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Haunted Devon Covid-19 policy

This document contains all the current advice published regarding the practical steps Haunted Devon can use to ‘socially distance’ and keep our members safe once investigations recommence.

Haunted Devon

Haunted Devon Covid-19 policy

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As information and advice around the COVID-19 outbreak is changing and being updated regularly, this document is under constant review.

The aim of this document is to provide an itemised outline of what to consider when investigating and list the practical steps we can put in place to reduce the spread of the virus and keep everyone safe during investigations.

Our Strategy

The Government’s latest advice indicates that PPE in the form of face masks should be required to be worn when indoors in public places and when with people you wouldn’t normally have contact with. The use of hand sanitiser where hand washing facilities aren’t available. This puts the onus on Haunted Devon to design a COVID-19 secure investigating environment observing Government advice on:

  • strict adherence to social distancing practices
  • ensuring that government guidelines are followed whilst investigating to keep all attending safe.

Lateral Flow Testing

Everyone going to an investigation is required to do a lateral flow test before attending. Anyone with a positive test must isolate immediately, not attend and notify the committee and follow the correct procedure to register the result and follow government direction.

Report a COVID-19 rapid lateral flow test result - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Car sharing

Prior to the pandemic Haunted Devon encouraged members to car share and contribute towards the cost of fuel. Due to the current circumstance this is something we can no longer endorse.

Should members decide to car share we strongly advise follow Government guidelines: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-safer-travel-guidance-for-passengers#private-cars-and-other-vehicles. Haunted Devon must be informed of those who have travelled together to aid team allocations.

Social distancing

Social distancing measures are steps you can take to reduce social interaction between people and is aimed at helping reduce the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Currently the Government has reduced this to 2 metre.  Therefore, we request that all members, unless from the same household, maintain this distance from other members throughout the entire event.

Availability for investigations

Anyone who that believes they have any symptoms of the virus should self-isolate at home for 7 days. If someone in the members household become ill, they should self-isolate for 14 days. This is whether they have signs of coronavirus or not. If they then start to have signs of coronavirus themselves, they should stay at home and not meet up with other people for 7 days from when their signs started.

Any member who has booked an investigation and finds they must self-isolate must notify Haunted Devon. If you have been in contact with other members you must notify Haunted Devon for the safety of other members.

  • Number of bookings for investigations will wholly follow Government guidelines
  • Everyone attending an investigation will have their temperature checked on arrival. Those with a high temperature will be refused.


Attendance must be limited to numbers stipulated by the Government to maintain social distancing. Currently bookings will be kept to a maximum of 20 members, in addition to committee and venue representatives.

Access to Venues.

Where necessary, and dependent on venue, we will consider:

  • introducing staggered refreshment break times or separate base rooms to reduce congestion and contact
  • amending the number of access points
  • the arranging of one-way movement.

We also request that members do not attempt to enter venues until the stipulated arrival time and que outside. If weather conditions are forecast to be wet, windy or bad we will inform you of the procedure for entry. This may be to wait in your vehicle until called.

It is strongly advised that you follow the above measures as much as you can.

Hand Washing and Sanitising

All members must make sure they wash or sanitise their hands using either available facilities or the provided hand sanitiser:

  • when they arrive
  • when they have visited other areas
  • before and after vigils
  • after using the toilet
  • before they touch their food
  • prior to refreshment breaks and after
  • The minimum equipment is to be used allocating one piece of equipment per person and MUST be wiped over with anti-bac wipes before and after vigils while wearing gloves

. https://www.hse.gov.uk/news/assets/docs/talking-with-your-workers.pdf

  • and after shut down when leaving the location


It will be easier for members to bring their own refreshments at this time until further notice. Breaks should be staggered so that the distance of 2m can be observed between each person.

During Vigils

Members should avoid touching their eyes, nose or mouth, and always cough and sneeze into a tissue and bin it immediately. If this is not possible, they should cough/sneeze into the crook of their elbow. To carry out investigations safely, each team lead will be issued with the following additional COVID-19 cleaning/sanitising products:

  • hand sanitiser
  • tissues
  • bacterial wipes
  • disposable gloves
  • clear waste bag for disposal of gloves and wipes should be double-bagged, then stored securely for 72 hours then thrown away in the regular rubbish after cleaning is finished


Hands should be sanitised before and after loading and offloading equipment.


In order to minimise the possibility of transmission, consideration should be given to ‘cohorting’ wherever possible. In simple terms this just means trying, as far as is practicable, to keep the same groups or teams of people working together and/or travelling together. This way, the spread of any infection is limited to the smaller team rather than the whole group.


The areas where members are investigating should be kept well ventilated by opening doors and windows where practical to allow the air to circulate.

Two-handed tasks

Where two handed tasks are unavoidable members must:

  • wear appropriate PPE
  • undertake activities in short duration (15mins)
  • face away from each other if possible
  • work in consistent pairings to reduce transmission risk


Re-usable PPE/ Masks  should be thoroughly cleaned after use and not shared between members. Single use PPE should be disposed of so that it cannot be reused. All members apart from those who are medically exempt  will be required to supply and wear their own face masks to be worn during vigils and whilst indoors. These may ONLY be removed if outdoors, during love vigils, vigils with those from one household and when maintaining social distancing.  Sessions where mask removal will be possible will be organised.


Members should use their own equipment. Equipment allocated to one person must be cleaned before and after use. If it is necessary to hand equipment over to another member, it must be cleaned before handover using disposable gloves (if possible) and wipes.

Cleaning materials provided by Haunted Devon will be made available and we expect each member to take responsibility for cleaning the items that they use before and after using them so that they are ready for the next person and for putting away. 


In the event of one of the team becoming ill on site, the social distancing measure should ensure that other people are not infected but it is important to be extra vigilant. They should stop immediately, inform their team lead, and go straight home. Anybody that believes they have any symptoms of the virus should self-isolate at home for 7 days, and report to Haunted Devon that they are doing so as a result.

Anyone with an underlying or health conditions must inform the committee to aid in team allocation for your safety.

Any information provided to the committee will remain confidential under GDP regulations, unless required to be passed on to relevant health operatives in case of emergency. 

When NOT to attend an investigation:

Anyone who has travelled outside of the UK less than 2 weeks before an event will not be permitted to book or attend the investigation.

If you are unwell with any cold or flu like symptoms you will not be able to attend the investigation. Anyone turning up with symptoms will be refused.

If you have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 with in the last 14 days.

If you have a positive later flow test in which case you must isolate immediately, notify the committee register your result and follow the governments instruction.

Report a COVID-19 rapid lateral flow test result - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Additional notes:    

Those members who have come into contact with covid-19 or have cold or flu like symptoms will be issued a full refund prier to the event, the space can be relisted allowing other members to book. 

Protection and closing:

This will continue to be performed with members standing 2M apart with open hands held above and below. 


Members are requested to bring only one bag to investigations only in addition to handbags.

Event cancellation

As the Covid-19 situation changes Haunted Devon will have to cancel planed events in accordance with government guidelines and restrictions, in this circumstance a full refund to said events will be given to members. 

Anyone grievously flouting the procedures within this policy or endangering the health of members by not following the guidelines and committee instruction, Haunted Devon reserve the right to refuse booking to the next investigation. If further disregard for the guidelines and members safety is continued, then that membership maybe called into question.

Please remember-hands, face, space

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