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Great Fulford Manor Dunsford

Great Fulford is a Domesday manor which has been the home of the Fulford family since at least 1190. The present house was mainly constructed in the early 16th century and is a semi fortified mansion built round a courtyard.

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Great Fulford Manor , Exeter,

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Great Fulford is a Domesday manor which has been the home of the Fulford family since at least 1190........

It boasts a superb panelled Great Hall as well as a marvellous 17th century Staircase and other interesting 17th and 18th century rooms. It is a fortified manor house and has apparently been owned by the Fulford family continuously since at least 1190. It was given by Richard the Lion-Heart to a Fulford in recognition of gallant service in the Crusades. It was besieged in the Civil War and shelled by the Parliamentarian forces.

A house existed at Great Fulford many years ago there is no doubt, for documented that on 8th July, 1402, Bishop Stafford granted a license to Henry Fulford and Wilhelmina, his wife, to have Divine Service performed,
"infra mansions suas de Ffoleford et Morton." This Henry Fulford in 1417 was appointed Sheriff of Cornwall. His descendants Sir John Fulford, Sheriff of Devon, fifth born Mary and eighth Elizabeth, were the builders of the present Fulford House.

During the Second World War a local boys boarding school (Southey hall school) were evacuated (Oct 1940), housed and taught during the duration of the war after their school was badly damaged by the bombing. Their classrooms were located on the first floor and their dormitories on the second. The headmaster's office was located on the ground floor just to the left as you enter Fulford. This is believed to be the original chapel of the house.

Currently the house remains occupied by the Fulford family, Francis, his wife Kashinda and their four children.


Several Paranormal teams have investigated Fulford Manor over the years. The following provides a snapshot of activity from them all.

Ballroom: A spirit boy named Michael is often sensed her

1st Floor Bedroom and Landing: The owner's wife has often been "pushed" on the stairs. Small stones are thrown and toy soldiers appear in strange positions.

Red Room: The name Edward Fulford is often picked up together with Francis, Elizabeth, Philippa, Maria and Margaret.

The names Philippa and Elizabeth can be verified. Elizabeth Fulford could be the eighth born to Sir John Fulford as previously mentioned or could be an Elizabeth Bossom born 1415 who married Sir Baldwin Fulford. After the death of Sir Baldwin she then remarried Sir Thomas Fulford. The records show that Sir Thomas Fulford remarried a Philippa Courteney in 1466. There is no mention of Elizabeth's death. Another Elizabeth Gregory aged 29 is mentioned in the 1821 census as a servant at Fulford. And yet another Elizabeth Fulford is mentioned as being the fifth born to another Sir Thomas Fulford. Elizabeth died in 1610. This is recorded in Dunsford church. There are 2 more mentions of an Elizabeth Fulford (17th June 1821), and an Elizabeth Fulford (7th august 1807).

There are also two entries for a Simon in the marriages at Dunsford church, of the Simon names mentioned one did come from Cheriton Bishop, the date recorded is 1729.

EVPS from Fulford

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