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Some Venues We Have Visited.

Since Haunted Devon began in 2005 we have had the privilege of investigating many varied locations and experienced some memorable phenomena.

Haunted Devon

Some Venues We Have Visited.

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Its surprising the venues that experience paranormal activity.

Haunted Devon has investigated very large castles, mansions houses, industrial properties, museums, to derelict hotels, outdoor locales and the humble pub. Each has provided us with the opportunity to learn more about past residents/owners and guests/employees.

Like other groups we do visit venues that are on the paranormal circuit but we also have our own exclusive locations that require full anonymity. We take venues requests very seriously and any disclosure of a zero publicity venue outside of the club will result in expulsion.  

Reports of investigations are submitted to certain venues and to the website for members to read. These are very detailed and contain history of the venue and EVP, photographs and evidence that we collected of spirit energies that have provided information and confirmation of paranormal activity

The Valiant Soldier, Buckfastleigh.

Mary Newmans Cottage, Saltash.

The Reel Cinema, Plymouth.

Tavistock Town Hall, Tavistock.

Paignton Picture House, Paignton.

Old Forde House, Newton Abbot.

Shaugh Tunnel, nr Plymouth.

Posloe Priory also known as St Katherine's Priory, Exeter.

St. Nicholas Priory, Exeter.

Torquay Museum, Torquay.

Chambercombe Manor, Ilfracombe.

Woodchester Mansion, Gloucestershire.

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