies agreed that the man was what we would now call a goffer. Sneaking and peeking in, watching as the reels were set, he was a residual playback energy from the 1930s/40s.

Chris called out a countdown for the roll change over to see if activity could be provoked. Christina felt the old gentleman to have been put into a panic rushing around, stating “things to do, we have to do this”. Chris referred to him as a “runner”.

The Rewind Room aptly named as residual energy was sensed in this room by two investigators.

As break time approached for the group Sallyann commented on tea breaks and passing round of biscuits when she intuited corned beef sandwiches wrapped in thick paper like greaseproof paper and as she spoke Christina had the name Cornelia. An 86EVP was caught that was an extremely faint whispered “ ___nelia” which is barely audible.   

Again, Chris called out the roll change over, Christina felt happy to hear the words said and Sallyann felt expectant of hearing and seeing the large project churn into action and the area come to life as she felt a mild energy around her that soon dispersed. With the team gathering equipment and preparing to leave 87a whisper pleaded “love me”.   

Tools and newspapers are left abandoned in what would have been the busy Rewind Room, where walls were once painted is now decorated with flaking paint and bare brick and is also where the scent of celluloid faintly hangs in the air.

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