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Chaw Gully Mine

A deep fifty foot gash known as Chaw Gully is said to be the haunt of subterranean demons, others believe the ancient tin mine to be haunted by the Dartmoor Knockers.

Haunted Devon

Chaw Gully Mine

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A deep fifty foot gash known as Chaw Gully is said to be the haunt of subterranean demons

It is known that the entire area surrounding Chaw Gully is amass of blocked mine shafts and dark abandoned tunnels. The mine is known locally to the tinners as Roman Mine, it is known that not only tin was mined here but also gold. Chaw Gully is situated and on the spot where the boundaries at the mine meet. East Birch Tor Mine and Vitter Tin Mine.

Many a harden tinner would state Chaw Gully was a doomed fearsome place and many a tinner has lost his life over the centuries trying to extract the precious minerals from beneath the granite riddled landscape. Legend states that men have been lowered into the blackness on a rope, only to hear the sound of knocking coming from the shadowy bowels of the mine. A sudden glimpse of a claw like hand grasping a skinny blade is seen leering forward out of the darkness attempting to cut the miners rope so he will plunge to his death.

Although today the majority of the mine shafts and tunnels have been filled, it has been heard that if you stand in silence and listen, you can hear the evil Dartmoor Knockers trying to entice the next victim into the eerie haunt of Chaw Gully.

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