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David and Diana were charming hosts and made us all feel welcome, yet it was a strange feeling siting and chatting normally in the parlour feeling quite comfortable despite that the house was nothing more than a crumbling ruin.

Haunted Devon

Upcott Barton Farmhouse Investigation Evidence 2019

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When Monty the dog barked and her demeanour changed we knew something was present.

Summary of Evidence             

  • Names Edmund/Edward were picked up. It was believed by the owners to possibly be connected to the surname Chapman
  • In the parlour having asked if any spirits upstairs could let their footsteps be heard, 4footfalls were heard from the vacant floor above, by Abbie and Kate in team 1 which was captured on the audio recording.
    David B, Graham, Lee from team 2 also heard the sound of walking above them in the kitchen, and 13the sound of wheezy male hmm, that of a female hmm and footfalls overhead. Could this have been residual energy? 
  • While scrying Abbie saw a woman’s profile, who wore a black headdress described as pitched with side scarves/sleeves. Research revealed the following.    


  • Sallyann experienced strong static energy on her back in the barn and a young man was sensed in the barn, possibly named Patrick, who had been hung by a gang of men for poaching. Described as 20yrs old, tall, thin, unkept, smelly, with scruffy short brown hair. David confirmed that stick figures had been seen on an SLS camera in front of the tractor a few weeks before. This was the same area that Abbie had experienced pain to her head that vanished when she left the area but returned when she entered.
  • Abbie experienced pain in her head. David confirmed that a Royalist soldier named James who wears a red chain link, supposedly patrols at dusk had sustained an injury. David also confirmed that while digging in the room outside that had been discovered, when he looked up and saw a 20-hand horse and Cavalier, long leather boots that vanished in the blink of an eye. The ghost of a Royalist soldier, named ‘Master James’ by one of the many mediums to visit the farmhouse – patrols the grounds of Upcott Barton every evening at dusk. On another occasion, David pointed to a nearby tree where one day, he saw a soldier with long boots and a sword riding a huge 20-hand horse. Are these residual energies harping back to the civil war battle of Torrington or the local battle of Battledown?
  • Sallyann felt a magistrate or judge energy in the parlour that may have been used as a courtroom and may have passed judgement on the young man in the barn. Research revealed that George Lewis Coham had indeed been a magistrate.
  • EW1 Surprised Abbie saw a large cowl hooded monk figure behind Sallyann in the Chapel as she tried to play the sound Benedictine monks chanting.[audio src="/images/audio/UpcottBarton/EW1UpcottBarton.mp3"]
    The equipment refusing to play and cutting out. The figure was described as large, wore a hooded cowl, and trimmed greying stubble on his chin. Presenting as a more solid figure blocking out the small window behind her. A monk is known to haunt the chapel. Abbie described his a territorial and protective. Could this have been because the women were in his domain, the domain of men?
  • Over by the washing machine in the Chapel, Kate had the feeling of a black cloak being pulled over her head. In the same area Abbie witnessed a tall black cowl robed figure standing behind Sallyann. Black was the colour worn by Benedictine monks and why they were nicknamed the black monks. Could this have been someone trying to put on her head as a mark of respect for the Chapel like that worn by Catholic women when entering a holy place?
  • Graham intuited hearing band music while outside on the grounds which he later likened to being similar to the sound of Napoleons anthem that played very briefly on Haunted Devons ipod. In the Chapel Kate sensed marching and the sounding of drums. Could this have been the sounds of the drums beating to the march of civil war soldiers, or alternatively the residual sound of drilling POWs.
  • Encounters with energies from the civil war were encountered. It is well documented that a major battle took place at Torrington, scared, traumatised and injured men would have scattered through the locality, while others may have faced ambush.
  • Using the SLS camera, SLSthree stick figures were captured on the dining table. One laying down while being tended to by another, as if in surgery.

  • Claire sensed a sad old lady who was locked up in her room upstairs, where she had sensed her looking out of the window, the name Celia as significant. Described as wearing an old cloth dress, a cream apron, with her hair worn quite tight high up pulled up slightly further up the back of her head, drawn and pale complexion, and dating to circa 1700s. David confirmed that the portion of the house they were in did date back to the 1700s.
  • Abbie had sensed children peering out of the top window nearest the part of the house that had collapsed. This was confirmed to have been a children’s bedroom, their initials can still be seen on the wall. This also explained the sound of childlike footsteps heard above in the empty rooms.

Writing on the walls in the upper bedroom believed to be that of children who once slept and played in them.

  • In the barn both Abbie and Emma, independently, experienced head pain.
  • In the barn Kate intuited a connection with a blacksmith in a busy village this was confirmed by the use of a pendulum to have been a connection with the roof slates.
  • Several people, including the owners David and Diana, experienced a fuzzy head, causing members to be unable to focus.
  • By the barn numerous members felt there to be a barrier of some kind. Kelly described walking into a barrier of heat, some members described a barrier preventing them from visualising. An energy encountered in the barn appeared reluctant or unable to leave its confines perhaps this too was due to some kind of barrier.
  • Both Emma and the owner David had experienced the sensation of pins and needles in their arms in the parlour.
  • In the rear field Abbie sensed a boundary, and a difference in energy, picking up on what could be a ley line. The well-known Michael ley line runs by Brent Tor. She then continued to the gate at the bottom of the field where with the aid of her dowsing rods Abbie picked up on three aligned graves that belonged to monks, one to her left, right and directly in front of her. Placed separately in a line by the hedge boundary. This was validated by the owner. The graves having once been marked by three lime tree markers, long since gone.
  • Monty, during the course of the night, would peer out of the parlour into the kitchen and bark and stare as if focused on something unseen with our naked eyes, in the darkness then abruptly stop. David disclosed that Monty, never used to like going inside the house, and would run out shivering.



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