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It once would have been a home to a very wealthy, prestigious family, this manor house is now nothing more than a sad shadow of its former self. Its glorious decoration and full structure nothing more than a distant memory.

Haunted Devon

Upcott Barton Farmhouse Investigation 2019

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With the building in a dilapidated condition, the team were well aware of the dangers posed.

The Investigators

 Being a private dwelling and a small venue, numbers for this exclusive investigation were kept to a minimum.

Team 1. Abbie Dent, Sallyann Clench, Claire Willis, Jaime Kennedy, Emma Harvey

Team 2. Kelly Welsh, Ben Welsh, Katie Chaddock, Graham Leick, David Burlace, Lee Attree

The team were also joined by the owners David and Diana along with Monty the dog.

The Grounds

Walking round with Abbie, she sensed a strong, powerful energy. Immediately entering into the barn Abbie experienced a strong pain to her head. Both women felt a sudden change walking into the barn, as if walking through a barrier/wall.

On a walk round with Kate she had sensed a connection to a blacksmiths, that she felt shouldn’t be there, and continued to hear the sounds on an anvil and envisioned a blacksmith in a bustling settlement. Walking to the area to rear of the barn Kate intuited a milkmaid seated on a stool milking a cow. She felt the barn didn’t belong and was different to the rest of the buildings. That it had a different use. Was Kate picking up on the medieval roof tools having been used on an unknown variety of buildings?  Kelly, entering the barn described a sensation as that of walking into a wall of a different energy.

Continuing through the orchard Kate intuited a ploughed field. Kelly called out but nothing was experienced. Joined by Abbie who had used her dowsing rods by the old tree next to the barn, where she had earlier sensed there to be a burial, picked up there were four graves belonging to soldiers from the civil war, Parliamentarians. Men who hadn’t died in battle but had been left behind by their comrades and succumbed to malnutrition and dysentery and had been buried there by the resident family in shallow graves. Because of the way they died they were buried close to the house, so they didnt pollute the land or the water. David confirmed he knew nothing about the graves except when a Dowser was previously looking for water commented that he too had thought there to be a grave there.

Just past the orchard in the rear field as Kelly, Abbie and Kate entered it was noticed that the atmosphere in the rear field felt different to the other field. Kate noticed that having walked in Abbie had stopped in almost the same place as she had earlier, in the middle of the field. Abbie sensed a boundary, a difference in energy, picking up on what could be a ley line, then continued to the gate at the bottom of the field where with the aid of her dowsing rods Abbie picked up on three aligned graves that belonged to monks, one to her left, right and directly in front of her. Placed separately in a line by the hedge boundary.

12th Century Chapel

The Mens Vigil

With the men having settled in the Chapel, they took turns in calling out, but nothing was experienced. However, the Ovilus did call out the words Jesus, save and cleansing along with other random words. Could this have been the spirit of a monk trying to communicate or just a coincidence? The mens vigil ended.

Womens  Vigil

The women lined the passageway in the chapel, with Abbie and Sallyann at the furthest end where they both felt absolutely freezing cold. Abbie witnessed a flash of light- this may have been a team member using a camera flash The sound of Benedictine monks chanting filled the air but the equipment, unusually kept stopping, perhaps this was due to what a EW1surprised Abbie saw, a large cowl hooded monk figure, stood behind Sallyann who felt icy cold, blocking out the light from the small window behind her.

In an attempt to debunk this figure, a lit torch was used to see if anything could have created the illusion of the figure, but all that stood behind Sallyann was a wall with a small unglazed window. With the barn owl babies showing signs of agitation the women left but the recorder was left running to see if any other sounds would be captured. Dull thuds were captured but their origin is questionable as it may have been the movement of the adult owl in the owl box, 1a knock sound was also captured.

The tree where Abbie picked up there were four graves belonging to soldiers from the civil war, Parliamentarians with the use of dowsing rods.

Team 2

Having returned, while using the P-SB7 Kelly called out but nothing was captured. Over by the washing machine Kate had the feeling of a black cloak being pulled over her head. Nothing further was experienced.

The Barn

Team 2

Ben, Kelly, Kate and Lee entered the barn. Kelly called out a welcome and set the groups intention. Amongst the sounds of selecting equipment to be used 2a young female whisper asking “come with me“, soon followed by a man’s voice calling out “lady” was captured.

The groups Ovilus called out Tom. This name had been witnessed by Kate to have been called out several times during the investigation. The Ovilus called out the word we. Kelly asked for spirits to show themselves to which the Ovilus responded with appear and solo. Was this to say that the spirits would appear to a lone investigator, or they manifest singularly?

Kelly knocked on wood and asked for any spirits to knock back, 3 taps were heard on response.

Kate felt as though something was stood right behind her. As Kelly continued to call out the Ovilus called out century followed by 15. When asked if this referred to the 15th century the Ovilus called out done. Was this confirmation?

Kelly used a pendulum and as she asked if there was a spirit present the Ovilus answered yes, outside. Kate sensed rabbits hung on hooks. Kelly asked if there were any blacksmiths present and received a no but confirmed part of the roof was connected to a blacksmith forge. Could this be a connection to the medieval roof tiles that had been found on the site.

The Ovilus called out decided. Kate intuited loads of straw mattresses in the building.

Returning to the barn the group used the P-SB7 spirit voice box, along with the Ovilus to aid better spirit communication. Kelly called out. Kate heard the sound of marching. Nothing further was experienced.

Team 1

Abbie, Sallyann, Emma, Claire and Jaime investigated the barn. Emma experienced pain in her head while, walking in, Sallyann stood next to the tractor where she sensed a mild energy building but as she called out the sensation grew stronger to the extent that she described it as feeling intensely cold, icy, and almost painful. Emma witnessed a mist in front of Sallyann that made her appear fuzzy, she also felt she was being pushed. Abbie was able to feel the energy by standing behind her and described it as a strong static energy, the cause of which could not be determined. The same sensation was felt again as Emma stood behind her, back-to-back to see if she too would experience the same sensation of energy, that this time was felt moving up her left arm, across her shoulders and own her right arm but Emma did not share in this experience. Both women intuited a hanging of a young man. Emma described him as unkept, unwashed with messy brown hair and felt his name to be Patrick. As they called out, a thick rope that was suspended across the barn appeared to gently sway but this may have been a trick of the eye caused by the dimming light. Emma felt he had been starving and stolen a chicken, Sallyann sensed he had been hung as punishment by a group of men. It was felt that this young man wanted help but was reluctant to leave the confines of the barn.

Sallyann and Emma returned to the barn to help the young man. Approaching the barn both women felt a strong sense of not being welcome, as if hitting a barrier and struggled to visualize the light needed to move this poor soul on. With the kelp of Kate they managed to see the beam of light and saw the young man walk up to it and look back at them, they felt he was scared to move on because of his crimes and how he had been punished, despite speaking words of encouragement and reassurances he remained hesitant. As the night had drawn to an end, he was left to make his own decision as to go or stay.

The peeling patterned wallpaper, and large welcoming fireplace give testimony to happier days.

Women’s Vigil

Before the rest of the team entered Kate had witnessed the Ovilus call out pendant at full bar.

The girls settled into their chosen seats in the parlour for the first session. Abbie noticed she had felt fuzzy headed since arriving at the property. Sallyann attempted scrying and only witnessed her reflection fade away to blackness while Kelly called out and set the groups intention and the team introduced themselves by name. Abbie called out and felt a coldness around her legs, like an animal brush up against her, sensing this to be a Border Collie dog: the type used for working on farms. Emma had the sensation of pins and needles in one arm, then in both. Asking if any spirits upstairs could let their footsteps be heard, 4footfalls were heard from the vacant floor above, which was captured on the audio recording.

Sallyann used her pendulum which was noted to be a pendant that she wore that evening. Was this the same pendant the Ovilus had referred to? Both Sallyann and Kelly heard a whisper. Whispered by Kellys ear she heard it say pendant, this however was not captured and was debunked as not being team. At this time Sallyann felt a strong energy present. Kelly who was scrying witnessed her face disappear leaving just one eye and looking as though the other had skimmed over as if scared and healed. An injury perhaps?

Abbie shared that earlier that she had experienced the sensation of being bashed on the head when she walked into the barn, and as she spoke she picked up on the name Edmund/Edward and  thought this may have been the same energy but his was discounted when Sallyann with the aid of her pendulum received confirmation that it was not the energy from the barn that was altering Kellys reflection. Confirmed to be a male spirit who was aware of other spirits on the property, who had been injured nearby with a pike. Injured just under the ribs that caused his death and gave his name as Phillip and gave his political position as a staunch roundhead, in favour of parliament, as Sallyann experienced a coldness around her lower back was also experienced by David the owner along with a pins and needles sensation, that someone was touching him. Sallyann felt she was being pushed backwards.

In the scrying mirror Kellys reflection changed to that of an old woman, with droopy eyes and cheeks, although she looked sad Kelly didn’t feel this to be her character. A connection with Bassett hounds was also sensed.

Abbie also tried scrying, and she too witnessed an eye disappear, this was then followed by seeing a profile of a woman wearing a black Tudor style headdress, described as similar to that of a knave on a deck of cards, with a pitched centre and side almost shoulder length scarves either side of her face.

Abbie’s quick sketch of the type of hat worn by the reflection of the woman she viewed in the scrying mirror.

Sallyann intuited an incident involving loading hay onto a cart, which resulted in the death of a farm hand, when as she spoke a whine sound was heard by Abbie. Reviewing the audio this is what was captured just as Sallyann said “lost his life” 5another voice was captured that said, “his mother.”

Initially thought by others to have been a bird which was heard or a stomach rumble, a female voice can be heard on this audio clip.

Claire sensed a sad old lady who was locked up in her room upstairs, where she had sensed her looking out of the window, the name Celia as significant. She felt this old lady was only permitted out to do her chores and described her as wearing an old cloth dress, a cream apron, with her hair worn quite tight high up pulled up slightly further up the back of her head, drawn and pale complexion, and dating to circa 1700s. Sensed to be the lady of the house, who would sit looking out of the window wishing herself to be outside. David confirmed that that part of the house had been built in that era and 13 people would have lived in the house at that time. Could this have been the same old woman Kelly had envisioned while scrying?

Team 1

The women returned to the parlour, the tri-field meter that had been set to electro magnetics placed on the sideboard sounded indicating low level constant reading which was later disclosed to be picking up on the geomagnetism of the underground flowing water that ran next to the house.

Standing at the head of the table facing those seated around it, Sallyann had the sense of someone of high standing passing judgement, like that of a courtroom setting. Abbie continued to feel fuzzy headed and Emma noticed she had felt pins and needles most of the night.

Abbie divulged what she had discovered outside on the grounds, David confirmed that he knew that a civil war battle had taken place 1½ miles away but was quite possible that the fighting may have reached the house and he spoke of Cromwell’s strategies, Monty, looking out of the doorway into the kitchen next door, suddenly began barking at something, with her head slightly raised as if looking at something towards the top of the doorway, then stopped as suddenly as she had started, tilted her head downward and her tail hung straight as a poker, then turned and walked away. This was not viewed as common behaviour for her. During the teams visit, she had was comfortable with the company and enjoyed the attention she received. In all, a very relaxed, happy friendly dog.

Once again Monty began barking, growled, and continued barking and soon stopped when Sallyann invited any spirit energies to join them. David remarked that the way Monty stood round the other side of the table with her head tucked underneath spying on the doorway with her tail low, was not her normal stance. Abbie and Emma tried to set up the SLS camera (stick figure camera) in the same doorway but the appliance refused to switch on.

Monty, during the course of the night would peer out of the parlour into the kitchen and bark and stare as if focused on something unseen with our naked eyes, in the darkness then abruptly stop,  slightly drop her head as if reprimanded and walk away with her tail straight as a poker. We were unable to substantiate this as being due to her viewing or sensing something out of the ordinary due to the movement and sound team roaming.

Abbie had sensed children peering out of the top window nearest the part of the house that had collapsed and also where she had heard the sound of childlike footsteps originating from.

Some of the ladies attempted glass divination. Sallyann called out welcoming spirits to join them and set the groups intention with reassurances. Each member introduced themselves by name as the glass was felt to pull towards Abbie. Then the glass was felt to be slightly rocking. Abbie called out and as she did so Sallyann sensed the words “move the glass like you want more ale.” As no response was given Abbie called out for children to join them and Sallyann felt something tickle the side of her hand on the table. The ladies sang ring-a-ring-o-rosie and Sallyann felt a presence near her. Calling out again, Abbie heard a sound behind her which she described as a breath, Jaime felt the back of her legs to be freezing, Sallyann felt energy to ripple through her, as she felt her back to be shivering.

Next some of the ladies tried to see if they could get spirits to knock on the table. Calling out Sallyann, again felt a strong energy next to her. She intuited a young girl, aged between 16-20, wearing plain clothes and an apron with her sleeves rolled out seeing to something in the fireplace, tired and hot from working in the kitchen. Kate who stood next to her felt something pushing her forward. Feeling Kate was being affected by this young female who was playing with her. Asking for any sounds to be made louder to combat the sound of team preparing the next piece of equipment to be used, Kate intuited a young girl screaming at them.

The parlour.

While using SSAM connected to the Portal ITC and Sallyann calling out to the ladies of the house both Abbie and Kate heard a “hmm” but this was not captured on the audio recording. Asking if there was spirit had died by someone else’s hand, Abbie had a pain in her head. On revision of the audio this evp was captured as Sallyann stated that spirit knew the team’s names, 6“ask her out for ‘ee. Ed, look it’s an ambush.” Abbie asked for the names of the current owners and received the answer 7“this is not Richard, not.”This was shortly followed by 8a call of “Richard.” Randomly, 9“Alison” was said. Asking if spirit had passed in the great war 10a reply of “surely, Abbie here?” was given. Immediately after came 11“we been lurking”, “we seek help”. 

The team thought they heard someone sobbing through the Elemental ITC sound but on playback of audio this was not the case and no communication or sounds were recorded. However, some of the team did hear a faint female “hmm” but 12on playback it sounds like “help us” that was recorded.  Sallyann heard two thuds, shortly followed by a strong quick whiff of tobacco pass by her nose a similar thing had happened earlier in the evening to Abbie. It was noted that no-one in the team was smoking at that time and had not smoked inside the building. This may have been odour trapped in the building suddenly releasing.

Sallyann intuited a man shouting “no.no.no, who do you think you are?” Seated quietly at the top of the table, Sallyann explained she felt quite emotional, a female energy, then suddenly felt herself return to the room as if coming out of a bad dizzy spell. She went on to described seeing a young female gently and tenderly rocking a solid wooden cradle, felt a possible name to be Mary, feeling the tears were that of the young mother. With raw emotion she described the young mother running out of the house at speed, across the fields having seen her love return home, flying across the fields straight into his arms, crying tears of immense joy. She felt he had returned home having been away for a while, perhaps at war, and that he was the baby’s father. Could this have been the same young woman she had viewed working in the kitchen? Could this young man have been returning from battle?

While focusing the SLS camera on the old wooden farmhouse table, SLS three stick figures appeared. One seemed to be struggling while being held down by another as the third seemed to be tending to them, but the quickly disappeared.

Three figures were captured on the old wooden table in the parlour..

The Kitchen

Team 1

In the adjoining kitchen, Kate had heard the sounds of someone moving around and moving a chair across the floor above, but in real time this was not possible as all the team were accounted for and in addition the upper floors were out of bounds due to their dangerous. Trying to debunk this sound as team placing equipment on the table or moving could not replicate the noises heard. The same movements were clearly heard by Abbie over by the back of kitchen where rubble and weeds filled part of the remains of the rest of the house, she described the energy as stronger, more intense, in this particular area and the sounds heard likened to childlike footsteps along with the sound of dragging a chair. Again, not possible, as there was no furniture in any of the overhead rooms, and too dark to be birds.

The decaying pantry or cold store that at one time would have housed edible goods.

Team 2

David B called out in the kitchen and heard what he described as somebody with a wheezy cough, this was also heard by Lee and identified as coming from out the back but was not captured on the audio. This was verified as not being any of the team.

Moving into the far room that was half demolished Lee and David B bother heard walking upstairs but wasn’t captured, again this was debunked as not being caused by team. This sound was heard once again, and 13the sound of wheezy male hmm, that of a female hmm and footfalls overhead was fortunately captured on the audio.

The large fireplace in the kitchen where the remains of a crumbling bread oven can still be seen.

The collapsed area of the house,

David Burlace Past Life Experience

DB!David Burlace had experienced dreams and intuited voice in connection with Upcott barton Farmhouse prior to the investigation. Dreams of rooms in the house and one in particular where he saw a male in medieval dress descending a staircase and morph into a modern soldier, wearing camouflage. He hadn’t intended being part of the team but felt that he had to go to find out what was drawing him to the house and to seek validation of his dreams. Driving p, he had felt uncharacteristically anxious and eager to arrive.

DB2David Burlace was shown a portrait of a previous resident, that of a mature gentleman painted by Patrick Gambol a psychic artist who had sensed this mane, named George who he described as having been a squire of the house during the 1700s, wearing a stovepipe hat: these were fashionable during the late 18th century and resemble a top hat. A strong resemblance between David and the painting was noticed. Looking at the picture David felt there was a message, as if he had done something wrong.

DB3A photograph of the portrait of Squire George was overlaid over one of David Burlace. The result is uncanny.

Outside the house, David Burlace divulged that DB4in one of his dreams he had seen a hole dug in the ground which he felt resembled a well, a big round hole in the ground that had been dug. This was confirmed by David the owner as being where a privy with running water had been sited. When asked if, with all he was experiencing he felt he had been to the house before replied “it feels like it.”

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