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Whitsand Bay Fort Summary 2016

Following the information supplied led to some surprising results.

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Whitsand Bay Fort Summary 2016

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It was surprising how our equipment responded in the depths of the magazines.

Report summary


Although Team 2 did not experience much in the way of activity they did receive a lot of phenomena coming through the spirit voice box by means of intelligent responses to questions and lots of names being given. During this session, the name Tom was recorded, and the same name was recorded during the recce in the magazine.

The name Sheila was also recorded twice and was intuited by team 1 using mediumship and the pendulum. Using three pendulums and mediumship the team were able to connect with the energy of two women Sheila a 21-year-old nurse and Sarah a psychiatric patient who was responsible for the death of her baby.

It was later discovered by accident that Sallyann laying on the floor of the Chapel, has also happened in other groups where guests have laid near the same spot.


Soon as Team 1 entered the tunnel some members did sense a strong spirit presence.

Words were given out on the Ovilus as the tri-field meters’ alarm sounded and were later investigated.

The name James was sensed and a male who had been mangled in the ammunition hoist was picked up on two separate occasions.

Two team members on separate occasions independently experienced pain in the back/kidney area.

The Tri-field meter was highly active while team 1 were in the tunnel as was the rem pod, sounding frantically on occasion, so much so that it was decided to leave it locked off in the magazine where it continued to remain active for a further 20 minutes.

During the women’s vigil in the magazine Abbie witnessed the camera and tripod wobble.

After the night’s investigation Abbie researched General and Quill, two words that were given by the Ovilus as received by Team 1 and was able to connect the words with a WW2 American General named James Bernard Quill but were unable to establish any connection linked directly to the Battery.

Picture of General James Bernard Quill

The Ovilus gave the words: roses, young, Bet – could this have been a romantic gesture for a love from long ago? American GIs proved immensely popular with English girls but especially the black GIs. Any fraternisation with local women was frowned upon but more so was interracial relationships and was at one time punishable by death. Racism was high in the military and mixing with native white women did anything but abate the situation.

The Ovilus also supplied the words: moment, time, video. It was later discovered that the CCTV for the same room had been set on motion sensor in error. Could this have been what the spirits were trying to tell the group that the cameras had been set to capture a moment in time with video?

Team 2 did not seem to experience much activity in the tunnel apart from hearing the odd sound of movement during the music experiment but did capture some evp.

Bar and the Vaults.

Some team members did experience headaches in this area, no emf was recorded so could this occurrence be spirit indicating some sort of head trauma?

Some taps were heard when calling out and some evps were recorded.

On two separate occasion two team member independently spoke of smelling a wet earth odour.

Numerous orbs were captured these were mainly due to dust particles floating and bugs flying around being caught in the camera flash and reflecting the light. However, some anomalies captured were of interest.

Susan Davies captured this interesting orb picture. Interesting due to the colours depicted within the orb itself. Most dust or moisture particles show as white or transparent.

Sallyann Clench captured this picture below showing a light anomaly thinking that it was nothing more than flash bounce it was put through a filter which shows that the light anomaly is supplying its own light and was captured whilst moving hence the blurred image

Pictured below left is the shadow figure that was captured during the recce. See how this figure appears to be wearing a helmet like that worn the soldiers firing the guns in the second picture.

This footage was captured in the locked off magazine. There were hundreds of dust orbs visible on the footage but this one appeared to have its own light source was flashing as it moved in a deliberate motion horizontally above the floor towards the exit corridor.

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