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Shirley ValentinesTaverna - Plymouth Devon

Located upon New Street upon the Barbican this building has indeed been used for a number of different purposes. In more recent times it was known as the Robin Hood Club and I have been informed that this name has been a fashion with this Elizabethan building, as in 1823 it was also adeptly known as the Robin Hood Inn. Today it is home to Shirley Valentines Taverna which serves a delicious range of mouth-watering Greek and Turkish cuisine. I have had the pleasure of dinning at this Taverna in the past.


Amanda Percival is the current owner of Shirley Valentines Taverna. I have recently been in communication with her after making her acquaintance on one of my Plymouth Ghost Walks. Amanda mentioned that she has experienced a number of odd ghostly goings on since she took over the lease on the property in 2008 – I took the liberty of requesting Amanda in completing an interview form briefly describing what indeed has been witnessed by herself and others at the Taverna. The following is a brief description from the interview form in Amanda’s own words.

‘When we first took over the lease on the property in 2008 we undertook a few decorating / refurbishment jobs. Sometimes I would be there on my own decorating and I would get the impression and feeling of someone being in the room with me or coming up the stairs. I have heard footsteps on a number of occasions.

Since we have been open and trading both myself and other staff members have heard footsteps or movement on the first floor and both sets of staircases. I have caught a glimpse of a person’s outline and just the top of someone’s head going down the stairs. A member of staff has experienced items falling off a window sill and landing unnaturally when no one has been close to the window, which was also closed at the time. We did not feel frightened or threatened just intrigued.’


The activity at Shirley Valentines continues today as I too have been informed that an apparition of a woman has also been witnessed standing in one particular area of the upstairs eating area.


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