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Why choose Haunted Devon? Well we are an well established team with over 15 years of experience in the paranormal.

Many groups do not have insurance required to lead investigation and you should always question groups that are not open about this - it is after all a basic requirement. We always carry out a health and safety inspection and carry a first aid equipment together with the skills to use it - Your safety and well being is of paramount importance to us.

Most of our investigations will take place at night as this is when paranormal activity tends to be at its highest however occasionally we will also carry out investigations early morning or at dusk. The venue will have been chosen and the team members normally meet near the site for a meal.
Investigations can be extremely tiring - with many hours in darkness we can never guarantee that you will see anything so a meal and "scooby snacks" are a must. We tend to arrive early, preferably in daylight, so that the baseline walk around can be carried out by our technical team. Throughout this time the team will acquaint themselves with the building or site layout and record temperature and EMF readings in various areas. This information is used to ensure an entirely scientific approach.

On completion of the baseline walk - we either use a spiritualist medium or our own dowsing techniques to confirm the presence of spiritual activity. From hereon the investigation begins with a variety of experiments such as dark vigils, dowsing if appropriate. We always ensure that the group respects the venue and will never undertake any activity that may place the group at risk.



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Paranormal Equipment http://haunted-devon.co.uk/79-features/144-paraequip.html http://haunted-devon.co.uk/79-features/144-paraequip.html

Paranormal Equipment 

What equipment is used in the world of the “Paranormal Investigator” and why do we use them? After all nothing you can purchase today is said to be able to prove outright the existence of ghosts, Because we are always told ghosts don’t exist, Right? 

Firstly whether you are a believer or sceptic we should always think rationally of what could cause the unexplained noises, sightings and strange goings on that are reported at locations, and some of the equipment used is to rule out other possibilities or as the television programmes like to call it debunk! While other equipment allows us to collect evidence of events.           

So let’s look at what equipment is used by an investigator and why? And what does EMF, EVP and White Noise all mean?

Let’s start with Meters and the EMF Meter:

EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field, which an invisible, physical field is created by electrically charged objects; all electrical devices such as appliances, mobile phones, power lines will generate EMF, and is often present, even when the device is switched off.

The theory behind EMF’s and paranormal activity is that a high and unexplained EMF reading could be an indicator that something is going on that cannot be explained, such as paranormal activity.

It is believed that when a spirit is manifesting it draws energy from the available electrical fields around it. By drawing on external electrical fields, that spirit would then register its own detectable EMF. These fields would of course then be measured using an EMF meter.

For an EMF reading to be considered a potential indicator of paranormal activity it needs to be unexplained -meaning it didn’t come from wiring, nearby appliances or another explainable reason.

The most common EMF meters used today are the K2 meter and Trifield

The K2 uses lights as an indication of a change in the electromagnetic field, ranging from Green to Red in colour as the field becomes stronger, whereas the Trifield Meter uses a needle, called Trifield as it can measure and detect 3 different types of fields, 1) Magnetic, 2) Electrical, and 3) Radio/Microwave   The meter is typically used for measuring EMF pollution such as poorly earthed wiring, microwave ovens, power lines, TVs, computers and other electronic equipment, high EMF readings can affect our health and result in paranoia, sleep disorders, dizziness, heart palpitations, vision problems, headaches, high blood pressure and a general feeling of uneasiness, which are some of the things that can be experienced during an investigation, so the Trifield meter is a very useful tool to pinpoint sources of EMF and its levels.    It is important on any investigation to first take base line readings at the location; this is to measure EMF, Temperature, and levels of Radiation prior to the investigation, so we can readily differentiate anomalous readings during the investigation.    

A compass could also be used during an investigation as they are affected by magnetic fields, in theory if a ghost gives off electro-magnetic fields this could cause the needle of the compass to change direction or spin.

Other meters you may come across in Paranormal Investigations are:

Air Ion Counter Large concentrations of air ions of both positive and negative charges have been at some locations where paranormal activity has been reported. Charged Ions have been linked to unusual lights and glows.

Geiger Counters, which monitor radiation levels as its thought that ghosts may give off radiation.

The E-Pod is designed to detect static electricity. Static electricity is the build up of electrical charges on the surface of an object or material and can consist of extremely high voltage. People often comment on feeling the hair standing up on their arms or the back of their neck and this product aims to detect the invisible E-Fields that can be a cause this sensation.


Digital thermometers play an important role in paranormal investigations, used for base lines reports to record a standard temperature before investigation, and during, as in theory the presence of a ghost or spirits can be detected based on their manipulation of the temperature in the room, and when a spirit decides to manifest itself, it must generate or draw the energy from the environment around it, and when it does it leaves behind an absence of heat , also referred to as a "cold spot" it is also very useful for finding sources of temperature changes such as gaps in skirting boards or around door frames, which could explain drafts and temperature differences.

Data Loggers are a great little device for capturing data on temperature, humidity and dew over a period of time, connected to a PC later where the data can be graphed and exported to other applications, normally not seen as they are generally put in place by the team setting up the equipment prior to the investigation. 


What about Sound and what is EVP?

EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena, which is an electronically generated noise/ voice that is mainly captured on a digital or analogue recorders, the voices or sounds are not heard at the time of recording, as the theory is that ghosts and spirits communicate with us on a different frequency wave than our ears and brain can detect, it is only when the recording is played back that the voices are heard.

Most people choose to use a digital recorder as they can be quickly connected to a pc and files exported to a software package where they can be played or edited to highlight certain parts of the audio file, you are also able to mark reference points on digital recorders, they are much quieter than the analogue recorders which require tapes, which will give 30/45 or 60 minutes recording time per tape, where the digital recorder will generally give 10 hours plus, plenty enough for a nights investigation and the sound quality will be much better with digital.

For me this is easily one of the most invaluable pieces of equipment as a paranormal investigator, not only have I captured some unexplained EVP’s but it makes the reports I write after each investigation so much easier when you can reference back to what was heard at what time etc.    

I said EVP is mainly captured on some type of audio recorders, but there are some devices available Which claim to be able to generate EVP as a result of EMF/Temperature changes and white noise. 

What’s White Noise? In essence, white noise is produced by combining sounds of all audible frequencies to the human ear together at the same time and the same density, resulting in a smooth wash of sound with no distinguishing patterns or features, think of an analogue radio or television when it doesn’t have a signal, you have that hissing sound and snowy effect on the screen, that itself is white noise, a classic example of that would be in the 1982 film “Poltergeist” where the little girl is staring at the TV screen, white noise is said to actually attract and draw in paranormal spirits, who then manipulate it into forming words.

One of the devices available which works on the white noise theory is Franks Box originally created by Frank Sumption, also known as a Ghost Box, Spirit Box or a Broken Radio.

The ghost box is a modified digital radio, modified in a way that it continuously scans radio signals without stopping at any stations, hopefully picking out words as it scans the radio frequencies, there are 2 theories about the voices or sounds that can be heard, firstly the spirit is picking out words and sounds from radio stations and attempts to create audible responses to our questions, the second theory is that the white noise it generates allows the ghost to communicate through the device in their own voice.

Another device in the “sound” category of Paranormal equipment is the Ovilus, which is a device that works by measuring changes in the environmental energy fields around it through a combination of EMF and Temperature changes. 

It modifies the energy changes and calculates it to a number; that number is then referenced to a database of words built into the device and presents it as audible speech using a synthesizer chip.

The database can vary depending on its model, the original model had 500 words in its database following models and other variations of the Ovilus such as the Puc or Ovilus X would allow for 2,000 words in its database, it also have other modes such as Phonetic , where there are no programmed words.

Videos & Photography

It’s probably everybody’s wish to come aware from an investigation capturing something on video or in a photo, and some do so it’s very important to remember that the investigation itself is only Part 1 of the whole experience, Part 2 is the actually analysis of audio/video footage where you often hear or see things that you didn’t realise at the time.

You don’t need to splash the cash and purchase high end DSLR’s, any compact camera with more than 3 million pixels will do an equally fine job, and they needn’t be digital cameras, a 35mm camera using negative film is actually better if you do capture something, as the original negative cannot be manipulated or altered in the way a digital image can on a pc.       

BUT Please! Please!  Stop and think where you are when taking photos, you are in a dark location and the flash on the camera will go off, so please warn other people around you that you are taking a photograph and just say “eyes” which will allow them to close or shield their eyes and not get blinded.

The camcorder, a great invention and used by many Paranormal Investigation Teams, not only can they record events of the evening but during playback you might be surprised to have captured light anomalies.

Favoured camcorders by Paranormal Investigators are ”Sony” as many of the older models have Nightshot or Nightshot Plus features which allow you to record in total darkness using Infrared technology, if your camcorder doesn’t have this feature it will not record or be able to focus in total darkness.

There is a measure on camcorders as to how much low light sensitivity it can record called (Lux (lumens per square metre) the lower the Lux rating your camcorder has, the better it will cope in low light situations, so a rating of 0 would be better than a rating of 5 and might be capable of recoding at dusk in available light, but even 0 Lux won’t record in darkness, it needs to have the Nightshot feature. 

Camcorders come in various recording formats, Tape, DVD-R and Hard Drive, personally I would choose the hard drive version, it’s quieter in operation, can record for longer and easier to transfer the footage to PC.   

 The Nightshot feature on the Sony camcorders is great, but has a limited distance of about 6-8ft and won’t be able to focus beyond that. Additional I.R or Infrared lights can be used to extend that but many manufacturers branded ones will rely on using the camcorders own power source, and can quickly drain your batteries. 

Another Infrared light can be used which uses is own rechargeable lithium batteries, but again expect to get about 60mins before they need recharging. 


I great little device you no doubt see more of on the investigations is a Laser Grid Pen, works like a kaleidoscope, by adjusting the end cap you can create different patterns to project on a wall, this is particularly useful for capturing shadow movements, perhaps in cellars or stairwells, anything that passes between the pen and the wall/stairs will disrupt the pattern and could be recorded on video.  

Thermal Imaging Camera On every investigators wish list, you won’t see many around because of how expensive these are to buy, but I know a team member has one, so let’s see what it does: Despite the implication of the name, a thermal imaging camera does not actually see temperature. Instead, it shows the infrared energy difference between objects, in which a hotter object appears brighter and a cooler object appears darker.

As the thermal imaging cameras capture energy, not light, they can easily be used in total darkness.

It has the ability to capture and indicate that a spirit may be present that would otherwise go undetected by the naked eye.

Motion Sensors A motion sensor or detector is an electronic device that contains a physical trigger mechanism or electronic sensor t that can alert the user of the presence of a moving object within the field of view, or magnetic influence, the Infrared and PIR type systems often used in homes and businesses for security and have been adopted by paranormal groups for investigations, these all work well in rooms not currently being used during an investigation.  

Infrared Motion Detectors uses a beam of Infrared light from a transmitter to a receiver, if the beam is broken an audio, visual light will alert it has been triggered.

Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR) currently used in most homes and business for their security.

The sensor is able to recognize a thermal infrared image, which usually starts the transmission of an alarm signal back to the unit’s receiver.

Quite a new device that has come on the market is the Ultra-Sonic Pyramid Motion Detector .The motion detector is able to use sound energy in order to detect movement either side of it.  

The ultrasonic sound energy is emitted in waves, when the sensor detects movement, the sound waves are disrupted, which triggers the sensor, works on the same principle as reversing sensors on your car bumper, this device also highlights the closeness of the movement and which direction it is coming from.


A geophone measures the slightest vibrations, so can be useful in detecting footsteps, knocking sounds.


You can also use it as a way to communicate with the spirit by having them tap or knock and light up the lights

Non-Electronic/Digital Devices

Not all the tools used by Paranormal Investigations are electronic and digital gadgets, so let’s look at what else is used.

 As simple as it may seem, if there is only item you could take with you, it’s your notepad and pen, making notes during the investigations, and timings of when something happened whether it is a noise or just somebody sensing a name, write it down, you may not be the only ones who pick up on these, and any sounds, visual lights can be referenced back to the audio/video that is recording throughout the investigation.

Dowsing Rods One rod is held lightly in each hand, while walking, the rods will pull one way or the other, one should follow in the direction it is pointing to and the rods will cross in the presence of paranormal activity (or a water source). It is believed that spirits hold an electric currency and the rods are attracted to that.

Glass Divination is similar to the Ouija Board except there are no letters or numbers involved.

A Glass Divination experiment can be conducted with probably a minimum of 4 people around a table with an upturned glass; all participants put one finger on the glass and call out to any spirits that are present in the room to move the glass.

Séances usually held in complete darkness or by a low light. The sitters sit in a circle around a table with their hands placed flat on the table with each little finger touching the next person, or alternatively people can stand in a circle holding hands, either way this circle creates collective energy and this is said to attract ghosts to the room, ghosts can use this energy to create paranormal energy. A participant then asks out for a spirit to come forward and make themself known, various things can happen when a séance is being held, knocks, bangs, voices, cold spots.

Table Tipping A team is asked to sit or stand around a table with their hands placed flat on the table with each little finger touching the next person to form a complete circle

The spirit is then asked to move the table and show the team how much energy it has, by moving and tipping the table.

Mirror Scrying Scrying involves seeing spiritual faces and energy in a mirror, one person needs to stand or sit facing the mirror in candlelight, staring into the mirror it is believed that the person's face will change.

Ouija Board, pronounced wee-ja

Quite a few stories relating to its origin, some believe it was Invented by a coffin maker in the 1800s calling it Ouija thinking it was Egyptian for luck! Others claim it was invented in Europe taking its name from the French word oui meaning “yes” and German ja also meaning “yes”, other stories links its origin with the Chinese and in the USA.

The board consists of the letters of the Alphabet, Numbers 0-9, Yes/No and Hello/Goodbye   Tales of the Ouija Board have caused many to fear it. Some believe that evil spirits will come through and harm or even possess the user, opening portals or gateways to other realms; others believe that its usage may invite harmful ghosts to haunt one's house, or that bad luck may ensue after using the Ouija Board.

Have to admit this isn’t something I have used myself and have no intention of doing so, while similar to glass divination, there you are in control of the reaction you will get, as you ask yes/no questions and the glass will perhaps move accordingly, with the Ouija Board the spirit can spell out anything it desires.

And finally if there is one thing that is essential on any investigation, make sure you take a good torch, you will be walking from one area to another in total darkness, and the ground may be uneven and have steps.

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Haunted Devon Legal Statement http://haunted-devon.co.uk/members/legal/haunted-devon-legal-statement.html http://haunted-devon.co.uk/members/legal/haunted-devon-legal-statement.html

Haunted Devon Legal

Mission Statement

"Haunted Devon is committed to providing sound and reliable paranormal investigative skills in order to increase awareness of the paranormal in Devon. Our goal is to become one of the leading paranormal teams in the country and to continually advance and develop upon our skill set. Our promise to you is that we will always do our best to foster a good working relationship between those that believe and those who are sceptical and to deliver investigations that are respectful, accurate and above all safe for all who attend." Affiliation

Haunted Devon are NOT affiliated to ANY other paranormal group. Whilst we may share information with those groups it should not be seen as affiliation. We will always assist other groups on investigation to the best of our ability. General

Haunted Devon have taken every care in the preparation of the content of this website. All information and materials that this website contains are provided in good faith. All information and materials on this website are for your general information and use only and do not constitute any advice or recommendation. You should not rely upon any information or materials on this website in making or refraining from making any specific decision.

Haunted Devon reserves the right to make changes and corrections to any part of the content of this website at any time without notice.  Access to this website (including the use of any information on it) is entirely at your own risk. Whilst Haunted Devon makes every effort to keep the information on this web site accurate, we disclaim any warranty or representation, express or implied about its accuracy, completeness or appropriateness for a particular purpose. Thus you assume full responsibility for using the information at this web site.

Website Links

Haunted Devon is not responsible for the contents or reliability of linked websites and does not necessarily endorse the views expressed within them. Listing shall not be taken as endorsement of any kind. We cannot guarantee that these links will work all of the time and we have no control over availability of the linked pages.

We do not object to you linking directly to this website and you do not need permission to do so. We do however expect that you respect our copyright and any material used is fully credited to Haunted Devon.  Material marked copyright of another is NOT to be used.

Virus Protection

Whilst we make every effort to check material hosted on this website, it is always wise to run an anti-virus program on all material downloaded from the Internet. We cannot accept responsibility for any loss, disruption or damage to your data or your computer system which may occur whilst using material derived from this website.

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Press Interest overview http://haunted-devon.co.uk/78-features/haunted-devon-content/121-press.html http://haunted-devon.co.uk/78-features/haunted-devon-content/121-press.html


Devon Life - The team appear in Devon Life October 2011




BBC Radio Devon - Graham appears on BBC Radio Devon - Plymouth Morning Show



BBC Radio Devon - Live broadcast Ian Brass

A live broadcast from Torrington 1646 - Byron Jackson and Gavin Cromwell speak to Ian Brass about the evenings investigation at the Black Horse Inn and Cavalier Inn - Torrington.



Haunted Devon Press release Torrington Investigation - 20th February 2008

Spirited investigation


20 February 2008

CROMWELL came to Torrington during Saturday's night's commemoration, in the form of descendant and TV psychic medium Gavin Cromwell.

He joined paranormal investigators from Haunted Devon, hoping the noisy re-enactment night would raise some of Torrington's ghosts of the past.

They investigated key sites, joined by members of The Sealed Knot re-enactment group and local Civil War historians from Torrington 1646.

Byron Jackson of Haunted Devon said they had had an interesting evening with some good recordings and visuals such as lights at two of the town's pubs, the Black Horse and The Cavalier.

Among these, he said, Gavin had experienced a pain and reddening on the right side of his face while in The Black Horse, but which ceased when he left the pub. The pub is believed to have been the headquarters of Royalist general Lord Hopton, who suffered a pike blow to the face during the conflict.

The medium had also commented about a castle at Barley Grove "which should not have been there." Information from the 1646 centre revealed that, indeed, a castle had been built, pulled down, rebuilt and pulled down again, having not been given the necessary permission by the king, said Mr Jackson. "This was not a well-known fact and not something that Gavin could have known in advance."

They had also picked up on children in upper rooms at The Cavalier and the scent of lavender at The Black Horse, which two mediums independently attributed to a long-gone flower seller named Emma, he said.

They would be back.



Haunted Devon Press release Torrington Investigation - 11th January 2008


Spooky goings-on to mark battle anniversary

By Matthew Colledge

A DEVON-based paranormal team will be targeting several locations in Torrington on the anniversary of one of the most prominent Civil War battles in the South-West.

On the evening of February 16, 1646, a parliamentarian army led by General Fairfax took Torrington from royalist control.

In addition to the deaths from the initial skirmish, many parliamentarian and royalist soldiers where killed when a stray spark ignited 80 barrels of gunpowder that had been stored in the local church.

Byron Jackson, who will lead the Haunted Devon paranormal team around locations including The Cavalier Inn and The Black Horse, said: "We are delighted that the people of Torrington have allowed us to investigate at several key sites within the town on the anniversary of the battle.

"There have been some strange happenings in previous years and we hope that the anniversary may serve as a catalyst for paranormal activity."



Haunted Devon Press release - Haunted Australia - 21st October 2007


Australian event - THURSDAY NOVEMBER 1st - 11am onwards!

Haunted Australia are proud to announce, in cooperation with BBC Radio Devon, Haunted Devon, Ghost Village and New England Ghost Project, a global event where three continents will be holding a global investigation and streaming live!

The cast and crew of Haunted Australia will be linking LIVE to our colleagues from the New England Ghost Project - Boston US and Haunted Devon - UK, for what promises to be an exciting paranormal event with interaction from around the world.

Haunted Australia will be streaming from the Theatre Royal in Castlemaine, Victoria which is reputed to be haunted by several spirits. This venue is also available for scheduled night ghost tours held by the highly reputable group, Hide & Seek. Tours are held regularly and have proven to be very popular so secure your spot quickly because it’s guaranteed to be a very interesting experience for all!



Haunted Devon Press release - TOGINET - US - 21st October 2007

October 31st, 2007

Three Continents – Three Ghost Hunting Teams – One Unbelievable Night

This Halloween join Haunted Devon (England), Haunted Australia (Australia), and The New England Ghost Project (United States) for a night of extraordinary intrigue as they take you on a journey into the realm of unknown, unexplained, and the unbelievable. Become a virtual member of their teams, as you witness their investigations unfold via a unique web cam broadcast. You will even be able to interact with the teams via a special chat room on Ghostvillage.

So tune in this Halloween, to www.haunteddevon.com, www.mysticalguides.com, www.neghostproject.com, and www.ghostvillage.com to catch every heart-pounding minute of this astounding event.



Haunted Devon appear on GHOST CHRONICLES - 20th October 2007

BJ interviewed by Ron Kolak

Listen "Live" to "The Ghost Chronicles" every Friday (10 PM - Midnight EST) on www.toginet.com Call in with your questions and stories at: (877) 864-4869 Also tune in to the paranormal news with Chris Balzano of Massachusetts Paranormal Crossroads brought to you in part by Ghostvillage.com



Haunted Devon appear in DEVON LIFE - June 2007 The team appear in Devon Life



Plymouth Sound Radio - Morning Crew - 11th April 2007 BJ appears with the morning crew on PS radio.



BBC Radio Devon - The Ghost's of the Devil's Stone Inn - 9th April 2007

An hour long special presented by BBC Radio Devon's Pippa Quelch



HDTV - US Cable Company - 5th November 2006

Filming with ten80 productions - France for US cable HDTV in the US



BBC Radio Devon 4th November 2006

Pippa Quelch with the team at the Devils Stone Inn



ITV Westcountry 1st November 2006

Shelley Phillips with the team at the Minerva Inn - Plymouth



ITV Westcountry 31st October 2006

Shelley Phillips with the team at the Minerva Inn - Plymouth




BBC Spotlight 31st October 2006

Johnny Rutherford filming the team at Plymouth Gin



Paranormal Magazine - September 2006

A 9 page article regarding Haunted Devon's Investigation at Plymouth Gin. Also a 1/8th Page advert total cost around £18000 in value.



Plymouth Herald Thursday August 24th 2006

Sir Francis Drake, Sir Walter Raleigh and the Pilgrim Fathers may be ghosting into one of Plymouth's oldest pubs next month.

Customers and staff at the Minerva Inn, on the Barbican, say there have been strange goings-on in the past so new owner Lesley Bunce is calling in a paranormal investigation team.

She wants to know once and for all if the old place has more spirits than she thought.

She has invited the Haunted Devon ghost busting team to check out the property. She said: "I believe that there is something there but I want to find out more.

"There is so much history at the pub and so many people tell me they have seen, heard or felt something that I am sure something is there.

“But I will be joining the investigation and I hope that we can find some sort of evidence of ghosts."

Ms Bunce acquired the Looe Street public house - which was built in 1520 - just three weeks' ago.

She was born and raised on the Barbican but spent 18 years running establishments in Tanzania, Africa, before returning to her roots.


She says she has only seen a couple of pictures fall off walls so far, but she has already heard a plethora of stories.

She says the man who sold her the property said he had seen all sorts of things. She also reckons a lot of staff and customers have experienced ghostly goings-on like loud bumps from upstairs and figures of people in doorways.

One ghost who has been seen in the past few weeks is a man who appears on the landing and doesn't like women.

Another is a lady who always stands in the office doorway and wears grey clothes.

Legend says that Sir Francis Drake enjoyed soup in the bar area - and his ghost has been spotted at the pub by customers and staff in the past.

The building, which is actually structured around the mast of an old ship, is one of the oldest in Plymouth - the oldest being the nearby King's Head at Bretonside.

The investigation will take place on September 9, between 11pm and 6am, but it is by invite only.

Heat sensors have already been installed by Haunted Devon - who will be on Westcountry TV on Friday in a Believe It or Not programme - and will monitor changes in temperature over the next two weeks before the big event.

Last year ghost group Magic2k teamed up with the Evening Herald at Plympton's Boringdon Hall. More than 50 'orbs' were caught on camera and strange sounds were heard during the investigation.

This time Ms Bunce wants as much proof as possible. She said: "I'm looking forward to it. This isn't a big investigation for Haunted Devon but it should be interesting.

"Who knows? In two weeks I could be talking to Sir Francis Drake or Walter Raleigh!"


Sir Francis Drake. It is believed he ate his last bowl of soup at the Minerva before facing the Armada.

Sir Walter Raleigh. He is known to have enjoyed a few meals in the pub.

Sir Humphrey Gilbert. The adventuring half-brother of Walter Raleigh also spent time at the Barbican tavern.

The Pilgrim Fathers. It is likely that some of them ate at the inn before leaving for the New World.

Press-gangers. The pub was a notorious haven for press gangers.






Byron appears in a Two part series for ITV Westcountry




Sunday Independent - August 2006




Our January 06 Devils Stone Investigation appears as a feature.



Plymouth Herald 28th June 2006




ITV Westcountry News - 6th July 2006



Haunted Devon Content Thu, 13 Oct 2011 14:14:34 +0100
Salem Chapel Investigation 2007 - Restricted Access http://haunted-devon.co.uk/78-features/haunted-devon-content/105-salem2007.html http://haunted-devon.co.uk/78-features/haunted-devon-content/105-salem2007.html

Salem Chapel - East Budleigh - Devon

Investigation Foreword Everyone will have no doubt heard of the Salem witch trials?  Salem in the USA the  was founded by a Devonshire man called Roger Connant who was born in East Budleigh Devon  in 1592.  The dissenters faith had spread and in the 16th and 18th centuries following a breakaway from State interference on matters of religion many dissenters left the UK in order to establish a new way of life in the USA.  From June to September of 1692 in Salem 19 women and men were sentenced to death by hanging for witchcraft.  This is probably one of the most well known witch trials recorded today.

Whilst the connections with the current Chapel in East Budleigh and Salem Chapel are currently tenuous both of them (UK and USA Chapels) were apparently originally built around a tree as was the custom of the dissenters at that time. Although the current Chapel dates from 1719 it is likely that the site was worshipped on prior to that date.  The chapel hold many secrets and Haunted Devon will be carrying out a long term investigation at this wonderful location.

Byron - Founder Haunted Devon


Investigation Place: Salem Chapel - East Budleigh - Devon

Date: 03 March 2007 Time: 1800 hrs - 0500 hrs

Weather Damp and slight rain.

Moon state: Full Moon:   Mar 3, 2007 11:18 PM Percent of Full: 100% Age: 50% Rise: 5:40 PM Set: 6:54 AM Luner eclipse

Temperature Readings A data and humidity logger was set in the fireplace area and recorded readings at 1 minute intervals. A selection of readings and the outline graph appear below: Time 2023: 17 degrees  66% humidity. 0109: 16 degrees 67.5% humidity. 0440: 25 degrees 68.0% humidity.


Haunted Devon’s latest investigation led them to Salem Chapel East Budleigh, Devon– A place where locals fear to tread. The night was clear and cold and with a Lunar Eclipse due to take place before midnight the investigation promised much and for once the investigation team was not to be disappointed.

Salem Chapel dates back to 1719 and stands on the edge of East Budleigh, the birthplace of Sir Walter Raleigh, in South Devon. The site is comprised of two buildings, the chapel itself complete with small vestry and a small schoolroom. There is also a tiny graveyard by the chapel.   Salem Chapel has recently undergone an extensive programme of renovation but the inside still retains the atmosphere of centuries past.  The Chapels past is one where smuggling played a major role. The minister from 1768 to 1807 was Samuel Leat, reputably a man made wealthy from the illicit gains of smuggling. After Samuels death in 1817 a scandal arose over embezzled funds and the suppression of his will leading to the desecration of his grave in 1818 when the coffin was dug up and wrecked and the body mangled.  Maybe Samuel’s spirit still resides at Salem as the night was to give the investigators of Haunted Devon many spooky moments and leave all who went there with much to talk about. As is normal practice for Haunted Devon, a small advance party comprising of Byron, Brian and Caz (Haunted Devon’s Mediumship advisor) left Plymouth early to carry out a baseline test and set up equipment including CCTV night vision cameras, audio recorders and data loggers at the Chapel. They were met there by Eileen, another medium, and Andrew who was on his first investigation with the club.

After contacting Kathy, the key holder of the chapel, Byron and Brian busied themselves setting up the equipment and carrying out a baseline test while Caz and Eileen walked around both buildings to get a feel of the place.  Caz at one point during her walk round was sitting in the chapel up in the left hand balcony; she reported hearing very faint knocking sounds. As she sat in the far left hand corner of the balcony, it felt to her as if she was being watched from behind, at one point she reports that she felt so cold that she started to shiver and had a prickling sensation all over. She felt as if she wanted to throw herself over the balcony, She had been to the Chapel once before and did not experience this on that visit.   With all tasks accomplished, they then spent time with Kathy who regaled them with tales of strange happenings at the chapel along with playing back tape recordings of EVP’s that she has frequently captured there.

By 2000 hrs all of the team had assembled in the schoolhouse but Kathy’s knowledge of the Chapel along with her tales of ghostly happenings and her captured EVP’s which she had brought with her were to hold everyone’s interest for another hour. Haunted Devon strongly believes in taking as many precautions as they can. One of these is psychic protection and Eileen asked the entire group to hold hands while she performed a ritual designed to protect the group from any harm a spirit might be capable of doing. Byron then gave a health and safety briefing. At 2100Hrs, the investigators then made their way into the chapel and spread themselves around it. Some made there way to sit in the pews around the upper balcony area while the rest covered the ground floor area. They didn’t have to wait long before things began to happen. Cathy switched off the lights for the right hand side of the chapel which also switched of the left hand side lighting as well; Cathy confirmed that this should not have happened as both sides have independent switches. Nobody was near the switches and therefore this odd occurrence could not be explained.

Byron manned the TV and sound consoles. These were connected to night vision cameras placed around the ground floor and a microphone also on the ground floor. Byron seems to be particularly adept at getting a reaction from spirits when asking them to make themselves known and continually asked any spirit to show themselves as a light or by making a noise. At 2115 hrs he reported seeing lights and orbs on his monitor but nobody else could see them with the naked eye. Members of the team suddenly start to feel cold but all thermometers including non contact ones give the temperature as 25 C. Several of the sensitive's on the team feel that a male energy is present with us. Byron continues to ask the spirits to make a noise to indicate their presence and a loud bang is heard as if someone was knocking on the wooden pews. This was quickly followed by the sound of footsteps ascending the right hand staircase at 2125Hrs.  Brian, from his vantage point on the left hand side of the upper balcony now saw a shadow moving by the Vestry doorway on the ground floor on the opposite side of the chapel and Caz confirms that she can also see it.  Caz and Helen decide to go into the Vestry to see if any activity can be caught in there. They sat and asked any spirits to make themselves known. They both report hearing a sigh, and various light anomalies were seen by them with the naked eye. Caz began to be aware of a young girl spirit present with them, possibly from the Victorian era. She felt this girl was alone here and needed some help. The ladies invited her to come nearer to them and Caz asked if she would like to sit on their laps. After a short while Caz reports feeling a pressure and tingling sensations over her knees, which went very cold. Caz then asked the little girl to go and sit on Helens lap, and immediately felt her knees begin to warm up again warm while Helen felt her knees go very cold and tingly. The spirit of a young girl was also to make her presence felt later in the night.

While Caz and Helen where in the vestry Eileen made her way onto the pulpit as she has sensed that a spirit may be spending much of its time there and at 2135 Hrs Byron sees a light orb by her. The knocking noises are still continuing seemingly in response to Byron’s prompting. Brian has noticed that his trifield EMF meter is now flickering in the magnetic spectrum with fluctuating readings peaking at 6 gauss. Footsteps are once more heard on the right hand staircase and a loud groan is also heard by all at 2150 hrs. At 2200 hrs everyone feels the need for a break so the team now head back to the schoolroom except for Brian who has decided to carry out a lone vigil in the balcony area of the Chapel where he would have a good view of the ground floor. Brian has carried out many lone vigils in some of England’s more notorious haunted locations and has never felt, heard or seen anything to worry him. This vigil was different however and almost immediately after the last person has departed he feels the hairs on his neck stand up and is overcome with the most unnerving feeling. He asks any spirit to identify itself and immediately one of the small lights at the south end of the balcony goes out with a loud ‘pop’. He has the feeling that something is very close behind him, this is something he has never felt before and after 15 minutes of the vigil he is so unnerved that he leaves the chapel to rejoin the others. Helen then went out the chapel to carry out a lone vigil.  She had never done one before and was quite nervous. She sat in the chair by the monitoring equipment at the back of the chapel. This she did in silence for about 7 minutes. She was glancing at the monitors when she saw a very large orb on the monitor. She gave its location about 3 feet in front of her between where she was seated and the back row of pews. Plucking up courage she then asked for any spirit to show their presence and was rewarded by seeing two tiny blue lights shoot across the room in front of the central pillar. She then heard a click to her right and also heard a door closing to the rear right hand corner of the chapel with the sound of a latch being lifted and 4 to 5 footsteps on the upper gallery again on the right side of the chapel. At this point she found herself wanting to leave which she quickly did.

Andy also carried out a lone vigil in the vestry later in the night and reports feeling an overwhelming sense of total and utter despair, a completer hopelessness. A spirit of a young girl Emily was sensed by him and Andy feels that Emily was trying to communicate what had happened to her. Andy feels that Emily had a disability in that she was deaf and because of this was physically abused and was raped. He got the sense that this started quite early on in her young life as a punishment because of her deafness and things got quite out of hand. Andy felt Emily was very isolated and very, very, alone, she had no one she could turn to. Andy sensed that all the abuse took place in the vestry. This theme was to resurface later during a session of glass divination. During the break time is taken to watch the eclipse of the moon. The night is clear and still and the eclipse is a spectacular sight which all of the team would have liked to stay and watch but the name of the game is investigating haunted places so with some reluctance the investigators finish their tea and once again make their way into the eerie chapel at 2230 hrs. Byron once again tries to illicit responses from any spirits, gently egging them on to make some noise or show themselves as a light. Bangs and knocks are still heard by all of the team which seemingly come in response to Byron’s voice and at 2240 a loud bang is heard and Byron sees a light anomaly in the centre of the chapel. Over the next 15 minutes lights are seen by Caz and Byron and also captured on camera. Caz also hears a noise by the Vestry. At 2250 hrs in an attempt to get a greater response from the ghostly occupants a circle is formed by the team members on the ground floor around the central support pillar. The idea is for everyone to join hands and try and charge the circle with energy which the spirits can utilise to manifest themselves. Once more loud knocks are heard which seem to emanate from underneath the left hand balcony. After 10 minutes the circle breaks up and people retake their seats in the pews. Byron now asks if the spirits are bored with him talking to them and a loud ‘Mnnnn’ is heard throughout the chapel. Over the next twenty minutes many knocks and creaks are heard along with light anomalies being spotted by the central pillar. At 2320 hrs the clear sound of a voice is heard. Byron had asked once more if any spirits present in the chapel can make a sound for all to hear and a clear voice is heard answering ‘Yeeess’. This was captured quite clearly on the audio recording equipment. At 2340 hrs, the group mediums, Caz and Eileen, along with Helen make their way onto the pulpit. Their idea is to read from the old bible that sits on the pulpit rostrum to see whether any spirits will react to this. They hadn’t been there long before all three hear a voice telling them to ‘get out’. The intrepid ladies held their ground to see if anything more would happen but all remained quiet after that although Caz, whilst standing in the pulpit saw a woman in her mid 30’s who appeared very simply dressed. Caz reports that she just simply walked past the front of the pulpit area.

At 2350 hrs Brian hears distinct footsteps coming from the right hand balcony directly across from his position. Byron now asks the spirits to make a noise if they feel that the ladies should leave the pulpit and asks if a man should take over reading the bible. A clear knock is heard in response to this.

It is now rapidly approaching the witching hour and at just past midnight a loud sigh is heard by the Vestry door which was accompanied by a large light anomaly clearly visible to many of the group. More knocks are heard over the next 50 minutes, all seem to be in response to Byron’s questions and light anomalies appear frequently. At 0050hrs a team member notices that all the lights in the schoolhouse have suddenly gone out. They were left on after the recent tea break and none of the team had returned to the schoolhouse since that time. The team now decide to investigate this strange occurrence and upon entering the schoolhouse it was found that the light switch was now in the ‘off’ position. Kathy has already told everyone that there are many strange happenings in the schoolhouse, so as things seem to be happening there the group decide to try some glass divination to try and contact the mischievous spirit. A glass is found in the kitchen area and placed on one of the tables and from 0100 to 0130 hours everyone witnesses the most remarkable glass movement they have ever experienced.

With the members of the team lightly touching the glass with one finger, Byron asks if a spirit is present. The glass moves rapidly in a clockwise direction. Through a series of questions asked mainly by Byron, to which the glass moves very rapidly and very powerfully, it appears that the spirit of a child named Emily is present. She was 13 years old when she died. Her death occurred sometime around 1850. She appears to be scared of the parson whose spirit apparently still resides in the chapel. The name of the parson was never made clear but Emily seems more afraid of his assistant. She is apparently terrified of him. She indicates that she had a child and may have died through poisoning. The indications are that the parson’s assistant was the father of her child. It appears the spirit of the parson’s assistant was present at one stage of the divination and while Emily appeared to always move the glass in a clockwise direction, the assistant would always move it anti clockwise.

Emily implores us to stay clear of the Vestry as she indicates that we would not be safe in there. The Vestry itself did present problems over the investigation as whenever anyone went in there, something or someone appeared to jam the door shut and much effort was needed to open the door so that the ones inside could escape. The door appeared to work normally at all other times.

It was now time to re-enter the chapel. The time was 0200 hrs and thinking that Emily might follow us Byron asked if she could make her presence known as a light in the pulpit. An orb was immediately seen over the pulpit area.  We settled back down into the pews. At 0230 hrs, Brian was once more in the left hand side of the balcony when he felt a draught blowing across his face and neck. They latch of the left hand side stair door was heard to operate and many of the team now witness the stair door opening of its own accord. The door was opening against the action of the spring which was fairly powerful. The spring would keep the door in the closed position and the very mild breeze outside the chapel could not have caused this movement.  At the same time a screech is heard from the opposite stairwell. Shortly after this, at 0235 hrs, all power to the CCTV monitors and recording equipment was lost, mysteriously coming back on a few seconds later. The main entrance door was seen to open at the same time and knocks and bangs were also heard coming from that area. More knocks were heard over the next 30 minutes before the team took another break and went back to the schoolhouse.  Eileen, Caz, Kathy and Sue decided to return to the chapel ahead of the other team members at 0330 hrs. Kathy started to speak out to the various spirits she and her friends had experienced on many occasions.

Various sounds and whispering noises were heard by the ladies. As they stood around the pulpit area they report hearing a door latch operating, and they think the sound came from the front door area. Caz went over to check the door and found it was open. She closed it and made sure it was shut tight. Again the door opened and it continued to do so every time the girls asked the spirits to identify themselves. When they asked if the spirits could open the door wider it appeared to do so. When they asked it to close again it did. Caz closed the door many times and each time it opened as if on command. Caz went to close it one last time when all of a sudden Eileen, Sue and Kathy had to duck as a stone was forcibly thrown from the gallery above. Upon picking up the stone up it was felt to be noticeably warm.

If this was a way of a spirit getting the girls attention then it most certainly achieved its objective and the ladies were very excited when the rest of the group came back into the chapel. This final mysterious event was to bring the nights proceedings to a close.

The Mediums Report

For this investigation Eileen was asked to attend as lead medium and her report is included here.

I arrived about six o’clock just behind Byron, Caz and Brian. I was greeted by the spirit of a woman. She was tall willowy with an abundance of blonde curly hair, although she looked in her twenties, she is in fact the oldest spirit at the chapel, being the guardian of the land. I went through the right hand door to the upper gallery followed by Andy. I was about to step into the gallery but had to stop. I turned and said to Andy that we have to go back down stairs now, although completely baffled he did as I asked. When down stairs I explained to him that there is a spirit of an elderly but powerfully built man up there. He has a real anger about him. I had not at that time put any psychic protection in place and I felt as if to go on unprotected would have been not just foolhardy but dangerous.  So we rectified this and then went then into the vestry but Andy felt uncomfortable in there so we did not stay.

I stopped at the centre pillar and heard the words Oak Knower being clearly repeated. Druids were known as Oak Knowers, and they were so called because of the custom of meeting by Oak trees. From that I just knew that this chapel had been built on ancient Druid sacred ground, and this explained to me the presence of the woman who had greeted me. There is a definite feeling of the Craft of the wise (witchcraft) having been practiced on these grounds. I could feel it in the spiralling energies.

We then went out to Andy’s car for a coffee and to keep out of the way whilst the equipment was being set up,  Caz joined us shortly after, whilst there I could see the chapel surrounded by grass and a crowd of angry peasants coming across the field opposite, although I could see it as an open track. They were heading for the chapel and they were not best pleased. I was aware that people were hiding in the chapel and a man in spirit was telling me that soon after this the community that had lived around the chapel had left the area by means of a large sailing boat for a new life overseas.  Just before every one arrived I again walked around the venue. I was aware of two cold spots up in the balconies, one in the front seats of the balcony overlooking the pulpit from the left and the other on the back wall of the left hand balcony,

Downstairs in the pulpit, which every time I went to enter I experienced a feeling of not being allowed to be there, I showed Caz what happened when I tried to place my hand on the bible. She could see sparks of energy coming from my hand and I could feel my hand being repelled from the bible.  There is a definite feel of fire and brimstone being preaching in this chapel. We then went to the school house to wait for every one to arrive after the health and safety brief, I put some psychic group protection in place and we then entered the chapel and seated ourselves ready for a quiet vigil

During this hour I could see spirits that were just residual energy, like a moving picture of what once used to happen here. One of these spirits was a man playing the organ with a woman next to him. Her job was both to turn the pages and pump the organ.  When Byron started to call out for spirits to identify themselves I went very cold. I was sat on the left hand side of the chapel against the wall. I then had the spirit of a young teenage boy come close to me, I found myself rocking and fiddling with my fingers and a feeling of dribbling from the right side of my mouth, I knew this spirit was only ever referred to as Boy and I felt as if he had both downs syndrome and cerebral palsy.  He told me he saw who took the money and it was the lady, He came across as very frightened, and I felt as if his life had been a pretty miserable existence.

After a short break Byron asked me to stand in the pulpit, He began to call out and during this called to the young boy I had connected to earlier. The boy came and stood at the bottom of the steps but would not come further so I informed Byron that he had done this and stepped down from the pulpit to the boy, Byron then recorded lights in front of me. Just after this when Byron was calling out to Samuel, the former parson of the chapel and asking if he was wrongfully accused of something. I heard the words ‘I was judged by the sword and the sword was wrong’. I repeated this out loud.  Just after this I went into the vestry, it feels to me as if should be bigger, but on later questioning found out that it was always the size it is now. I now think it might be because we were seeing it through a child’s eyes. Has anyone ever returned to a childhood school as an adult and found it seemed smaller than you remember? I sensed a spirit of a man and I knew he did not like me at all. I at first thought it was because of my beliefs, but on questioning I was told this was not the reason, , I feel that children did suffer abuse in this room. I believe some of the abuse to be sexual in nature.  I tried to return to the main chapel but could not open the door. I thought the team had bolted the door so returned to the vestry to wait.  When they came to let me out they asked if I had touched the door, it seems that it was not locked at any point during my time in there.

Later on Caz Helen and myself carried out an experiment. We went into the pulpit and each touched the bible to see if any reaction would be got from the spirits. Whilst I was doing this Cathy told us where the original Salem bible was so I went to the vestry and collected it. I really had to hold on to it as I carried it out. I felt as if it was being forced from my hands. I placed it on the pulpit and opened it. We each took in turns reading quietly from it. I became agitated and knew I had the preacher’s spirit with us. He was most distressed that we were doing this and the preacher shouted at me that a woman could not read the word of the lord. I was handed the bible by Caz and started to read but after only a short time I had to put it down as I felt sick and dizzy.

Just after the team took a break after which we did glass divination in the school house. The spirit of a young girl called Emily was contacted she was very frightened  She answered yes when Caz asked if she had drunk poison, although she said yes when asked if her father had given her it, I was not sure that it was her father or if it was a father as in a man of the cloth, just as we ended I knew she had drunk Gin and nutmeg  This apparently was an old recipe for bringing on a miscarriage so it could have been considered poison for an unborn baby. There was a male energy coming through as well and Emily seemed very frightened of him. After the divination Byron questioned me as to why Emily, if she was so afraid, still resided in spirit at the chapel?  I have thought on this and think it might be because, the abused child is often made to feel as if they are to blame, and therefore guilty of sin. This could mean, bearing in mind the fire and brimstone preaching, that she believes that if she goes over she will be eternally dammed and therefore is scared to pass over.. If I am correct a future investigation might be able to send her over in peace.


Salem Chapel is not one of the more high profile haunted places in England. That is a shame. For a small building it produced some of the best activity that Haunted Devon has ever encountered. We cannot easily explain what at times appeared to be human voices answering questions from Byron nor can we explain the knocking sounds that continued through the night. The incident with the front door opening, as if on command, may have a rational explanation though. The wind had picked up during the investigation and was quite blustery around 0330 hrs when the ladies experienced the door opening on a regular basis. Upon checking the door Brian found it would open with the slightest breeze and would close slowly as the breeze dropped. It may have been just co-incidence that the breeze opened the door at the same time that the girls were asking a spirit to open it. Eileen though has reported that the door handle was seen to be turning during this time and as only the witnesses can really testify to the events we have to believe their account of what happened.  The left hand stair door is a different matter however. That could not be opened by a light breeze. A gale would find it hard to blow the door open against the action of the spring. The glass divination produced marvellous results and observation by Brian could detect no forcible pushing of the glass by those taking part.  Many very clear EVP’s have been recorded by Kathy at Salem Chapel and Haunted Devon also captured loud and audible phenomena, some seemingly made by a human voice and this is also hard to logically explain.  Lights also mysteriously seemed to switch themselves off and at one point left Caz in darkness as she went to the toilet. The light came back on again when Caz pulled the switch cord.  The spirit of a young girl called Emily was encountered many times with team members independently sensing her presence. This may have affected the results of the glass divination but no one knows for certain how glass divination works and the results are left for the reader to ponder on. Haunted Devon has asked Kathy if she would kindly research local historical records to see if the information obtained during the divination can be verified. Various electrical anomalies were encountered at the Chapel with light and power supplies switching off for no apparent reason. Nothing was found to indicate faulty wiring or equipment. Many members of the team felt someone was walking around the balcony area and the stairs with many unexplainable noises emanating from these areas. This appears to tie in very well with Kathy’s observations of phenomena she has encountered in the chapel. Some members of the team namely Martyn and Helen had to stop in a pub on the way to ask directions. Upon asking the barman the way to the chapel, the clientele of the pub all advised them not to go there as it was one place that none of the local residents liked or would visit. After our investigation we can well understand their reluctance to go near the place.

Haunted Devon feel that the Chapel is most definitely home to many spirits and it produced the most exciting activity that the group, many of whom are very experienced and seasoned investigators, have ever encountered.  Our grateful thanks go to Kathy for her knowledge and friendliness towards us and we cannot wait to visit Salem Chapel once again. We hope it won’t be too long.

Haunted Devon.

The editor would like to thank the following people for their assistance in the compilation of this report.

Eileen, Caz, Martyn, Helen, Andrew and Caz


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UFO Sighting Cyprus http://haunted-devon.co.uk/78-features/haunted-devon-content/135-ufo-sighting-cyprus.html http://haunted-devon.co.uk/78-features/haunted-devon-content/135-ufo-sighting-cyprus.html

 The Cyprus UFO – From the Archives of The Plymouth UFO Research Group

One of the very best UFO cases that our UFO Research Group ever investigated (and indeed, in my opinion, one of the best UFO cases of all time), came from a retired Regimental Sergeant Major with the Royal Marines whilst he was in command of doing night manoeuvre exercises with 1400 marines in Cyprus in1971.  Photographic evidence of the UFO was also obtained, and the 4 photographs are reproduced for this article, but please bear in mind, these photos are time exposures, so shows the object as it trailed across the sky.

The retired Regimental Sergeant Major  (now to be referred to as ‘Steve’ for this article) contacted our group shortly after hearing us on the local BBC Radio in 1993, to let us know of the extraordinary incident which occurred.  Our report was published in several journals, including Issue One of the best ever UFO magazine (but now sadly no longer in publication) ‘UFO Reality’. What is now detailed below is a verbatim by ‘Steve’ of this astonishing UFO incident, witnessed by 1400 Royal Marines, and virtually the entire population of Cyprus!  What then follows is further research and conclusions.  Enjoy!

“I used to be a member of the Royal Marines, and we were part of a group called 41 Commando Group that was stationed in Malta. We used to depart from Malta 2 or 3 times a year and go to Cyprus for what’s called field exercises. I don’t know if you know the shape of Cyprus, but it looks something like a rugby ball laid on its side. On this particular night (31st May, 1971), we were deployed in the field. The unit deployed with Echo company on the left hand side, in other words on the west end of the island. We had 2 companies on the north and my unit which was Command HQ, was due south at a place called Ghoshi Trooli. Altogether there were about 1400 men on the exercise.

At our position, we were doing what is known as a night move, and what happens is you move a Command HQ from one place in the field to another place in the field in darkness. One of my jobs was to control that move. So I would depart, set up a new location and then the unit would have to move to me, and we would have the spaces where they all went. Shortly before 8.00 pm, we drove to a new location. There was a particularly bad piece of track on the way there and I dropped off a young marine, a policeman, and said to him to stay on this track and when the unit comes, make sure you push them towards me in the right direction. There was one place where they could make a bad turn.

Shortly after getting on the ground, I located the various places and cleared them out. About 8 o’clockish a very bright light appeared behind a crest maybe a thousand metres away. What it looked like initially was the headlights of a car on full beam, situated behind the hill. Because this was a night move with no lights, I got on the radio, gave my call sign and told them to turn their lights off. The light just got stronger so I transmitted again, negative lights. As I’m talking this light came over the crest about a thousand meters away and you go, ‘it’s not bloody headlights, it’s a flare’. I thought at first this was a mortar flare I was looking at. Mortar flares are stationary. You fire it up in the air and the aim is to illuminate the area. They hand by a parachute. The initial reaction was mortar flare and I was pretty concerned because we were in carbon grove, which is dry trees and if a flare lands amongst them you’ve got major problems. Twelve men had been killed in similar circumstances. A flare started in the Troodhos forest and a large number of English troops were killed. This was years before in 1957, which was in my time.

So now when I’m in a senior position in 1971, I think I’ve got a phosphorous flare hanging above a bloody carbon grove and I’m not going to be very happy. It appeared from a thousand meters, which as I said was from behind the crest but it could have been quite high in the sky. The impression I got was that initially it was quite low. My initial impression was that this object of light was about 5-10,000 feet. That’s a complete guess.

There was about 20 of us at this place, looking at this light, when we suddenly realise that it isn’t a flare and you say ‘well, what else can it be.’ The more you looked and the more people spoke, you couldn’t relate it to something else you’d seen, it was difficult to pin a label on. This was a massive thing. It appeared to be about the size of a golf ball at arms length. That’s the angle we were looking at (pointing 45 degrees). You had no obvious sign of movement. The main mass of light was almost spherical but it was putting out so much radiance, it looked like nothing you’d ever seen before. All it was like, was a burning ball of light. The light was extremely bright and when I’m talking about extremely bright, I’ve never seen anything as bright in my life.

The brilliance wasn’t burning enough to burn your eyes but it was just… awesome. The nearest I can get to it is if you lowered the sun. And this is what I mean by a burning ball of light. The thing was that bright you see. It was like a burning orb of light, one orb of brilliance. I could also see other lights amongst it or thought I could. Not obvious lights. They weren’t like porthole lights with little people putting their heads out and waving at you. It was just what I thought indications of other lights, the same colour as the main one. You had this burning ball coming overhead like that and I am seeing something, not actually a cross but other lights roughly that shape within the centre light.

Front and back of it, especially when it was lower in the sky, you had like a vortex of movement as though you had displacement of air. In other words, if a thing is moving it would push air backwards and forwards. I could see something like that. You get a lot of dust in Cyprus, especially at that time of year. Very dry dusty conditions and you get a lot of dust in the atmosphere. If you had a burning ball of phosphorous, you would have the central core of phosphorous, then the glare of the diffused light. If you were moving that phosphorous through conditions where there was dust, you would get movement, a push vortex and a vortex behind.

There was a lot of chat among the 20 men. You’re all talking about it. You’ve never seen anything like it in your life. We are now watching this for some minutes. Remember I told you that I’d left a marine corporal guarding at the track. We all of a sudden hear this (beats hand on table) and this guy came over the hill doing about 600 mph!! This is in full kit. And you know Cyprus is a hot and sticky place. Anyway, he came up and after panting for a bit said, ‘Can you see that?’ We said yes and he said ‘Thank Christ for that’. It wasn’t till that happened that you realized that by being in a group of people watching, it wasn’t frightening as it was if you were alone. I mean for a Marine Corporal to disobey my orders and bugger off, then it was something. To a lone individual…..to run away from something is a serious offense, let’s not disguise the fact. He deserted the post that I had given. For a lone individual, what he saw by himself…..meant it was a bit more serious than that.

Everybody on the exercise, about 1400 men, saw the light. During this period the unit, you remember, is doing a night move. As I said we had radio sets and we could hear transmissions of other people taking about the light, and at one stage the following dialogue took place between a call sign which is a unit and a commanding officer, Sunray. There was a little bit of chat about the light then Sunray said, ‘It must be a flying saucer ha ha’. There were the words he used.

We watched this for 22 minutes. We were all professional observers. I carry powerful binoculars, night glasses, and there was about half a dozen pairs of binoculars there. Now you may think that what I was going to tell you is stupid, but the light went from ground zero and took 22 minutes to disappear out of sight of binoculars to the right of the moon. We didn’t use the glasses when the light was easily visible because it was so bright it might have damaged your eyes through binoculars. It was when it was at height that we used the binoculars. So using night glasses leaning on a land rover, watching this light, the moon is now hanging over Dhekelia Garrison and the object ended up to the right of the moon.

A point I want to make is that there was no impression of speed, sound or movement. You were looking at something that seems to drift past you. I’ve been trained for 27 years to judge distances, that’s what I’m paid for. But I couldn’t tell you if that was 1000 meters high, 5000 meters high, 50 mile high. I’m also a professional parachutist, so I knew distances in the air, but I couldn’t tell you how far away it was or how high. It was just something you’d never seen before. The day we saw the light was the same day that the Americans had launched one of their moon shots. I think it was the second one.

We then moved back to the barracks. When I got back to base, I wrote a complete report of everything we’d seen that night. It covered about 5 pages. I posted it to my wife first and told her to keep the letter because I knew it was something different – and she ditched it!! The next morning, we were all talking in the mess about the light, so I rang Akrotiri and asked to speak to the station Net. Officer and I couldn’t get hold of him. The lines were burning. So I contacted my opposite number there and spoke to him. He said, ‘Is it about the light we saw last night,’ and I said yes. He said ‘the switchboard had been jammed solid’. Then he said that ‘it was the Mariner shot (NARAS) that’s all we were watching’.

Later that morning the colonel sent for me and (we were referring to the light in general discussion) he instructed that all sub-units who’d seen it, were requested to write a report on it and anybody who had taken photos to hand them in as part of the research into this Mariner thing. And this was done. I then got to draw ammunition. I used to lodge my ammunition in a compound. Bring it off a ship, put it in the compound and draw from the army barracks. Everyone you saw would say, did you see that light and you’d have a chat about it. I go down there and was talking to the blokes about it. One bloke had come out of the mess, drunk: out of an army mess, drunk. He gets to the car park and goes to start his car and he looks up and sees what we saw and he said in seconds he was stone cold sober. He raced back into the mess goes ga a ga and they all run out to watch the light.

The Turks or the Greeks, I don’t know which but one of them believes a light, a bright light like this means the coming of the new Messiah. When I went for the ammo, locals worked in the ammunition dump, and one of them was telling us that his village had seen this as part of their sort of religion of Christ and that, and they all turned out and were praying in the streets, thinking that the Boss Man had arrived again. It wasn’t just a few people. It was reported in the local press so it could easily be checked, I’m not giving you a load of waffle. You could dead easy get a check of it.

I started collating the reports and listening to other people talking about it. Echo Company was on the left of the Island. Now they had observed what we had observed, maybe ten minutes prior. So let’s say at about 7.35 pm, they’d noticed this light coming from West to East, so it was coming straight towards them. This light came from West to East. Halfway across the Island, it then turned from North to South. So Echo Company watch it coming towards them, it then comes inland turns from North to South. We watch it as it came over the mountain and flies south. I didn’t know they had Mariner craft that turn a right angle basically and then disappear. All the reports were handed in, photos and negatives and quite a lot got handed in. If you’ve got 1400 blokes in the field, you’re going to have a hundred of them with cameras, aren’t you? There was a large quantity of films handed in. I would say over a hundred rolls of film.


Weeks later it was confirmed that this was a UFO. You see what happened, the first morning when the colonel asked me to get the reports, he didn’t give me a full brief. I would be responsible for running the unit and he would normally be dead straight with me. Now for some reason he had a top level meeting with his company commanders and would have discussed it with them, but he didn’t tell me the full story. In the centre of Cyprus is a place called the Troodhos Mountains, on top of which they’ve got the most sophisticated radar in the world. They’re called golf balls because of their appearance and are maybe 3-400 feet in circumference. They used to monitor the U2 flights and long range radar transmissions. There’s a fighter base at Akrotiri and it’s a very sophisticated fighter base. On RAF bases abroad, they always have QRF (quick response) fighters burning internally. So on an operational base you always have the latest aircraft there, ready to go.

About 2 or 3 weeks later we were off the coast of (location deleted) doing a job. I went in for my morning sherry with him and he said, ‘That UFO’s been confirmed.’ So I said, what UFO? “Didn’t I tell you?’ he said. I said, no but you’re going to tell me now, aren’t you? And then he explained that this was a UFO and it was an official job from reports, they went off and then it then came back as confirmed as a UFO. I was told this by him – that is the colonel – that during this, those ‘golf balls’ up on Troodhos had traces early on in the game. They put 2 Lightnings up (RAF fighter aircraft), which were capable of about 1200 mph. They would obviously have an early interception course on this particular object, whatever it was, and they could be put alongside it. And the way it was said to me was, ‘Two Lightings couldn’t touch it’. In service parlance that means that you can up two aircraft and they could not get those planes in contact with the object.

The radar at Troodhos pinged them early, and the Lightning’s went up. You never get a single plane going off QRF, you always get two. You’ve got two fighters depart from Akrotiri to investigate, told them to have a look, so they get a vector course. They pick it up on their radar long before it’s visible, probably 5 to 600 miles away. So the Troodhos radar would have picked it up at distance, the Lightings would be sent up to investigate it and they can’t touch it doing 1200 mph. Yet when you ask me how fast is it going and I’m telling you it is almost stationary. If it looked almost stationary, and the Lightning’s couldn’t touch it, it must have been a fair old height. But none of the facts relate, it doesn’t fit in with anything you’ve seen before.

I would be very interested in seeing what the Lightning’s saw. They would have been put up early enough by radar to get within good seeing distance to it. They all actually carry cameras on board, so they would trigger the cameras if nothing else. These would be cine cameras. These photos I’ve given you were taken by a naval publicity photographer. In the middle of the Island you had the support company, which was firing the weapons. The photographer who took these, was with that company. He was using tripods set up for night firing. It wasn’t just a hit and miss affair with a guy with a camera. This is one of the few occasions that a guy was there with a proper set of equipment, tripods, etc. This guy was photographing what is known as Wombats and Nobats. They’re anti-tank guns and have an open breech called venture and when the round fires, the propellant burns out the back in a big flash, so when you see them they look very dramatic. You know the gun crew, the hooded figures, the round going out, a big flash at the back. That’s what his camera was set up for.

When the light appears the guy put his camera on it and included these on the same reel of negs. And these were handed in as part of what I told you. These I imagine are the only 3 surviving photos of this. He handed the roll in but a couple of days later, he was in the same mess as me, gave me a set of the prints he had done. And that’s what these are. I had more photos than this but a couple have been nicked. I think I had 5 or 6 originally. When I showed them to people, I loaned them to one or two of them and possibly they kept one or two. I had about half a dozen at first. Luckily I’ve still got these. I’m well aware that it’s taken me 20 years to tell you this. Now if I was trying to do a snow job, I wouldn’t wait 20 years to tell you what I saw. I’m also no idiot. You could probably falsify photos 1, 2 & 3, by a dark room, a neon light and a clever photographer. But there is no way you could do this one (photo 2) which shows the lights of Dhekelia Garrison, 6 or 7 miles away.

The photos are time exposures, so don’t show the ball of light as such but its trail across the sky. I don’t know how long he left the shutter open. You can get a good idea of how bright it was. The photos also show the illuminated dust in the atmosphere as it passes through. Lots of people who saw this are still serving. You’ll find that the senior officers like me have gone but lots of the younger ones will still be serving.

It’s taken me 20 years to tell you now, because you don’t like getting ridiculed. I’ve told it to other people because the beauty of it is I can prove what I’m saying. Luckily I’ve still got the photos showing the horizon. There was no cover up or hush up on the base because it fitted in with the Mariner thing, but we all knew it wasn’t that. What was surprising was that it didn’t make the English press. I’ve sometimes read or heard on the radio, that someone has seen a flying saucer. It’s amazing that on a thing like this where you’ve got, in my case, at least a thousand or more trained observers, whether they be junior or senior, all looking at the same object, and I’m talking about at least half an hour or more. Plus from different locations spread over an area of a couple of hundred square miles. You’ve got the whole small isolated community like Cyprus seeing it, and reported on their radio, their own media and yet it never got any massive press coverage over here.

I just heard you by accident on the radio and what clicked in my mind was when you said the MoD had got something on these lines. I thought I’ll tell him about the photos. Otherwise they would have just lain there forever.”

That is the end of ‘Steve’s’ account of what was witnessed.


We at PUFORG contacted the MOD in 1993, and got this response:


 “The files for 1971 would have been sent to the public records office a long time ago and are covered by the terms of the public records act, remaining closed from public viewing, until 30 years after the last action was taken” Since 2008, the MOD has been releasing it’s UFO files to the National Archives Database, and interestingly, the Cyprus UFO event is never mentioned.  This is very surprising, and is also highly notable by its absence, when you consider “Steve” was ordered to collect all photos and reports, and that later his Colonel had confirmed that it was a UFO!

Further research has been carried out regarding the launch of the Mariner 9 probe.  Experts in this field have ruled out any possibility that the object seen over Cyprus could have been misidentified as being the space probe, which was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida at 22:23 GMT.

The Royal Marines are amongst the best trained observers anywhere in the world, and to have 1400 of them, along with the population of Cyprus, to observe this, makes this report one of the best UFO cases on record.


martynhicks@yahoo.co.uk (Martyn John Hicks) Haunted Devon Content Mon, 31 Oct 2011 22:16:13 +0000
Astral Projection http://haunted-devon.co.uk/81-features/haunted-devon-content/hd-articles/146-astral.html http://haunted-devon.co.uk/81-features/haunted-devon-content/hd-articles/146-astral.html




Astral travel is a paranormal phenomenon, that some claims are psychic powers.   

Astral projection is the ability to project his or her conscious state, while leaving
the physical body. The spirit or soul may then travel without boundaries. Some
say they can use this ability to travel backwards and forwards through time.
Others claim there is another world, an astral plane that can only be travelled
by those who can astral project themselves on to it.

The astral plane is namely a place where all the thoughts and memories are
fantasies and dreams of everyone in the world exist. There are many different
travellers, entities and levels to it.

According to some, the astral plane is far more mutable than the physical and can be
changed and altered by the power of thought.





The term 'out of body experience' was introduced in 1943.
Other names such as astral projection, soul travel or spirit walking have the
same meaning as the out of body experiences.

The history of astral projection goes back to the ancient cultures, to countries
like Egypt, India or even Atlantis; these beliefs have spread across many such

Explorers in Africa reported they had found evidence of a strange belief. The returning
of a soul to a new body.

The pilgrims from early days of America found similar traditions in the Native
Americans, which still exist today.

In 2007 studies showed that experiences similar to OBEs can be induced by
electrical brain stimulation. Some of those who experience OBEs claimed to have
willed themselves out of their bodies whilst others have said they have had the
feeling of being pulled from their bodies, while a few  reported seeing  their bodies by accident.

In the 1960s and 1970s, surveys reported that a percentage ranging from 8% to as
many as 50% have had such an experience of OBE.




In the Bible the book of Ecclesiastes mentions that when the silver cord be loosed,
the golden bowl be broken, shattered at the fountain or the wheel be broken.
The context points to being a metaphor of the body to a machine, with the
silver cord referring to the spine. Some claim that the Bible is referring to
astral projection; some claim that the subtle body is attached to the physical
body by means of a psychic silver cord.

In Islam Quran and Hadith describe a night journey in which Muhammed is
transported to Jerusalem and to the seven heavens, even though his body remains
where it is. This can be considered as an out of body experience.

Ancient Egypt teachings present the soul as having the ability to hover outside the

In China there is belief we are able to create an energy body by breathing and
meditation. Xiangzi while sleeping went straight into the banquet room and said
"my lords here I am again." When Tuizhi went with the officials' to take a
look, there was a Daoist sleeping on the ground snoring like thunder. The Daoist
inside the room came walking out and the Daoist sleeping on the ground woke up
and the two merged into one.

In India similar ideas are found in the ancient Hindu. The Indian teacher Merer
Baba described one's use of astral projection.

The aspirant becomes spiritually prepared for the inner world of the astral bodies.
He then may undertake the astral journey in his astral body, leaving the
physical body in sleep or wakefulness. Conscious separation of the astral body
from the outer vehicle of the gross body has its own value in making the soul
feel its distinction from the gross body and arriving at fuller control of the
gross body. One can, at will, put on and take off the external gross as it were
a cloak.

In Japan if someone holds a grudge they believe that a part or the whole of their
soul can leave their body and appear before the person to whom they hold the
grudge in order to curse them harm. They also believe that the soul can leave
the body if you are extremely sick.

There are many stories about astral travel here are two samples.

A musician was said to have astral projected while
he was performing a concert and for a moment could see him self playing the
guitar in an unknown place.

Another man while undergoing an operation was floating in the air looking down at his
body and watching the doctors performing the operation.

There are many cases of this which are similar to near death.

Some people while sleeping can feel their bodies getting so light they can float,
and during this time they can see their own bodies sleeping below them.

I my self have dreamt I was floating over my body and have had many dreams of
flying, see places I know but from above. Am I just dreaming or am I astral

You can learn how to astral project. And there are many books on this subject.

Here's one technique you can try.

Light a candle, stare at the candle and maintain your gaze.

See all the flickers and the movements, now when your eyes start to water or feel
slightly sore you close your eyes. See the candle and maintain the gaze until
it's completely gone.

With practise you will do this for longer periods.

Another technique is lying down and relaxing the whole of your body.

All takes practise to relax and block out this world.

Astral projection is almost like remote viewing where you can travel into the future
and listen to what other people are saying or writing even visit other planets.

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Bodmin Jail Charity Event 2011 http://haunted-devon.co.uk/81-features/haunted-devon-content/hd-articles/86-ndcsevent.html http://haunted-devon.co.uk/81-features/haunted-devon-content/hd-articles/86-ndcsevent.html

Thank you for your support on the NDCS event for 2011.  Over £1300 raised and counting!

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Halloween http://haunted-devon.co.uk/81-features/haunted-devon-content/hd-articles/127-halloween2.html http://haunted-devon.co.uk/81-features/haunted-devon-content/hd-articles/127-halloween2.html

When witches go riding and black cats are seen the moon laughs and whispers 'tis near halloween' (author unknown)


Its that time of year again - do you turn out the lights and ignore the doorbell or do you carve a pumpkin and give out handfuls of sweets from a cauldron? Yes Halloween is almost here, but have you ever wondered why?

It is traditional now to have fancy dress parties, take the kids trick or treating or attend a ghost hunt at the local derelict building but these are all things that evolved over the years.  Halloween is thought to have originated from the ancient Celtic festival known as 'Samhein' which was a celebration of the end of the harvest in Gaelic culture and was used to prepare for the winter and take stock of supplies.

The Gaelics believed on the 31st October there was an overlap between the living and the dead world and the deceased were thought to come back to life and cause havoc on the living. The Gaelics would light bonfires and wear costumes to attempt to scare away the evil spirits. People would also place food outside their homes to keep the spirits happy and prevent them from entering.

Many things that we associate with halloween today have originated from ancient times - the carved pumpkin would have originally been a swede which was carved into a lantern as a way of remembering lost souls and trick or treating is thought to have originated in medieval times when it was known as 'souling', poor people would go door to door and be given food in return for prayers for the dead.

Today Halloween is a huge commercial enterprise. The shops are full of a cornucopia of merchandise for adults and children alike. So whether you are choosing to participate or not here is a brief survival guide to get you through

- If you run out of petrol, do not go to the nearby deserted house for help.

- If your companions begin to exhibit uncharacteristic behaviour such as hissing, fascination for blood or glowing eyes - run!

- Don't stand in, on, above, below, beside or anywhere near a grave, mausoleum or other house of the dead.

- As a general rule, don't try to solve any puzzles that open a portal to Hell.

- When you have the benefit of numbers, DO NOT go it alone.

- Do not search the cellar, even if the power has gone out.

but most of all ...... have fun!!

(survival guide - possumal.homestead.com/halloween/Survival)

Haunted Devon Articles Fri, 28 Oct 2011 18:22:18 +0100