How can I communicate with “ghosts”?

By Charlotte O'Hare, Dip. C Hyp/NLP, author of “Meditative thoughts and visions”, available on

I've been a moderator on for several years. Over and over, people ask how to communicate with “ghosts”. This article defines briefly what “ghosts” are, and the basics of communicating with them.

The information in this article comes from my study of books, webcast interviews, and articles detailing the encounters of hundreds of people that cannot be explained by the conventional wisdom of the current or past generations. I've also seen the “ghost” of one of my cats the day he died, participated in “ghost hunts”, and encountered beings from “the other side”.

This article discusses the common situations in which you want to communicate with “ghosts”:

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What are “ghosts”?

Defining what a ghost has been covered in many books, debates, and discussions over the decades, without any universal, common definition found. Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 11th edition, does offer the following definitions for “ghost”:

Despite such definitions in dictionaries, skepticism as to whether “ghosts” exist persists.  Views on “ghosts” can vary depending on the religion or philosophy of the persons participating, as well as their beliefs regarding the paranormal and esoteric.  From my reading and experiences, I conclude that there are a two categories of “ghosts” that you can encounter:

In these cases, there is no intelligence, therefore there is no interaction that can occur; it is simply, as with a magnetic cassette recording, replaying the event or activity for an indefinite amount of time. Why recordings occur is a controversial, complex issue that is discussed in depth in podcasts like Ghost Chronicles International.

In this case, there is a being from “the other side” who can interact and react to stimuli in the environment. You can attempt communication with interactive beings such as:

“Ghosts”, which I will henceforth refer to as “interactive beings”, have, like you, a source of energy, a belief system, hopes, dreams, insecurities, motives, and fears. This list only summarizes a few of the vast variety of interactive beings that you can encounter and with whom you can potentially communicate on “the other side”.

There are many books that can provide detailed, if subjective, information. For a list of a few, refer to the reading list at the end of this article.

Am I in danger when talking to interactive beings?

Not all beings are wise and wonderful, nor are they all evil and manipulative. You need to use common sense when talking with interactive beings, just as you would with the living.  As on “this side”, the interactive beings that you encounter can have overbearing or underwhelming personalities. Some can take over your life if you let them and may repel or even frighten you. How much they can influence or control you depends on several factors:

These factors also determine how much danger you face from beings on “the other side”.

How do I contact interactive beings?

As previously mentioned, you can contact interactive beings in different settings. I discuss the private session, séances, and paranormal investigations. Some would say that you can only attract unpleasant interactive beings; but my experiences and reading lead me to disbelieve this theory. That said, when you seek to attract interactive beings for communication, you can encounter not-so-nice ones too, as happens in the land of the living. As you should give respect to interactive beings, so you should expect respect. If an interactive being makes you feel uneasy, end the communication at once.

Mind you, interactive beings are not on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There may be none present, or they may be present but unwilling to communicate. They are under no obligation to communicate with you.

I do not recommend communicating with interactive beings if you have been consuming alcohol, drugs or medications because they can impair your judgment. There is evidence that like attracts like, so if you enjoy drinking and are drunk when you attempt communication, you can attract interactive beings who also enjoy being drunk, and sometimes they can become attached to you. This attraction can unfortunately cause you to have an increased attraction to alcohol. For more information on this sort of situation, I recommend the books by Hazel M. Denning PhD and Louise Ireland-Frey MD listed in the reading list at the end of this article. I do not wish to discourage communication with interactive beings, and spirit attachment does not happen often; however, you should learn a bit about the subject to know how and why it should be avoided.

Communicating with loved ones

There is an energy connection between you and others. Remember how you sometimes call someone you care about and they say, “I was just thinking about calling you!” This connection does not end when either of you dies. If you are thinking of your dead loved one, they feel it. In fact, they may be around you trying to communicate. Because the Anglo-Saxon culture is based on the “I see, therefore I believe”, you may already be missing the signs and signals, for example the loved one appearing to you in your dreams. Loved ones can come to you in your dreams because it's a time when you're more receptive to unconventional communication. Once, for a week, I was thinking constantly about my Grandpa Art, missing him very much. One night, I saw him in his wheel chair at a big gathering. He waved to me and I felt relieved. To me that meant that although he was really busy at some family reunion on the other side, he was still thinking of me.

The day I had my terminally ill cat put to sleep, I was crushed with grief. I went home and to keep busy doing chores. As I was changing the bed sheets, I saw him clearly out of the corner of my eye walking out the bedroom door.

Not all loved ones come on command. If they do not give you any signs, it does not imply that the paranormal does not exist, or that the loved one is gone or does not love you. “The other side” is more elaborate than we can understand; there is plenty to do there, including meet-ups with family and friends. Time and distance are relative in a realm without clocks or physical form.

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What tools can I use to communicate with interactive beings?

Any tools you use are just organic material and are not inherently evil; it's the intent that gets attached to them that makes the difference. Because most of us cannot easily see or hear interactive beings, these tools can raise the odds of establishing communication. No tool is 100% effective, because interactive beings, like cats, do not always come when you call, or pay attention to you if they do hear you.

People use the following tools to initiate communication with an interactive being:

In this case, you are using yourself as a tool to communicate. You sit quietly and allow yourself to sense subjectively. Your intuition is a great tool for interacting with beings. We are all empathetic and sensitive to our surroundings to some extent. How well you can use that and interpret it depends on your beliefs and experience.This list is not exhaustive; you can find out about these and other tools that are available via books and the internet.

Making contact in a private locale, where you are alone or with one other person

In this section, I discuss the process of making contact when you are alone or with one other person to an interactive being, like a loved one, on “the other side”.

Before you begin

Before you try contacting interactive beings, I recommend that you:

To establish contact in a solitary session:

Making contact at a séance

At a séance, typically there is at least one medium or psychic to guide the event, and you may or may not use tools.

Making contact at a paranormal investigation

At a paranormal investigation, or “ghost hunt”, investigators intend to gather quantifiable data that indicates paranormal activity. I recommend you take a notebook so that you can write down your impressions and experiences to share with the group.

Your safety is a top priority:

At a paranormal investigation:

I do not recommend taking items for souvenirs from a locale, because it can provide an energy link, and is considered theft by owners of the locale used for the paranormal investigation.

Why do I want closure after communicating with an interactive being?

Gee, why would I want to send them off or leave them behind? It would be cool to have an interactive being stay with me. Interactive beings are not pets or slaves: they are separate, intelligent beings. If you do not close the communication correctly, they may choose to stay with you all the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Yup, even when you're in the bathroom.  Unfortunately energy beings without a body cannot always be shoved out the front door and then the door bolted. For this reason, your intent in contact situations is very important. When you set a clear intention at the beginning and end of an event, you are defining clearly for yourself and others the limits that are acceptable to you. If there was no initial intention set, then you can still discretely state your decision that the communication is closed.

There are no rules set in stone, but being self-confident and calm helps keep you grounded and safe.

In conclusion

It's unfortunate that perpetual skepticism means that the burden of proof is on those who believe that “ghosts” are real. You may not believe in “ghosts”. My intention when writing this article (yup, I set an intention), was not to make you believe they exist. Even though you may not believe that something is real, it can still be real to others. I can respect your right to believe that interactive beings are not real, and expect that you in turn will respect the right of others, like me, to believe that they are real. There are many research papers and books over the decades that have been published that detail the proof that there are interactive beings, and based on that proof alone, even if you are skeptical, you should approach any situations where people are attempting communication with respect.

We can learn so much from “the other side” about other beings, other places, and even ourselves. Through the ages, people have received inspiration, information, and even warnings of danger. On the flip side, people have been frightened, confused, and misinformed through interaction with “the other side”. Communicating with interactive beings, when done properly, offers you another way of understanding the universe.

For more information

Useful internet sites

A list of internet sites that I visit most often:

◦              Paranormal Team [UK] (

◦              GhostVillage (

◦              New England Ghost Project – Paranormal investigations


◦              Jeff Belanger - Author, Lecturer, Talk Show Host, and Legend Tripper


◦              Hollow Hill - Paranormal Research by Fiona Broome (


Hopkins, Linda M. Medium & Psychic Development

Reading list

This list includes some of the books that I have read that offer information on the paranormal and communication with interactive beings. There are many more, so you can use this list as a starting point.

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