The quoted prices for the books includes postage and packing to mainland UK, and would be pleased to sign with a personalised message at the buyers request. I’ve listed the prices per book below, with a further discount if the full series is purchased. 


The Novice Ghost Hunter                    £4.99

Ghost Hunter: A Matter of Faith                £5.99

Ghost Hunter: Of Gods and Ghosts            £9.99

Ghost Hunter: Blood Ties                    £8.99

Ghost Hunter: Remnants and Revenants          £8.99

Ghost Hunter: Pariahs                                  £9.99

Full Series                                      £45.00

Ghost Hunter Series

By Martin Best

Martin Best

If you would like to purchase a book please contact Martin Best at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. also can look on his website

If there is anything you would like to purchase from his website please email martin the books you would like to order.

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Date 19th October 2019

location - Valiant soldier  79 Fore St, Buckfastleigh TQ11 0BS

Price - £25pp

Time - 20.00 Til 02.00

Valiant Soldier

Join Haunted Devon as we Investigate 

The Valiant soldier is a wonderful venue frozen in time when the pub closed, with plenty of history and plenty of activity over the years!!!

so come enjoy the evening investigating this wonderful location.

Valiant Soldier

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Pymouth Athenaeum 

Date, 14th September 2019

Time 23:00-05:00

plymouth athenaeum



Plymouth Athenaeum was built in 1812 in the heart of the city has some amazing history, It was in a heavily bombed area during the blitz and has had a few differant uses over the years.

The Atheaeum has also hosted some increadiable visitors over the years including the beatles!!!

Today used as a theatre we wonder who may still be there?? so join Haunted Devon to find out what happens when the curtain falls!!

 10 spaces available




group bookings

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About Haunted Devon

Haunted Devon was first established as a non-profit investigative group in 2005 by Byron Jackson as a member’s only club to investigate alleged activity in search of true evidence of the paranormal. Run by various committees of volunteers of the years Haunted Devon has maintained its integrity and professionalism. The current committee continue to provide varied venues and work hard in promoting the group

Meet the Haunted Devon Team

       Abbie Dent is our Chair and the glue that binds us altogether. Ensuring all runs smoothly, working closely with the committee members. Abbie also analyses all the evidence from investigations with Sallyann. She has had numerous experiences and encounters with the paranormal since early childhood and continues searching for evidence and the truth. She has a vast knowledge on many subjects as well as the scientific and spiritual side of investigations. Host of Lifting the Veil radio show with co-host, friend and member Martyn Hicks. A controversial show covering varied aspects of the weird and paranormal that broadcasts on Soundart Radio on Thursdays at 7pm. Abbie's hobby is photography, useful when analysing and debunking paranormal photographs. She has produced some great photographs and stunning landscapes. Abbie a long-standing member and chair who has also served in numerous committee rolls and is also a sensitive picking up on spirits and residual energies.

                                                                                                      kelly                          Ben


Kelly and Ben Welsh are a husband wife team. Both are long term members of the club and have experience of other positions within the committee and have many years’ experience of investigating.

  Kelly Welsh is our Finance Manager and a valuable source  information and expertise.

    Ben is our Webmaster and is responsible for everything to do with  our new website which is a work in progress.


Sallyann Clench is our Secretary and her responsibilities include posting

articles and creating events on our Facebook pages as well as promoting the club and producing the investigation reports for the club and venues, validating evidence and researching history and finding and cleaning Electronic Voice Phenomena discovered on audio recordings, as well as checking footage for anomalies. She also a Sensitive


Mark Woodhall is our Venue Consultant and has been a long standing, much valued member of Haunted Devon. Mark has organised some great venues for the club and continues to surprise us with his efforts and     commitment to the group.


 Byron Jackson is the Founder of Haunted Devon back in 2005 and is a     Committee Consultant on a variety of matters and our website

designer, always there to offer help and guidance when needed. Byron is a Videographer with his own company and has always produced creative videos for the club of superb quality and continues to astound with his talent and originality.


Graham Chapman is our Committee Consultant and longstanding former chair. On hand to aid the club and the committee in any way. A man of science and member of ASSAP, like the rest of the committee always looks for a rational explanation for activity. His occupation gives him a unique insight and experience that comes in very handy when investigating.

Investigations and Evidence

Investigating an expansive array of locations from small privately-owned establishments to large stately historic buildings with the aid of spiritual methods and a selection of scientific equipment to validate any environmental variations. By keeping groups to a reasonable size which limits noise pollution allowing for better investigations and more able to hear activity such as footsteps, physical movement or audible disembodied voices. Every member that attends a night is a valued part of the investigation and help to validate or debunk experiences that may occur. We record every investigation on video recorded with handheld camcorders, CCTV and audio recorders which is sifted through for evidence and historical ties to validate evidence captured that is incorporated into reports that are supplied to the venue and shared with our members on our website as interactive reports

Over the years we have experienced many things of which the most common have proved to be doors closing, the sound of footsteps when all the team have been accountable for. Disembodied voices have been clearly heard as well as many voices of children and older age groups and accents have also been captured as electronic voice phenomena recorded on audio recorders not only in response to investigators but also when left in locked of areas. Members have been affected, suddenly feeling increasingly sick, angry and emotional.

By using both spiritual and scientific means we try to use one to corroborate the other and often refer to researched history after investigations to confirm evidence, with surprising results.

Ghostly figures have also been recorded on digital cameras along with our thermal imaging camera as

shown in this picture.


The pale blue image of a ghostly figure viewed as pale blue due to icy cold temperature whereas a living person would be viewed in yellows, red and orange as just captured on the left on the left.

This figure had been sensed standing and watching the team, however it was not witnessed with the naked eye

and only showed up on the thermal camera.

Shadow figures are often encountered on one occasion one was captured in a photograph that was taken.

Below a dark wearing a helmet can clearly be seen in a photo taken without flash, next to it is the same picture

taken with flash.

 camera pic

This photograph of shadow figures depicts a woman holding a small child and was captured by a member.

Notice how the head angle is more tilted in the second photo.

 debunked pic 1       debunked pic 2

Many images can be debunked as falling temperatures creating mists of cold air, bugs and dust creating orbs, hair strands close the camera lenses creating anomalies.

More than just an investigative group Haunted Devon are an ever-expanding group of friends from all walks of life with just as varied beliefs and ideas from total believers in life after death, total sceptics and those amongst us with a more scientific approach considering the theory of entanglement and looking to quantum physics for answers but all sharing their passion to gather evidence. Social nights such as BBQ nights in the heart of Dartmoor, investigations with buffets and of course the Christmas buffet investigation all much enjoyed.

 Bitton House Team

Here is a picture of the Haunted Devon team on the first paranormal investigating of Bitton House, Teignmouth.

If you would like to know more about the group or are interested in joining, then please visit our

Follow us on Facebook: ,

Twitter: @haunteddevon1,

Instagram: haunteddevon



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Location - Eggbuckland Keep

Date - 17th November 2018

Time - 22:00 til 06:00

Price £35.00

Eggbuckland keep


Eggbuckland keep was a defensible barracks, and part of the Plymouth land defences. it was constructed by 1872 and was the only fortified barracks of the four proposed by the Royal Commission of 1860 for Plymouth, and was the last `keep' built in Britain. Surrounded by a ditch flanked by caponiers. It was designed to cover the rear of Forder Battery and to be the main barracks for 230 men for Bowden.

So join us on what could be our 1 and only visit as the keep is due to be sold early 2019, and find out what goes on, and what stories we can uncover in this over night investigation!!!




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