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Bitton House Investigation 2019

It can be quite astounding when evidence that was captured during an investigation can be found through research of the property or locations history to have ties to the those from the past.

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Investigations and Evidence.

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Investigations are the first course of action when collecting paranormal evidence.

Investigating an expansive array of locations from small privately-owned establishments to large stately historic buildings with the aid of spiritual methods and a selection of scientific equipment to validate any environmental variations. By keeping groups to a reasonable size which limits noise pollution allowing for better investigations and more able to hear activity such as footsteps, physical movement or audible disembodied voices. Every member that attends a night is a valued part of the investigation and help to validate or debunk experiences that may occur. We record every investigation on video recorded with hand held camcorders, CCTV and audio recorders which is sifted through for evidence and historical ties to validate evidence captured that is incorporated into reports that are supplied to the venue and shared with our members on our website as interactive reports.

Over the years we have experienced many things of which the most common have proved to be doors closing, the sound of footsteps when all the team have been accountable for. Disembodied voices have been clearly heard as well as many voices of children and older age groups and accents have also been captured as electronic voice phenomena recorded on audio recorders not only in response to investigators but also when left in locked of areas. Members have been affected, suddenly feeling increasingly sick, angry and emotional.

By using both spiritual and scientific means we try to use one to corroborate the other and often refer to researched history after investigations to confirm evidence, with surprising results.

Ghostly figures have also been recorded on digital cameras along with our thermal imaging camera as shown in this picture.

The pale blue image of a ghostly figure viewed as pale blue due to icy cold temperature whereas a living person would be viewed in yellows, red and orange as just captured on the left on the left.

This figure had been sensed standing and watching the team, however it was not witnessed with the naked eye and only showed up on the thermal camera.

Shadow figures are often encountered on one occasion one was captured in a photograph that was taken. Above a dark wearing a helmet can clearly be seen in a photo taken without flash, next to it is the same picture taken with flash and as you can see there is nothing that could have been mistaken for a figure.

The pictures below were captured by a member and depicts the figure of a female holding a young infant yet there was no one fitting this description at the investigation or in the venue at the time.

The darker image shows the original dark image, the same image has been lightened so the mother and child can be seen more clearly.

Even EVP play their part in connecting to the past. During one investigation two teams recorded a voice calling out "Nina" during separate vigils, in tow different areas. With no one in the team or staff named or known by that name, further research into the families history revealed that a female by the name of Louisa had been known by the nickname of Nina. Here are two EVP calling out "Nina".

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