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Bitton House Investigation Evidence. 2019

Once all the evidence and experiences from both team is written in the report, its then gathered and written up in the evidence summary.

Haunted Devon

Bitton House Report Evidence 2019

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Evidence collected by teams isnt disclosed until the end of an investigation.

Evidence Summary

  • Children were sensed before and during the investigation. Sallyann had sensed a boy and girl running through the hallway, the girl described as wearing an empire neckline dress, another child was a younger child, left behind by the other children as they ran through the house, a girl, with long slightly curled hair, who worn a frilled apron with a mid-blue sash round her waist clutching a toy. Vikki had also sensed a child, a young girl, shy, looking for her Mummy. Nikki intuited a young girl, her hair braided, and named Lotte, Emma sensed a young girl named Sarah, aged 6 stood by the water cooler and described here as having long, mousey brown hair wearing a cornflower blue dress that reached near her knees with a frilled necked cream apron. The presence of children was also confirmed by EVPs that were recorded of 19a childlike giggle,  6a childs voice that said “yeah”, and 8a childs voice calling “mum”  , were all captured at a time when no children were in the property. Could these have been the residual energy of Admirals Pellews many grandchildren playing and running joyfully around the house?
  • An older male was encountered, His laugh was heard as direct voice phenomena (disembodied voice) in the Mayors parlour by two investigators during a walk round and the same tone of voice was recorded again later, during a vigil outside the toilets as 44a male “hmm” was captured as Tom laughed. 
  • A male named Jenkins made himself known to Nikki as she drew an image of him and again when he came through on the glass.
  • The sound of footsteps was heard by Kate coming from the room outside the kitchen and 14footsteps were captured on the audio file in the sound proofed drawing room. 
  • A young woman named Dorothy who passed in her 30s and was murdered. She shared that she liked visiting the house.
  • The presence of female energies were present as female voices were captured in the following EVP 20a female voice that clearly stated “frightened” and 2a female voice that clearly said “bloomers”. 
  • During the second vigil, while team1 were in the hallway and team 2 were in the Mayors Parlour, towards the end of the session, the two Ovilus independently called out the word student. Could this be referencing the student who broke the hand painted glass arch?
  • In the hallway team 1 had connected to a young boy aged 15 originally from Spain, who had died and had been buried in an unmarked grave near the Orangery having worked for the family. Described as a lovely cheeky boy, with dark hair and eyes, who had known the Admiral. The team later discovered that a young Spanish cabin boy who had served Admiral Pellew had in fact been buried under a tree near the Orangery.
  • Team connected with a female energy named Christian whose surname began with the letter I and gave their date of passing as after 2000. This information was validated by Councillor Orme who showed this souls name to be on the Roll of Honour, which confirmed their date of death to have been recent.
  • Using crystal pendulum’s, the team connected with a male energy who had worked at the house in connection with local politics during 1998 as a councillor, whose name was Frederick and his surname possibly began with the letter D. He confirmed he had been married with two sons, both living. He had retired and passed in his 70s. Having worked downstairs, the area now looked different than in his day. Frederick was aware of other souls in the house and shared there were four spirits with him. Afterwards it was confirmed that Councillor Orme knew of this gentleman and showed his name on the Roll of Honour that showed his time of service and year of death, 1998.
  • 43a conversation came through that commented, “there she, very fine”, “she a Muslim?”.  The conversation between a well-spoken English gentleman and a middle eastern Arabic male with a clearly noticeable accent who spoke with an inflection on the final “m” as they discussed a female. Was this middle eastern male, a connection to Admiral Pellows bombardment of Algiers?

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