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Why Phones Are Switched Off

Mobile phones can be of use on investigations, but this can come as a penalty when providing false positives with other sensitive equipment.

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Why Phones Are Switched Off

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At the beginning of an investigation, we ask that ALL mobile phones are either switched off or set to aeroplane mode. Here's why.

The exception being if they used for recording purposes, or if team leads are using their phones  for LIVE feeds, as signals to mobile phones can activate some of our sensitive equipment.

Mobile phones create levels of EMF and are always seeking a communication signal. Apart from receiving text messages, calls, they can also receive notifications and updates while on and this can cause K2s, Mel meters, REM pods to be activated creating false positive responses as well as affecting the quality of audio recordings, rendering them unusable. Any considered paranormal evidence thought to have been captured with the use of EMF sensitive equipment would have to be voided.  

Both the K2 and Mel meter react to the radio when being used as seen in the picture below.

The following to pictures demonstrate the high readings on the K2 as the mobile phone is used to make a call or use the internet.


This interference is captured on audio recordings and renders it useless, hence why mobiles phones should only be used during breaks.

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