Haunted Devon presents - Conversations with your External Soul with David Wells.

Date Saturday 4th November 2017 

Location - Budleigh Salterton - Nr Exeter Devon


£40 Per Perspm - Includes Full Day workshop with David Wells / Night Investigation with Haunted Devon NB - David will not attend the overnight investigation.

Payment is NON REFUNDABLE - Full terms will be sent on request - This is a zero alchohol and publicity event.

 The rough outline of events will be:

o 0930 hrs – Meet Salem Chapel – Coffee and Tea provided.

o 1000 hrs – David Wells – arrives – workshops to 1230 hrs.

o 1230 hrs – 1330 hrs – Buffet style lunch (bring a plate) with David Wells.

o 1330 hrs – 1630 hrs – Workshops with David Wells and close down photos and book signings. Questions for David

o 1730 hrs – Preparation for Night Investigation – Technical briefs baselines.

o 1800 hrs – Chapel lock down – Buffet  (Bring a plate)

Your soul holds information that’s meant to be used, it wants to help you make sense of this incarnation, in the here and now. It also remembers your past lives, the lessons you’ve learned, the ones you repeat and ones you no longer need in your life. Extend that to those you move through this life with, your soul group, see support even amongst the most difficult personalities and you begin to piece together a clearer picture of why you’re here and the real reason other people are in your life. In this interactive day, David will help you deepen that connection, help you listen to the wisdom it holds, using creative visualisation and a very simple soul channelling technique. You will move through the worlds of your past life personalities into your deeper soul connection and up to the spiritual connection waiting for you to make sense of the world you live in. Combining his astrological, past life and Qabalistic knowledge David will show you not only how you can listen but help you to make sense of the process using the Tree of Life as his inspiration.

Television and Media

Besides featuring on the Most Haunted series, Wells' have also appeared on Jane Goldman Investigates and Psychic Interactive. He also serves as the official astrologer for NOW, the Scottish Daily Record and Spirit and Destiny Magazine. He was the astrologer for the Metro newspaper. David was also the main astrologer for UK national tabloid, the Daily Mirror. Before working as a medium, he served in the Royal Navy.

Most Haunted
Wells first served as a guest medium on Most Haunted in 2004, during the episode filmed at the Greengate Brewery, along with the then resident medium Derek Acorah and London's resident parapsychologist Dr. Matthew Smith.He then took over Acorah's position on the show. Wells claims to be clairvoyant and that he only rarely channels spirits. He occasionally employs the use of tarot cards and scrying mirrors as aids in his attempts to communicate with the afterlife.

Listen to abbies radio show featuring david wells


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Haunted Devon Investigations

Many groups do not have insurance required to lead investigation and you should always question groups that are not open about this - it is after all a basic requirement. We always carry out a health and safety inspection and carry a first aid equipment together with the skills to use it - Your safety and well being is of paramount importance to us.

Most of our investigations will take place at night as this is when paranormal activity tends to be at its highest however occasionally we will also carry out investigations early morning or at dusk. The venue will have been chosen and the team members normally meet near the site for a meal.
Investigations can be extremely tiring - with many hours in darkness we can never guarantee that you will see anything so a meal and "scooby snacks" are a must. We tend to arrive early, preferably in daylight, so that the baseline walk around can be carried out by our technical team. Throughout this time the team will acquaint themselves with the building or site layout and record temperature and EMF readings in various areas. This information is used to ensure an entirely scientific approach.

On completion of the baseline walk - we either use a spiritualist medium or our own dowsing techniques to confirm the presence of spiritual activity. From hereon the investigation begins with a variety of experiments such as dark vigils, dowsing if appropriate. We always ensure that the group respects the venue and will never undertake any activity that may place the group at risk.



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 Haunted-Devon Audio Files

Haunted-Devon has a collection of audio material from a variety of sources.  BBC material has been correctly sanctioned for use.  Additional audio material features other Paranormal Teams however copyright remains with Haunted-Devon as material was audio was recorded, edited and produced by our team. Audio Files are copyright of Haunted-Devon.


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