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Haunted Devon Covid-19 policy

This document contains all the current advice published regarding the practical steps Haunted Devon can use to ‘socially distance’ and keep our members safe once investigations recommence.

Haunted Devon

Haunted Devon Covid-19 policy

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As information and advice around the COVID-19 outbreak is changing and being updated regularly, this document is under constant review.

The aim of this document is to provide an itemised outline of what to consider when investigating and list the practical steps we can put in place to reduce the spread of the virus and keep everyone safe during investigations.

Our Strategy

The Government’s latest advice indicates that PPE in the form of face masks is no longer required to be worn, however, mask wearing will be left to the discretion of members should they wish to wear them.

Hand sanitiser will continue to be supplied for members to use.

Lateral Flow Testing

Currently lateral flow testing before an investigation is not a requirement.

Availability for investigations

With the current changes of Covid variants being highly infectious it is no longer viable for the club to offer refunds on booked events. As a non-profit club refunding would prove problematic if several members cancelled on an event and plunge the club into financial difficulty which could render the club unable to cover the cost of venue hire resulting in cancellation of the event and loss of deposits paid.

To recap refunds will no longer be given.

We do insist that if you feel unwell, show symptoms of cold or flu, out of respect for other members you do not attend. Anyone who does will refused entry.


Hand Washing and Sanitising

All members must make sure they wash or sanitise their hands regularly during investigations. We request that members sanitise their hands on arrival and at various times throughout the night. Equipment is to be wiped over with anti-bac wipes before and after vigils.


During Vigils

Each team will be issued with the following additional COVID-19 cleaning/sanitising products: hand sanitiser, tissues, bacterial wipes, clear waste bag for disposal wipes.



Cleaning materials provided by Haunted Devon will be made available and we expect each member to take responsibility for cleaning the items that they use before and after using them so that they are ready for the next person and for putting away.



In the event of anyone becoming ill on site, they should stop immediately, inform their team lead, and go straight home.

Anyone with an underlying / health condition must inform the committee. This is for health and safety reasons in case of a medical emergency/accident and professional medical attention is required we would have sufficient knowledge to pass on. Personal information will remain confidential under GDP regulations, unless required to be passed on to relevant health operatives in case of emergency.


Anyone grievously flouting the procedures within this policy or endangering the health of members by not following the guidelines and committee instruction, Haunted Devon reserve the right to refuse booking to the next investigation. If further disregard for the guidelines and members safety is continued, then that membership maybe called into question.

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