Haunted Devon presents - Old Forde House

Date Saturday 24th March 2018

Location - Newton Abbott -

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£35 Per Person -

Bone chilling paranormal activity that will test even the most harden ghost hunter, heavy phantom footsteps, disembodied whispering, being touched by unseen hands, and reported poltergeist activity, this is one place you need to investigate.

Forde House, now also known as Old Forde House, is a Grade I listed Jacobean former manor house in Newton Abbot, Devon, England.[1] It was built in c. 1610 and is noted for its fine 17th-century wood-carving and plasterwork.[2] Once the manor house of the parish of Wolborough, it is now absorbed into a suburb of Newton Abbot. Used by King Charles I, and used by Oliver Cromwell and Colonel Fairfax as a shelter. One thing you can’t bring to this location is animals!! One of the most harrowing reported activities was when a pet dog was thrown across the room.

A young girl dressed in a red cloak often makes an appearance! It is rumoured that several children have died here, and this was subject to a curse that the house was built on monastic land, however other reports suggest it was from polluted water from the lake.

Forde House (now known as Old Forde House) is situated in the southeast corner of the town. The present house was built in 1610 by Richard Reynell (who later became Sir Richard Reynell) and his wife Lucy. The house was built with an E-shaped floor plan, which is thought to be in honour of Queen Elizabeth I, who had recently died. The grounds were originally quite extensive, and included the whole of what is called Decoy (so named, because wildfowl were decoyed there to extend the house's larder), as well as a deer park.

In 1625 King Charles I stayed at the house overnight on his way to inspect the fleet at Plymouth. He returned a few days later and stayed for a further two nights.
Forde House gave shelter to Oliver Cromwell and Colonel Fairfax while on their way to besiege Royalist Dartmouth in 1646.
In 1648 the estate passed onto the Courtenay family via the marriage of Margaret (the only daughter of Jane Reynell and Sir William Waller) to Sir William Courtenay, who was the lord of nearby Powderham Castle.

William of Orange stayed at the house in 1688 on the way to his coronation in London, having landed in Brixham a few days earlier. The house remained the main residence of a succession of Courtenays until 1762 when the house was let to a succession of occupiers.

The Courtenay family sold the house in 1936 to Mr Stephen Simpson, who sold it two years later to Mrs M Sellick. Teignbridge District Council bought the house in 1978 and remain the current owners. It has been refurbished by the Council and is now used as office and conference space as well as being used for weddings and other events.


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Meet the Haunted Devon Team


 Abbie Dent is our Chair and the glue that binds us altogether. Overseeing that all runs smoothly working closely with all members of the committee in all aspects of their duties. Abbie also analyses all the evidence from each investigation along with Sallyann. Abbie has been involved with the paranormal since birth so has a vast knowledge on many subjects as well as the scientific and spiritual side of investigations. She is also able to pick up on spirits and residual energies. Host of Lifting the Veil radio show with co-host, close friend and long-time member Martyn Hicks. A controversial show covering all aspects of the weird and paranormal world and more. Now broadcasting on Soundart Radio on Thursdays at 7pm.  Abbie's hobby is photography and she has produced some stunning landscapes which comes in handy when analysing and debunking paranormal photographs.


Kelly and Ben Welsh are a husband and wife team. Kelly is our Venue Manager and her endeavours delight the club with a continued variety of venues to investigate as well as the opportunity to return to continued old favourites.

Ben is our Webmaster and is responsible for everything to do with our new website which is a work in progress. Both are long term members of the club and also have experience of other positions within the committee and have many years’ experience of investigating.

Claire and Nial Cooper are a husband and wife team. Nial is our Technical Manager and is therefore responsible for the maintenance and preparation of all the equipment and distribution of collected media for analysis and is also a keen photographer. His wife

Claire is the Press and Media Manager and responsible for dealing with publicity for Haunted Devon, writing and organising press releases. Both are long term members of the club and have experience of other positions within the committee and have investigated many varied venues.

Mike Pomeroy is our Finance Manager, and came to Haunted Devon years ago after having asked us to do a private investigation at his antique shop " Something Different" after catching poltergeist activity on the CCTV and soon became a member. Mike manages the finances and accounts of the club and has final say on any club spending especially when it comes to new technical equipment.

Sallyann Clench is our Secretary and her responsibilities include designing and creating the paperwork, posting articles and events on our Facebook pages as well as producing the investigation reports for the club and for the venues. This amounts to hours upon hours of listening to audio files, discovering and cleaning EVPs, as well as searching footage for anomalies and stills to be incorporated, collaborating evidence as well as researching history and factual proof alongside Abbie. She like many members is also a Sensitive.

 Graham Chapman is our Committee Consultant and longstanding former chair. Always on hand to aid the club and the committee in any way.  A man of science and member of ASSAP, he like the rest of the committee always looks for a rational explanation for activity. His occupation gives him a unique in site and experience that comes in very handy when investigating the paranormal and would like to design and make equipment to be used in investigations when he finds the time.


Byron Jackson is the Founder of Haunted Devon back in 2005 and is now a Committee Consultant on a variety of matters and our website designer, always there to offer help and guidance when needed. Byron has always produced creative videos for the club of superb quality and continues to astound with his talent and originality.

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Burrator Inn


Location: Princetown Road, Dousland, Yelverton, Plymouth PL20 6NP

A manifestation of a lady dressed in black has been sighted creeping silently, clutching a bunch of keys in various areas of the Inn. At some point a part of the Inn was originally used as a Post Office and some locals believe the phantom to be the old post mistress.


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