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Spooky Dartmoor Nights

Haunted Devon's Dartmoor Nights are a memorable event when under dark skies the mysteries of Dartmoor manifest.

Haunted Devon

Spooky Dartmoor Nights

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The creepy legends of Dartmoor are well known and come to life as night descends.

Our Spooky Dartmoor Nights are a haunting experience. Once the sun goes down on previously populated roads and beauty spots and night descends creating an eerie atmosphere, where dark shadows encroach allowing the past to permeate through to the present bringing forth their imprint of mixed emotions and an insight into times gone by and the vast expanse of Dartmoor is no different with its legends and paranormal history.

Starting at a designated meeting point at a given location, is where the group meet before travelling in convoy to a mystery location only known to two of the team, where armed with a selection of kit, a mini-investigation will take place before convening and travelling onto a second locale.

As with all good Haunted Devon social events, food is supplied usually in the form of a delicious pasty or scrumptious BBQ burger or sausage in a tasty bun consumed at the dead of night.

These fun nights are highly popular with all our members for the opportunity to investigate great locations in the outstanding beauty of Dartmoor with friends in a relaxed manner.

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