The Flir thermal imager is a useful visual aid during investigations for detecting heat changes that cannot otherwise be seen,

Haunted Devon

Flir Thermal Imaging Camera

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This excerpt is from our New Palace Theatre report where a figure was captured with the Flir.

The venue representative cried out that he had seen a child who had appeared and ran around and stopped in the doorway.

As Abbie and Kelly walked over, a sound was heard which he confirmed was a stone that had been thrown at him. Abbie also saw an outline of a figure standing in the doorway to the gallery box and an evp was recorded that said “sweet boy”, and a clear class A evp was caught saying “I didn’t do that, I’m going”. Alex, a reporter from the Plymouth herald who had joined the team for the night, confirmed to Abbie that he had heard a man’s voice earlier coming from that vicinity when the music was being played. Whilst the team was talking a faint tapping sound was recorded along with the sound of something being moved was also heard by the group. Again. Paul saw the figure standing opposite them and whilst holding the thermal imager gave Alex directions that enabled him to stand next to the figure that was registered and captured on the thermal imager before it disappeared. Alex being included in the image helped to give a good example of normal temperature against that of the figure presenting and also eliminate the possibility of a reflection. The thermal imager pictures that were captured are shown below. Note the orange colour on the first image to the left, this is Paul’s finger as he pointed out the figure and shows how his body temperature registered. The yellow/lime colour indicates a cooler temperature. The shades of blue are the registration of colder temperatures. Kelly continued calling out and asked the boy for his name, an evp was captured in response saying “James”. Another evp was recorded, this time with a foreign accent, either German or Austrian saying “come out”. 

In this image, you can clearly see the orange and yellow heat signature of an investigator in the foreground. The pale blue of the figure in the background reveals it does not radiate any heat at all. Below are two more thermal pictures that were taken.

In this picture we not only see the ice blue figure, we now have the heat signature of a person in yellow investigating. Notice how the blue figure appears to be fading.

A voice was recorded saying “leave him be, they’re hanging me, come to me” as one of the team informed Kelly she saw a man upstairs. The team tried using the spirit voice box during which both Alex and Andrew said they felt they were being watched from the box. Abbie started to call out and an evp was captured saying “where she gone, should’ve called her”. Alex tells the group that he had been seeing black shadows moving from left to right which was also seen by Andrew and Christa.  Paul called out to the team that he was seeing a figure standing approx. 4ft in front of him. Paul shared that he felt something was holding his hand as one felt colder than the other. The thermal imager gave a temperature reading of 35, 36.5 degrees from his stomach and 30, 29, 28, 31 degrees on the hand he felt was being gripped by a spirit. Abbie heard walking below on the ground floor and Alex noticed movement as he saw the laser dots disappear and an evp was captured to say, “they need you”. The team continued to listen and call out Abbie noticed a flash of light.